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365 Reasons to Love Comics #98

It’s Easter Sunday in Ape-ril. I guess that means we need to dig up the most Jesus-y comics ape! Uh…


98. Rex Mantooth


The internet doesn’t want to let people know about Rex Mantooth, Kung Fu Gorilla, because the internet is evil. But I know it’s out there. Oh yes. It’s by Matt Fraction and Andy Kuhn, so you know it’s good. You can find a review of the Annotated Mantooth here and you can buy it from Amazon. It is madness on paper.

Blah blah, images (more at Scans Daily) (click to blow up in the non-explode-y sense of the word):

Mantooth 2.jpg

Mantooth 3.jpg

Matt Fraction is awesome.

That’s all I’ve got, really. If someone knows where to find more information or has decent pictures or scans, for God’s sake, let me know. This column is terribly slight. I apologize; I’m extremely busy and stressed out to about Defcon 3.

But, there. Jesus-y enough? Well, if Jesus was a ninja. Of course, we all know Jesus was a ninja. So there you go, then. MANTOOTH!


“dig up”?

You’re a clever one.

I had no idea about this. It looks great. Ape-ril is gonna be excellent. Mantooth!

If you like anything by Matt Fraction, you’ll like Rex Mantooth, Kung-Fu Gorilla.

Mantooth is like Casanova, only with a super-suave super-spy gorilla dressing in drag to infiltrate a lesbian army.

Mantooth is like Iron Fist, only with ninja robots that spout hilarious broken English.

Mantooth is like Punisher: War Journal, only with ten times the Clooney hate.

Mantooth is like Champions, only available right now.

Mantooth is like pop culture pop rocks. Read it while drinking soda, and it will explode in your face! Goodbye, soft palate! Hello, life!

Mantooth is the greatest miniseries to ever share a flip-book with Codeflesh.

Mantooth is, at the end of the day, an ode to Shatner.

Rex Mantooth, Kung-Fu Gorilla changed my life. Let it change yours.

I reviewed it on the old blog, but I honestly can’t remember when. It’s a damned fine comic book, and the annotations are very hilarious. Ian speaks the truth.

Did Mantooth die for our sins?

Oh, He did? Well color me amazed.

Let me counter by asking if Jesus ever dropped Hitler in a hole filled with killer ducks.

My sarcasm was misread there.

I actually was putting Mantooth in the same breath as my Lord.

That’s how terrible my priorities are.



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