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I’d Have Made Black Thorn Part of the Bat Books

Nunzio DeFillipis was planning a comic book, for a time, at DC where he would bring a bunch of different street-level vigilantes into Gotham City as a team.

One of his team members was Black Thorn.

I agree with him, I’d have brought Black Thorn into the Bat-Books myself. She fits right in, doesn’t she?


I’d at least bring her back in SOME book!

Maybe Checkmate?


Maybe she’ll be one of the Rooks?

Maybe some kinda kung-fu urban hookers comic?

Andrew Collins

March 15, 2008 at 4:29 pm

Wow! Finally somebody remembered Blackthorne! I haven’t seen her since Kupperburg & Erwin’s Checkmate days. I also liked her back when she was a supporting cast member for the Adrian Chase Vigilante series. Maybe DC thinks she’s too Huntress-y in appearance and costume? Still, with some of the other random DC characters being utilized to some degree, you’d think Geoff Johns or somebody would have found a place for her. Checkmate again only seems natural, but with the future of that book so uncertain at the moment, who can say what would be a good fit for her…

Did she ever even get an origin or a motivation?

God, I’d forgetten all about this character. Never got into her. Kind of a dumb name & a downright hideous costume.

Plus, the Batbooks are kind of crowded with characters already, don’t you think?

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