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365 Reasons to Love Comics #103

Lots of great posts in the last day. Make sure you check ‘em out!

Here’s one for the Ape-ril files you may have missed. It’s a shining little indie about a crazy little monkey with an interesting name.


103. My Monkey’s Name Is Jennifer

Jennifer 5.jpg

Yeah, I don’t have anything thematically linked to Friday the 13th. Don’t worry, there’ll be another one this year and I’ll see what I can do.

My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer, however, is totally awesome. Originally a mini-series from Slave Labor Graphics by one Ken Knudtsen, it’s now available as a spiffy trade paperback for purchase.

It’s the story of a chimp (so, yes, he’s an ape, not a monkey. Knudstsen admits this before the first page– “monkey” sounds funnier, is all) who is a little girl’s pet. She names him Miss Jennifer and puts him in dresses and throws him tea parties and bathes him. And he’s a crazy monkey who just wants to kill them all. However, the girl gets in trouble and Jennifer has to save the day.

That’s just part of it, though. Many short stories abound, involving Jennifer and how much he hates his life.

Here are some pages. Click them to enlarge.

Jennifer 1.JPG

Jennifer 2.JPG

Jennifer 31.JPG

Jennifer 4.JPG

One mean monkey against the world! That’s what it’s all about. Knudtsen’s art style may take a bit of getting used to for some of you out there, but it’s terrific cartooning with a touch of grit; perfect for a dirty, hateful chimp.

He’s a crazy monkey.

He will tear your eyes out.


I absolutely must get that trade.

Thanks for the reminder, Bill!

You know, I do believe Bill has seventeen more primates ready to roll without any real streches. It’s not that Jennifer is obscure…I just forgot about him. I got an issue at a MoCCA show, and I thought it was funny, but I never went back for seconds.

While I normally go for comics that present realistic situations only (feeling that sci-fi is the only proper milleiu in this millenium for the fantastic), this comic has intriguing written all over it.

Given the radical feminist times in which we american males live in, the metaphor of the real he-man trapped by the empowered female and forced to be female is both gripping and powerful. Robbed of a man name, forced to dress as a woman, his voice unheard, ‘Jennifer’ is like the proverbial Boy Named Sue. Yes Virginia, there IS a movement out to emasculate men, and this comic appears to bring this terrible situation to light.

The skull-faced minion of death (liberals) grips onto the emasculated male. They face each other and both say, “oh shit.” Thus showing the futility of the eternal struggle of ‘liberal’ (death) and ‘conservative’ (forced to be emasculated into a mute monkey). The real enemy are the ones that have flayed your flesh liberal and forced away your manhood monkey! Dare I say that the political commentary is so obvious as to be more than oblique? I dare!

Given what I’ve seen here, I will most assuredly peruse this work at the first chance and see if the rest of the content holds up. Color this commentator shocked that our fine Bill Richards could find such a serious and somber work to bring to light. Kudos for the kiddos!

Zoombaboom Babies!

Dwight R. Vlahos

The Mad Monkey

April 14, 2007 at 4:58 am

Hmmm…there may be some relation with this one.
I’ll have to go check the family tree.
Family Tree?!…Monkey?!


Hey, at least I won’t tear your eyes out…yet…

Such a great book. I wish we had more stuff from Knudtsen.

Why can’t we have more Ken Knudtson instead of, say, Marvel?

I really enjoyed this series. I think Augie De Blieck Jr recommended it in his column a few years back. When I read the TPB, I thought I was tripping.

Besides a money in a dress, this series also has pirates. Arrrrrr!!!

Ken Knudsten is a great artist. Anyone know what he’s working on nowadays? He did an awesome drawing of Chewbacca in my Star Wars sketchbook…


And then there was the psychadellic Beautiful Dreamer sketch he drew a year or so later…


So buy the TPB, and get a sketch from Ken if you see him at a convention. And no, I’m not getting paid for this endorsement :)




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