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So, yeah, this isn’t working, really.

I’m sending this in a letter to Brian, too.

Lately I’ve been questioning why I’m writing the Media Reviews.  They’ve seemed even more pointless than usual.  I don’t enjoy doing it.  I’m generally saying the same stuff month after month.  And if I was going to get someone to try a book, it’s happened by now.  I’m treading water and not enjoying it.

I first left CSBG over editorial or creative differences or whatever and I think it’s just more and more become a place that’s very different from how I envisioned it.  And that’s fine, it’s got its own life and its own fans or readers.  I just don’t think I, or the Media Review, really, belong here.  I gave it another shot and it just didn’t work out; just like when you give your ex another shot.  There was a reason we broke up in the first place, and over time we’ve just become more and more like ourselves.

I was excited to take my writings to a larger audience, but, in the end, I don’t think I work well with a larger audience.  Thank you to those of you that have expressed your fondness for my stuff, but most of you would probably read it elsewhere anyway.  Or you could read me at World of Awesome if you care to read about more than comics.

Anyway, Brian, I’ll miss your idiosyncratic diction.  Greg B (elementary stylee), I’ll miss being bewildered by your terrible, terrible taste.  Greg H, keep up the good work and the “teachers at CSBG” spirit alive.  Pol:  The Rocketeer is a terrible movie; it just is.  MarkAndrew, you get to be the token indie guy now, so try to be more of an asshole or something.  Or less, either way.  Bill, I eagerly await “favorite staples” month for the 365 Days.  And Dick Hyacinth, you don’t post here, but thanks for clearing me up when I needed it.  And if I forgot an actual contributor (that little turd Seavey doesn’t count still, right?) then I apologize.

To my readers, well, who am I kidding.  I never had any, anyway.  God Bless or go to hell, whichever suits your fancy.


Fair enough, Joe.

If it doesn’t feel comfortable, I certainly wouldn’t want you to keep doing it.

The columns have been very enjoyable, though!

So thanks for them!

You can still be bewildered by my terrible taste, sir! I hope you still come around to bash my purchases occasionally, because it’s always fun to read the rage!

Raaaaage rage rage rage rage.

I didn’t necessarily expect this, but I had noticed your review columns were less frequent and more perfunctory (I think that’s the correct word to use in this context). Plus you were kind of insulting the readers again. I’d imagine that “support Fantagraphics” column didn’t help much, either.

Anyway, I’ll have to add World of Awesome to the blogs I read. I’ll just skip past the stuff about kung fu movies and food involving meat.

“I’ll just skip past the stuff about kung fu movies and food involving meat.”

That’s a nice way of saying you’ll just skip my posts . . .heh.

Yeah, the reviews were really getting to me. I’ve said what I have to say. Either people agree or they don’t. Didn’t want to fall into old traps or anything so I’ll just bow out.

Hey Joe, I always enjoyed the Media Reviews, but if you aren’t happy with it, then I agree that you shouldn’t bother. Best of luck man!

That sucks.

At least keep posting pictures of your kids and Captain Marvel….

I had a feeling this was coming. Sorry to see you go, Joe, but it sounds like you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Looks like I’ll have to bully Burgas alone, now.

That was me, posting anonymously.

That “favorite staples” joke made me laugh, too, by the way. I enjoy reading what Bill writes, and for the most part, I like the 365 Reasons posts. But I’m not really that interested in reading about go-go checks.

That’s too bad, Joe, though I understand why you’re stopping.

I think your column would have worked better in a monthly format, and especially if you’d reviewed a lot more media that wasn’t all comics or comic-related. You know, keep things fresher.

I’ll take a dose of ‘go to hell’ thank you.

Dammit, Joe, we need you. You’re edgy and irreverent! You’re like Fonzie before he went soft! The kids, they want to buy your action figure. And you’re just so damn incredibly sexy. But you didn’t hear that from me.

Well, I’m sure we’ll see you around. Keep spreading the joy of comics with your students, you beautiful bastard.

(And you’re all laughing now, but trust me, staples month will kick a hundred kinds of ass.)

Somewhere it’s April 1st.

He’ll be back, one way or another. That’s Predictive Rule #1 of the internet: when someone storms off in a huff and says they’re leaving, they always come back.

Hey, this is no huff. I’ve done the huff thing. It’s ugly.

