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I’d Make Storm an Avenger

While I think it was probably a bit of crass marketing that put Storm on the Marvel Adventures: Avengers team, I think, in the regular Marvel Universe, that Storm would work really well as a member of the Avengers. So I’d make her an Avenger.

Think about it – she’s already famous enough, popularity-wise, and story-wise, I think she MAY have reached the end of her rope in the X-Men, especially with her marriage to the Black Panther. She might actually need that center stage that being an Avenger gives her.

That’s it for the I’ds of March! I hope you had fun! I’d hope you’ll be back next year!


While I wouldn’t mind seeing her as an Avenger, I don’t like people suggesting it as an elevation. If there was some transfer of members between the JLA and JSA then no one would talk about it as anything other than a lateral move unless they moved into a leadership role from a non-leadership role. So in her case it would actually be a step back unless she was in charge. What I’d prefer would be her leading an X-Team based in Wakanda with T’Chala sharing leadership with her.

It would be cool to Black Panther and Storm together in the Avengers especially if she manipulates as well as he does.

What the current status of the X-Men in the Marvel Universe, PR-wise?

I’m just thinking it would be a good PR move for mutants. Storm is very powerful, which can go into the public’s fear of mutants. OTOH, she’s attractive and not really “mutated” physically, so she’s more palatable.

I could see her going as an ambassador for mutants, to try to use the positive public perception of the Avengers as a bully pulpit for mutant rights.

Besides giving her an unusual reason to be on the team, there would be story possibilities in her teammates perceptions of her motivations for joining…

I think that she would be great in the Avengers. She would add a good dynamic, and the X-Men aren’t doing a blessed thing with her. Maybe when this Skrull business is settled. Of course, then it will be revealed that Storm-as-Back-Panter’s-wife is a Skrull, so who knows.

Yeah, I’ve been saying this ever since Wolverine joined the New Avengers. I mean, having the most high-profile mutant superhero be the psychopath with the body hair problem? Yeah, that’s going to do your image a lot of good, guys.

Whereas Storm would not only make a great (black, female) mutant role model, she would have brought some serious power to a team that was heavy on the brawlers and very light indeed on serious stopping power.

And since in the real world Storm is one of the most high-profile and popular of the X-Men it would have done the same thing in terms of publicity whoring that recruiting Wolverine did.

I’m with Kane. I’ve always loved seeing Black Panther in the Avengers, or even interacting with core parts of the Marvel U. (Priest did an AMAZING job with this on his run in the previous BP volume). Unfortunately, as much as I would love to see it, there are two problems:

1) I don’t think it could work with the “Avengers” being what they are right now. Pre-Disassembled? Yes. Now? No.

2) The Panther/Storm dynamic might make any prospective team book resemble the Fantastic Four a bit too much (ultra-smart male character married to a vastly underrated female character, and they happen to be teammates). Plus, if they’re both being written properly, they’re going to end up leading the team.

I would love an Avengers team led by Storm and the Black Panther. I’d have younger and/or less-heralded members, and a wider variety of powers than we’ve seen in New Avengers. In fact, I’d put Gravity on the team, let a magic-based character join (I’d choose Jennifer Kale), lure War Machine away from his current post, maybe round out the team with Justice & Firestar…

Maybe I am alone in this, but my take is that if you are bored with reading about Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Wasp, Vision, Hawkeye and the Scarlet Witch … well … then, you are bored with the Avengers. Bringing in Storm and Wolverine just turns the Avengers into an ersatz take on the New X-Men.

It’s a convention of the superhero team book that rosters are fluid. If they’re fixed it reduces the dramatic potential – you know nobody is going to die, quit or be seriously injured, and you can’t even marry them off or depower them.

Rosters have to change periodically. A team like the Avengers should never have recruited Wolverine, but if they’re recruiting mutants (and not to do so would take some heavy excuses given the nature of Marvel pre-House of M) Storm would be an ideal choice.


I agree that shuffling rosters is a convention for the Avengers that has been extended to other superhero teams. The Avengers had a fixed setting, a supporting cast and a large membership that rotated in and out. What made them distinctive was the feeling that the 5-6 characters being focused on were part of a larger tapestry. It may have been big, but it was relatively fixed. Cap, Iron Man, Thor and the rest felt like they were all characters in the same story.

It worked well enough that DC stole it for the JLA, which had a pretty fixed cast through most of the Silver and Bronze Ages. Opinions vary on how well that worked, but it did give us the ‘Bwahaha years’ of the JLI. Other DC books that have adopted flexible casts have been moderate disasters. I cannot articulate the differences between the JLA, the JSA, the Outsiders and the (Teen) Titans anymore. The settings shift so much and casts are largely interchangable.

At Marvel, you at least knew what the distinction was between the various X-Men spin-offs, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. That is less and less the case.

Storm reached the end of her rope, story-wise, a long time ago. She’s so boring, I don’t think an Avengers membership could save her.

I think the black panther should die or that they divorced or something and bring storm back to the xmen or the avengers!!

It makes a lot of sense.

Since Morrison’s run, Cyclops has been the undisputed leader of the X-Men, and it seems like no ones know what to make with Storm.

Actually, several of the All-New X-Men are actually underused, and would have made better Avengers than Wolverine. I’m thinking of Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler…

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