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Spider-Man Linkblogging!

How has the comic blogoverse dealt with the release of Spider-Man 3?

Let’s find out!

Mike Sterling gives a very interesting, detailed look at the film. Be forewarned, though! It is spoiler-laden! Check it out here.

Bully celebrates the film by showing us a series of covers where Spider-Man is a bit sloppy with his secret identity. See the covers here.

Sleestak has a neat look at the film here (spoilers!).

Heidi MacDonald examines why one of the villains may have gotten a bit short shrift in the film (sorta spoilers) here.

Kalinara has an fun look at the film (spoilers involved) here.

Over at Any Eventuality, Nobody did a series of the best Spider-Man covers of the 70s and 80s and 90s (no 90s yet!). Neat stuff.

The 4th Letter guys have a pair of reviews (with spoilers) here and here. The first link compares the film to the novelization of the film, which I think was a novel concept.

The Prep Time Posse supply us with the “Best Music Video of the Year,” courtesy of Spider-Man 3, here.

Finally, Kelvin Green gives his thoughts (with spoilers) on the film here.


CBSG has a collection of links to blog posts about Spidey. Check it out here.

Brian Cronin

May 7, 2007 at 2:12 pm

Hehe…I will admit, I considered linking to MarkAndrew. :)

Thanks for the link, Brian. I finally added my review of the actual film as well.

Also check out Comic Coverage at http://comiccoverage.typepad.com/. Marc Engblom did Spider-Man Week with some really fun material. It’s one of my favorite recently discovered blogs.

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