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365 Reasons to Love Comics #119

Eh-pril moseys along with a look at a brilliant Canadian artist.


119. Kaare Andrews

Kaare Andrews 6.jpg

Kaare Andrews is a comics writer and artist with a wacky first name who has drawn some of the greatest, most eye-popping comic covers I’ve ever seen. The man’s a genius. Take a look at what he’s done for Marvel:

Kaare Andrews 3.jpgKaare Andrews 4.jpg

Kaare Andrews 1.jpgKaare Andrews 2.jpg

Kaare Andrews 5.jpgKaare Andrews 7.jpg

Even if you didn’t like the Bruce Jones run of Hulk, you’ve got to love those covers.

He’s a stylistic chameleon: his work varies from out-and-out animation-cel-esque cartoony to gritty and Sienkiewiczy to CGI-ish to gorgeous, Norman Rockwell paint-y to Marvel Mangaverse-y and everywhere in between. I love just about every style he chooses to use and I eagerly await each new permutation.

Also, he showed us Spider-Man’s junk and we all got a hearty laugh out of it. That’s from the recent Spider-Man: Reign, if you didn’t already know. The mini-series, which just wrapped up, was basically The Dark Knight Returns, but with Peter Parker. Not Kaare’s best effort, but I look forward to what he chooses to do in the future.

What will he do next? What will his art look like? Only time will tell… but I can’t wait. Bring it on!


Those Hulk covers are really wonderful. It’s so refreshing to see a comic artist who understands the artistic free reign available in cover design.

He does good work….like with the “Superhuman Like You” two-parter in Gen 13. I also got the full-issue story he did for X-Men Unlimited a while back.

The Hulk Pops and Wild Things covers… Too awesome.

Sanagi’s right about those two covers, as they got me to buy the comic just for the cover. Ray of Light was pretty good too, but I hadn’t connected those comics with Reign. Huh.

That “Where The Wild Things Are” Hulk cover is brilliant.
I had the “Reign” Premier HC in my hands a couple of weeks back at the store but decided not to get it because of part of the art (I’m a poet and I know it! …sorry). Don’t get me wrong, I thought the inked artwork was good but it didn’t mesh at all with those awful CGI-backgrounds.

This is soo amazing painted and written . A true fantasy story.

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