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Top Five Eyepatched Characters in Comics!

TOP FIVE WEEK CONCLUDES (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far)!!

Today, we’ll look at the top five comic characters to sport an eyepatch! Arrrr…enjoy, mateys!

Notable Eyepatched Characters Not On The List Because They Are Lame

Ravager and Callisto

5. Yagyū Retsudō


This Lone Wolf & Cub arch-nemesis is totally badass.

But he wimped out a little bit towards the end of the series, dropping him on the list!

4. Bazooka Joe


Come on, how cool is a teen who wears an eyepatch for no apparent reason, has existed in comics for over 50 years, and has traveled through time AND space?

The answer?

Pretty damn cool.

That’s Bazooka Joe for you!

Look at how he’s evolved over the years!


And here is a Bazooka Joe comic strip from TODAY!


Check out Joe’s website here (be forewarned, it has some weird song playing).

3. Jesse Custer


Jesse is the star of the awesome series, Preacher.

The only reason Jesse is not on the list higher is because he only wore an eyepatch for the last 16 issues of Preacher’s 66 issue run, so it didn’t seem fair to include him over cool characters who have been wearing the patch for much longer.

Why did he NEED a patch?

God bite his eye out.

SOOO badass.

2. Deathstroke the Terminator


Progression of Deathstroke the Terminator as a character…

Cool, conflicted villain – even cooler, conflicted villain – cool, conflicted mercenary – de-aged doofus – over-the-top villain.

Wait, did I say PROgression?

Oops, my bad.

Still, the good still outweighes the bad with Deathstroke. One of Marv Wolfman’s finest creations.

1. Nick Fury


Nick Fury first showed up in an eyepatch (after being shown in the comics during World War II without one) in Strange Tales #135.


He’s kicked ass ever since.

That’s the list!

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


Is it me or does Deathstroke on the cover there has really short thighs?

What, no Patch? I mean, sure, he’s Wolverine, but he wore the eyepatch as a *disguise!* :-)

Gotta agree with Nick Fury taking the top spot, though.

Is that a Kirby cover on Strange Tales? I think I’m in love. It’s a snapshot of what’s sure to be an awesome scene.

Xander?! XAaaaaaanndeeeeeer?!

Bah! Xander has been in, like, three comic books with the eyepatch!!

No Deadeye Duck? WAAAH!

Alan Scott is a great character, but the eyepatch is still a new development and there’s a really good chance that it won’t last long anyway.

I agree with Niels about the lack of Patch. Although I can’t argue with Fury taking top spot.

No complaints about the list. But I would just like to admit … in spite of how lame it might have been (I know it was just a One Year Later twist, and I don’t think DC ever fully explained it? And how did the condition correct itself?) … I really liked Alan Scott, the original GL, with the eyepatch.

Blackjak from Atari Force?


June 1, 2007 at 10:31 am

In my obvious attempt to include DOCTOR STRANGE into every comic-book discussion, I must also add that, while he certainly should NOT be in the top 5, DOCTOR STRANGE also wore an eyepatch for many issues (nearly 2 years).

During his descent into “darkness” (he had seemingly destroyed all his talismans of power in order to prevent them from falling into the hands of an evil, other-worldly sorcerer. In so doing, he broke the bonds that kept many ancient evils from invading the Earth again.

So, weakened, unable to use “white” magic, he was being taught by the ANCIENT ONE’s enemy; KALUU in the ways of “black” magic in order to combat these ancient evils (using “fire” to fight “fire”).

During one such quest, DOCTOR STRANGE had his eye blown out by a mystical, ancient evil entity, and had to wear an eyepatch (composed of inky black magic).

He wore the eyepatch for quite some time, until, long after he had come back to the side of “light” again, was given a “new” eye, by AGAMOTTO (who was secretly safekeeping all the old “destroyed” talismans) to replace his lost one.

The gross part is that the eye was taken FROM his old foe; SILVER DAGGER (who was existing, as a “guest” of AGAMOTTO in his realm of unreality).

SILVER DAGGER supposedly gave up the eye for a gift to STRANGE as a way of redeeming himself.

