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365 Reasons to Love Comics #114

Eh-pril day two! Celebrating Canada’s best comics creators and characters! Today: somebody everyone loves. I mean it.


114. Darwyn Cooke

Cooke 4.jpg

Darwyn’s a Toronto native whose work first appeared in comics in DC’s New Talent Showcase. Comics weren’t paying the bills, though, so he moved into the animation field, working on the Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, and Men in Black animated series as a storyboard artist, animator, and director. DC came crawling back, and he published a graphic novel called Batman: Ego. This led to a ton of cool mainstream comics work on X-Force, Wolverine/Doop, Catwoman, and Tangled Web. He did a terrific Eisner-winning issue of Solo (#5! Hit the bins now!), the lovely DC: New Frontier mini which is now collected in a gorgeous Absolute edition, and now, he’s succeeding Will Eisner as the writer and artist of the Spirit, every month as DC. He also did some DVD covers for Criterion lately. You can see ‘em here.

What I love about Mr. Cooke’s work is that he gets it. He understands what makes comics fun and worth loving, and he shows it. His stories first reduce the characters and events to their simplest elements before building them back up again. His art is evidence of this, too. Of course, he has the background of an animator, so yeah, it’s “cartoony,” but it’s beautifully rendered, and the man is a master of multiple styles, as you can see in that Solo issue you all should’ve bought. I know, I suck at this critic thing, but I’m a little pressed for time and totally stressed out at the moment. Help me here, audience! Tell everyone why Darwyn Cooke is awesome!

I’ll put it this way: Darwyn Cooke is one of my absolute favorite people currently working in the medium.

But now: the art! Here’s a beautiful gallery of delicious Darwyn Cooke images:

Cooke 3.jpgCooke 1.jpg

Cooke 5.jpg Cooke 2.jpg

Cooke Supes.jpg Cooke Batman.jpg

Cooke Jonn.jpg Cooke GL.jpg

Cooke Flash.jpg Cooke Suicide Squad.jpg

Cooke New Frontier.jpg

Man, there’s so many more I could post… He’s a fine, fine creator. Thanks, Canada!


Its people like Cooke that make comics fun, instead of grim, gritty and overall shitty.

Excellent choice!

His work on the Spirit is amazing (What no Spirit pork and beans? Love that cover). I always wish and hope that DC lets him do a Challengers of the Unknown series. He nailed those guys perfectly and yet made them his own and relevant.

Good call. I loves me some Darwyn Cooke!

Forget Morrison, Cooke is the real ‘God of All Comics’.

Of the comic book creators currently working today, Darwyn Cooke is my favorite.

The New Frontier was brilliant. I think he started off a little slowly with the Spirit, but each issue has gotten better and better.

By the way, if Eh-pril doesn’t feature Chester Brown at some point, I’m sending Wolverine after you!

What’s missing from all those covers abd pin-up pictures, of course, is the principal skill of a comics artist: the sequential bit. Cooke’s pacing and skill at leading the reader through the story, and his control of what you see and when, are exemplary.

Now, THIS is a reason to love comics.

Cooke really imbues his characters with a sense of energy and fun. They leap off the page and drag you into the fray.

He is awesome.

He’s quite good. I like his art, but I’ve yet to be as blown away as everyone else by his stories.

I wouldn’t say I love Cooke. I suppose I like him fine though.

……….no comment.

Mobelius Rodelius

April 25, 2007 at 8:26 am

I love this guy’s art. This guy is at least 50% responsible for getting me back into comics in the early 2000’s after giving ‘em up altogether in the early 90’s. I came across a copy of Wolverine / Doop and I was floored. I was like “what the hell is this? When did comics start looking this cool?” And that was it. Thanks Darwyn.

If only we could clone Cooke and have him work on half of DC’s and Marvel’s superhero stuff… unfortunately, you Yankee bastards won’t share that technology!

Well, this is my introduction to Darwyn Cooke. I just have to say that I’m a fan already.


What I love about Mr. Cooke’s work is that he gets it. He understands what makes comics fun and worth loving, and he shows it.

No argument here. It shines through every single one of those drawings, more than almost any other I’ve seen on this site. Bravo, compadre.

I’ve still got my fingers crossed that DC will eventually publish the whole run of SOLO as an oversized hardback. Just imagine, Darwyn Cooke, Paul Pope and Mike Allred all in one book *dribble*

Hi, John Seavey. Curious: why post a comment saying “No comment,” on ANY thread? I mean, it’s not like we came to your door with microphones — or did we?

Because I’m good at biting my tongue, but not _that_ good. :)

Well then, we’ll look forward to (not) hearing from you on John Byrne day! ;)

Nah, I love John Byrne. I mean, I dunno what he’s like in person, but I grew up reading his Fantastic Four run and it still makes me feel like a little kid again when I re-read it. I won’t say he can do no wrong, but he’s done a whole heck of a lot right over the years.

As to his FF stories borrowing heavily from Doctor Who for inspiration, though…

…..no comment. :)

Darwyn Cooke is The Man. Or at least, the Canadian.

His charming take on The Spirit — which just keeps getting better month by month — not only makes comics worth reading, it makes life worth living.

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