But Joe isn’t storming off in a huff here, Matthew. He wasn’t totally comfortable with the old blog, so he left. After he begun doing his Media Reviews at Comic Book Resources, I asked if he would be willing to cross-post them here, as I thought our readers would get a kick out of them (and also, I figure it’d be nice to get Joe’s stuff read by a lot of folks). He said no, as he was beginning to sour on the whole Media Review format. This is an issue he had back in, like, last October, before he ever came back to the blog.

After awhile, he began doing them again, and he accepted the offer to cross-post, but this was never something that Joe was entirely comfortable doing, so this is not an angry huff or anything.

I appreciate the columns you’ve given us, Joe!

Dammit, Joe! My post makes less sense following yours!

I’ll just skip past the stuff about kung fu movies and food involving meat.

And, I’ll only read the stuff about kung-fu flicks and food involving meat (and the Chipwich!) to even the balance.

I always looked forward to the reviews Joe, and I’ll miss reading them. But you’ve gotta do what you feel is best.

Joe, I can’t comment on the larger issues involved here. But I do know that you’ve always treated me fairly and kindly when I have participated, and for that I thank you and wish you well. We all have to do what we have to do.

Sorry to see you go. I enjoyed the Media Reviews for what they were, although it was becoming more apparent that your heart wasn’t as into them in the more recent weeks.

You’ll be missed, though I completely understand the feeling… it’s how I felt doing the magazine column for the last few months. It had become drudgery, an annoying obligation– and I even got REAL money for that gig. Didn’t matter. Still sucked. So absolutely, if you’re not having fun, you should drop it.

Nevertheless, I hope you won’t be a stranger. I always enjoy what you have to say.

Sad to see you go Joe.

I was sorry to see you go up until the crack about The Rocketeer. That’s just cold, man.

Seriously though, all the best for the future.

Yeah, if you weren’t enjoying it, then absolutely you should stop, because what’s the point.

But I enjoyed reading your columns.

I’m not sure what you were expecting really. There are plenty of people here who like the kinds of comics you like and there are plenty of others who don’t. So what? Why do you need everyone here to agree with your tastes? Why can’t you be happy with offering an alternate viewpoint? To me, that seems very worthwhile.

People read your columns and loved em or hated em and took whatever they took from them. What else is there?

The long and the short of it is that I was dreading writing the reviews. I dunno why . . .burn-out, probably. Too much going on in real life . . .eh, I guess. I’m not saying I’ll never have something else to write about, and if I have something I think would go well here, I’ll tell Cronin. But, as many have said, I’m not enjoying it, I don’t feel comfortable, and I don’t think I’m accomplishing anything.

Can’t say I’ve agreed with everything you’ve said, but you’ve been a fun read, and a nice guy, and I wish you all the best with whatever you’ll be doing in the time you would have spent writing stuff you didn’t want to write. (City of Heroes has a new update…) :)

It’s about time.

I think finding something new to say about a monthly can be difficult every issue, and it may be much easier to review OGNs without the drudgery.

While I’m not trying to convince you to stay, I can say I enjoyed your columns as my tastes aligned with yours much closer than they ever have with Greg B’s.

Joe, I’ve enjoyed your columns a lot. I am encouraged that you say this:

“I’m not saying I’ll never have something else to write about, and if I have something I think would go well here, I’ll tell Cronin.”

Good! If it was the format that was becoming a grind, bail on the format and, when you feel like it, just tell us what’s on your mind re comics. I look forward to finding out. There aren’t enough voices like yours in the extended comics blogosphere.


I really hope that Denn is totally serious, mainly because I think it’s funny for someone to say ‘good riddance’ when you’re quitting of your own volition.

Don’t they know you’re just gonna be happier?

Rohan Williams

May 11, 2007 at 6:39 pm

Especially when Denn- or whoever- never had to actually read Joe’s stuff in the first place. It’s not like he was paying for it or whatever.

It was a joke.

Wait…You guys don’t have to pay to read this? What a rip!

Good luck Joe on your future endeavors.

Rohan Williams

May 11, 2007 at 7:51 pm

Wow, sorry about that, Denn! I’ll keep my righteous indignation zipped up next time.

No problem man. Stay righteous though, you’ll never know when you need it.

I am disappointed. I can’t make fun of you if you were joking.

Your intelligence confounds me!

Now I feel bad for ruining the fun.

This just in: Joe Rice hates Autogyros.

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