Turns out he was really just making room in his head to place one of the EYES of AGAMOTTO in there to use for evil purposes.

(OH, and he later wanted his OLD eye back from STRANGE and wanted STRANGE dead.)

SO, since that didn’t work out for him, SILVER DAGGER was the eyepatched one from then on.


There ya have it.

I’m sure I can work a DOCTOR STRANGE tale into just about any topic.

Ever hear how he was a friend of the artist MOEBIUS?

Ah… a “Strange” tale for another day.



Please PLEASE continue this segment, I don’t want it to end.

Xander?! XAaaaaaanndeeeeeer?!

Xander only rocks an eyepatch because Fury rocked an eyepatch before him.

Yes, Fury is so bad ass that he inspires other ocularly challenged heroes to sport the patch. He’s that awesome.

I’m disappointed that Fury’s on the list. I mean, of course he’s gonna be on a list of Eyepatched characters. It’s like the animation Oscar that was pretty much set up so Disney could get awards…

How about Thor’s pop, Odin?

Annoyed Grunt

June 1, 2007 at 3:25 pm

Jesse Custer had the eyepatch for more than 16 issues. It happened around issue 40 or so. He’s also the only character on the list who got his eye back at some point.

I like Ravager. The girl one that is.

Flush it all away

June 1, 2007 at 4:10 pm

I agree that the series has been a lot of fun and shouldn’t end. How about Top 5 Fortnight?

As far as that Kirby Strange Tales cover…uh, I don’t quite get it or think it’s that great. We’re looking at a Hydra goon, but from the perspective of another Hydra goon, who’s looking at a monitor showing Nick Fury, er, somewhere else. Odd.

In the category of lame eyepatched characters, please include Erg the Morlock, who inexplicably became a semi-featured character in the monumentally awful series The 198.

Does Seben from ‘Harvey Birdman’ count by any chance? He’s awesome and has an eyepatch!

Andrew Collins

June 1, 2007 at 6:49 pm

“Does Seben from ‘Harvey Birdman’ count by any chance? He’s awesome and has an eyepatch!”

HA HA! Eyepatch…

“But I would just like to admit … in spite of how lame it might have been (I know it was just a One Year Later twist, and I don’t think DC ever fully explained it? And how did the condition correct itself?) … I really liked Alan Scott, the original GL, with the eyepatch.”

During Infinate Crisis, Scott (the OGL) got hit in the zeta beam backwash along wth a lot of other heroes. When the beam finaly finished the teleport, it had mixed and maimed several characters–Cyborg and Firestorm were fused, Hawk Girl became a giant while Bumblebee was permanently shrunk, Red Tornado was destroyed and parts of his body were fused in Herald (now Vox) and bot Alan and Adam Strange lost their eyes, but one of Adam’s ended up as part of Alan Scott (there’s a great scene in 52 where Alan says that he lost an eye and the one he has doesn’t even belong to him and then it shows Adam Strange with two empty sockets. As far as I know, Alan still has the patch (which looked great when he was in Checkmate…like Nick Fury but with starheart green flame powers) though when’s he’s Lantern he wears the domino mask over it. I wonder why he doesn’t just give himself a green flame eye.

Odin’s amputated eye went on to become an interesting, or at least irritating character. “Eye know, but eye won’t tell you, nyah nyah,” etc.
That should have counted enough bonus points to get the old guy on to the list.


June 2, 2007 at 12:22 am

Oops. Damn now I’m anonymous.

The black-and-white Nick Fury wash drawing was created by my longtime friend Lee Weeks and ran circa 1998 in Marvel’s short-lived SHADOWS & LIGHT anthology. It was intended as a tease for a FURY story I wrote and Lee illustrated for S&L, titled “Malfunction.” That, in turn, was supposed to be a tease for a FURY mini-series Lee and I would do that we hoped owuld lead to a new ongoing SHIELD series. Alas, Marvel went through a period of contraction that year, SHADOWS & LIGHT was canceled before our story ran, our editor left the company, and all our grandiose plans for Nicholas J. Fury went by the boards. One of my great disappointments, as Lee’s FURY work was brilliant …

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