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365 Reasons to Love Comics #90

Doctor Week, Day Seven! In fact, Doctor Week has been so awesome, I think I’m going to extend it two more days. But after that… it’s the biggest event of the year so far, man. Watch out!

Today: A baddie so cool it forced me to rap.


90. Doctor Bong

Dr Bong 1.gif
It’s Doctor Bong!
He’s watchin’ Cheech & Chong
In a sarong
Underneath is his thong
And he’s bangin’ a gong
Like he’s El Kabong
Eatin’ Egg Foo Yong
And he ain’t wrong
‘Cause you’re in his throng
And you’re playin’ ping pong
Whilst singin’ this song
About Doctor Bong
And it’s gone on too long
Yes, it’s mighty prolonged
But it’s on like Donkey Kong

FACT: Doctor Bong is the greatest supervillain named after drug paraphernalia. (Actually, his name comes from the sound effect produced when he bangs the giant metal ball serving as his left hand against his bell-shaped helmet.) He’s also Howard the Duck’s archnemesis. And that’s awesome.

Dr Bong 2.jpg

He did, after all, steal Howard’s girlfriend and force her to marry him. He also turned Howard into a human for a period of time (gasp!). He’s eight feet of pure evil.

Dr Bong 3.jpg

I could go on, but, you know… it’s Doctor Bong! His coolness should be self-explanatory.

However, here’s a link to his history and profile at the Marvel Directory. And here are a bunch of Dr. Bong-related scans over at Scans Daily. I make up for my lack of content with… other people’s content! Booyah.


Yes! I love Doctor Bong, very good call! I haven’t read Howard the Duck in so long, but I read them all so much as a kid. I remember Doctor Bong’s origin being really funny, but I can’t for the life of me recall it.

OK, we *totally* need an origin from somebody, here. Because, in many months of lurking, this is easily the craziest thing I’ve ever seen on this blog. Including Giant Turtle Jimmy Olsen.

Actually, that’s one of the brillaint things about Bong — his origin is that he was a creepy little jerk who used slander to get the things he wanted as a child and an adolescent, who later became a rock musician. While touring with an Alice Cooper style band*, secretly planning to write a book accusing them all of corrupting America’s youth, he lost his hand to a prop guillotine.

And that’s as far as he ever gets in explaining how he became a gigantic, bell-helmeted, genetic engineer who can alter reality by hitting himself in the head. It’s gloriously insane stuff, really.

* The bandleader, Mildred Horowitz, was later killed off by a different nutcase in Gerber’s Man-Thing around the same time.

A-whoops! Mildred was slaughtered by the minions of a prior villain in Howard’s comic, the Supreme Soofi (herself a satire of Anita Bryant). I got him confused with Eugene “Star” Spangler, a different glam rocker that Gerber killed off in Man-Thing.


March 31, 2007 at 7:24 pm

Did we force you into this one?

I dunno if we forced him into it, oh funky one. I think Dr. Bong was a gimmee for Doctors Week, kind of like Dr. Strange.

Summary of Deadpool #27. This, along with the previous issue, has been my only exposure to the Doctor. And yeah, the story — featuring a gratutious cameo from Wolverine as shown on the cover — was freakin’ awesome. One day, Marvel has to collect Joe Kelly’s run on the title. Great times.

I have those two comics posted above–Howard’s series was inconsistent–but those 2 issues were classics (Those 2 & Star Wauuugh! anyways)

Dr Bong is a cool idea, and nicely parodies a lot.

So good to see him…

Now to see if the extra days bring me Dr Forklift…
(But I doubt it.)

He also showed up near the end of Joe Kelley’s (sp?) run on Deadpool…. as a psychiatrist that Deadpool saw to get rid of the crazies… it didn’t take


March 31, 2007 at 10:17 pm

The link about his past says he and Beverly never consumated their marriage.

I thought they did and Beverly didn’t mind staying with him after that.
(Been a few years since I read the essentials though).

Howard the Duck was pretty much the best comic Marvel’s ever put out. And this proves it.

The Kirbydotter

April 1, 2007 at 8:15 am

Considering your tatses, I guess this one (Doctor Bong) was inevitable.


Why wasn’t Dr Bong ever used in Nextwave?

The link about his past says he and Beverly never consumated their marriage.

I thought they did and Beverly didn’t mind staying with him after that.
(Been a few years since I read the essentials though).

Gerber and Colan clearly indicated that Bev and Bong had grown to like one another, and wrote in a not-too-subtle scene in whicht hey did indeed con summate the marriage. Gerber’s intention was to write Bev out of the book this way, reversing the usual “girlfriend kidnapped by the lovestruck villain” plot.

However, Bill Mantlo took over Howard when Gerber left over creative control disputes, and Mantlo wanted Bev in the book. He effectively retconned the (Code-friendly, and thus ambiguous) consummation scene and had Bev scheming to outwit and escape Bong all along.


April 1, 2007 at 6:13 pm

Ahhh… ThanX for the BONG hit.


The Mad Monkey

April 1, 2007 at 6:41 pm

Badger enough and thou shalt receive

Why wasn’t Dr Bong ever used in Nextwave?

That could be one for the Hicksville library right there.

I’ve never been fortunate enough to actually read a Dr Bong story, but I always loved the name. Did they ever make any references to the weed-connotations of his name, or did that obvious angle get ignored completely?
(I don’t know. I’ve always felt that if you’re going to use a cannabis-related name it should be something subtle and ordinary-sounding, that many people wouldn’t even notice.)

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