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Joe Rice Media Review 5/7/07

Got a stack here of at least a couple weeks’ worth of comics.  Nothing from Free Comic Book Day . . .I was busy with mint juleps on that fine day.  I feel like I’m coming down with something so I’m slightly medicated and will likely be very brief.  Perhaps I can reduce my reviews to their simplest form . . .this will be an experiment.

Super F*ckers

  • Pro:  Hilarious combination of real-life naturalism and silver-age Legion of Superheroes surrealism.
  • Con:  Art likely not to everyone’s taste.  Simple cartooning, but I like it.
  • Joke:  Does Cronin find Super Dan’s weiner creepy?

The Punisher Presents:  Barracuda

  • Pro:  Beautiful European-style cartooning, funny story, bizarre characters.
  • Con:  Ties in a bit too much to the Punisher; VERY potentially offensive.
  • Joke:  If Roadblock was this cool I’d’ve liked him even more than Snake Eyes.

Lost Squad

  • Pro:  Great high concept, fun execution
  • Con:  Art fails the story from time to time.  Huge wait for this last issue.
  • Joke:  I got nothin’.  This is good fun.


  • Pro:  Neat idea for an issue.
  • Con:  Neat ideas don’t necessarily make great reading.
  • Joke:  Those bad guys are still more interesting than Hydra.

The Punisher

  • Pro:  Great, tight, pulp storytelling.  Clean, clear art.
  • Con:  That people let the fact that Frank is not a good man stop them from reading such a good book.
  • Joke:  But then again, they probably read PAD books and are being punished already.


  • Pro:  The kids are mostly in character.
  • Con:  That art is goddam insulting after Alphona. 
  • Joke:  Where do these artists come from, some rapidly deteriorating Paul Ryan clone factory?

Hellboy:  Darkness Calls

  • Pro:  Hellboy:  Darkness Calls
  • Con: . . .
  • Joke:  Some variation of my old “humping the comic book because it’s so good” standard.  YOU do some work.

Shazam!  The Monster Society of Evil

  • Pro:  EVERYTHING.  Perfectly-paced storytelling; a Mary that’s interesting instead of “tempted;” scary bad guys; creepy ongoing mysteries; Mr. Talky Tawny; Mr. Morris; beautiful art; accessible characters; the look on my kids’ faces when I hand these out.
  • Con:  The next issue may be out during our summer break!
  • Joke:  Now they’ll want to have to go to summer school!

Overall some great stuff in the past couple weeks.  Some absolute garbage, too, I’m sure, but that’s easy enough to avoid.  NOW FOR MORE MEDICINES!!!! IN MY MOUTH I THINK!!!!


I love that you share the joy of Shazam! with your students. How did you manage that one? Paying out of pocket? Finagle the school board? Did you strike a deal with Alex and Rocketship? Regardless, it’s a terrific thing you’ve done, and it makes my crusty old Grinch heart feel warm again.

Thanks, Bill. I pay out of pocket, and the Ship gave me a gentle discount.

Does Cronin find Super Dan’s weiner creepy?

He TOLD me he was impressed by it.

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