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365 Reasons to Love Comics #117

Eh-pril continues with more Canadian comics goodness. Today: a hep cartoonist cat you may have missed– because most of his awesome stuff is hidden in the thick rainforests of the internets!


117. Chip Zdarsky

Zdarsky 7.JPG

Chip (it’s not his real name. Or is it? It is one of many! Mwahaha! — He also goes by Steven Murray) is one of those Shifty Canadians from the Royal Academy of Illustration and Design. Curse those talented comics artists peeps.

Chip’s art is of the day-glo Saturday morning cartoon that grew up to be a raging alcoholic who dresses up like a luchador every so often and ingests cheap drugs to feel like a superhero. Wait. Let me start over. His art is terrific. His writing is laugh-out-loud hilarious, as his sense of humor is twisted and insane in all the right ways. Even his calm discourse on forums makes me chortle. I mean, this was the man who dared to take over Warren Ellis’ “The Engine” forums for a day. A day of doom. And mirth. Mirthful doom.

Zdarsky 5.jpg

Okay, some examples of his work. Well, he did Prison Funnies for quite a while. They were prisonly funny.

He writes and draws Zdarskyverse for Act-I-Vate, the kickarse online webcomics livejournaly thing. The first four can be accessed from here. The giant-sized fifth spectacular is here. You will poop yourself laughing and not be able to wipe it because you’ll still be laughing.

Zdarsky 4.jpg

Our chipper chap Chip does a comic strip for the Canadian National Post as well. It’s called ComicsTrip and is about a guy whose life begins to take on a cartoony appearance that only he can see. Is he mad? In a coma? Or back in time? (Wait a minute…) Here’s a link to the full archive. Have a sample:

Zdarsky 6.jpg

When you finally choose to seek out his work in print, look for Monster Cops! It’s the story of Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, and the Wolf-Man gone straight and working for the fuzz. Here’s a cover and a two-page story posted online for the holidays.

Zdarsky 3.jpgZdarsky 1.jpgZdarsky 2.jpg

He’s so awesome, someone should really name an adjective after him. Zdarskylicious!

Zdarsky website. Zdarsky Livejournal. Zdarskyrockets in flight. Afternoon delight!

What? I’m not ashamed of my hetero-mancrush on Chip Zdarsky. You’ll have one too, once you read all the cool stuff I’ve provided for you. Awayyyyyy!


I’ve been jonesing for another Zdarsky-flavored hit for what feels like forever now. ComicsTrip 22 ended with a huge cliffhanger, and nothing can match the madcap insanity of Zdarskyverse.

More please, Chip.


Zardsky rules. No question. I’ve missed the last couple comicstrip strips. Are they still being printed on Wed? I’m gonna hit the Post site to catch up but I haven’t seen them in the paper for awhile now.

You guys are plenty o’ swell! I’m currently working on a batch of new ComicsTrips and a new Zdarskyverse. ALSO, I am bringing back Prison Funnies. ALSO, I am baking many, many pies.

Looking forward to the new works! Also, if you’re sharing, I’ll take a peice of pie.

The only fault I can find with Chip Zdarsky is, as I once told him at Rocketship, people think those Electra photos are me sometimes. Of course, those people are the people that cannot distinguish two white guys with different physiques, faces, and somewhat similar glasses. In other words, they are full-on calculator-in-mouth-wanting retardeds.

Also his name is suspiciously ethnic. Other than that, 100% humpalicious.

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