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I’d Make Bishop a Little Less of a Bad Guy

I don’t mind the idea of having Bishop being the nemesis of Cable (it is a bit like what Fraction has been doing with G.W. Bridge in Punisher War Journal, but whatever, it’s still a fine idea) – but can’t Bishop be a bit less of a psycho about it?

That’s how I would handle it – I’d make it a little more of a grey area, and not just that Bishop is willing to do anything on the slight chance it might affect his future.

He’s practically a mustache-twirling villain now.


I feel like they are headed for the last seasons of Quantum Leap or Sliders where the anti-good guy is battling the bad-guy (who may be kinda good) at new and exotic locales.

…which were death-knells for the shows, right?

The guy writing Cable said Bishop would come across a bit more positively in future issues, so here’s hoping.

I always liked him, probably since he has my name, my racial background and was in my favorite comic during my youth. Not to mention he knew how to handle a gun.

It kinda sucks that he’s pretty f’ed up in both 616 and Ultimate continuity right now.

I like the idea of Bishop as Cable’s arch enemy. They’re both shitty characters with no real personalities, nonsensicle codenames, convoluted backstories, and they carry around big stupid looking guns. It’s perfect really.

What happens if Bishop is suddenly a Skrull? I have a feeling that the up coming SECRET INVASION SAGA is going to be a huge catch all to explain away storylines that never got off the ground. Also, quite a few of certain characters actions during and since CIVIL WAR. Can you say Norman Osborne?

They’re just dipping into the 1990s cartoon, where Bishop and Cable’s time-traveling duels to change history made both characters far more interesting than they ever really were in the comics at the time.

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