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365 Reasons to Love Comics #169

I hope you’ll forgive me a short one– it’s been a lousy day. If you’re clamoring for more, however, there’s always the archive!

Today, my friends, I bring you the story of a cop. But not just any cop…


169. Lady Cop

365 Reasons to Love Comics #169

…a Lady Cop.

The First Issue Special series was a strange beast. Frankly, it was terribly titled– blatantly proclaiming “First Issue” every issue, but dashing our hopes with the numbering in the little box next to it. At one point, I was tossing around the idea of a “one-hit wonder” theme week– and, you know, most of them would probably come from the First Issue Special series. I’ve already discussed one brilliant concept birthed from FIS’s pages– I’m speaking, of course, of the fantabulous Green Team– and now, it’s time for another.

Lady Cop was the story of one Liza Warner– a young woman terrorized by being the sole survivor of a massacre by a Killer In Boots. Haunted by the experience and vowing to catch the killer, she… joins up with the police force. What? You expected a cape and tights? Never! She becomes a policewoman, learns martial arts, kicks sexist pig ass, and teaches all her readers about the dangers of venereal disease. Seriously. The story is ten kinds of awesome.

Clearly, only one man could bring us such brilliance. That’s right. Robert “Wild Bob” Kanigher. Along with artist John Rosenberger (whatever happened to him?), he crafted the first and only Lady Cop story.

“Only,” that is, until Gail Simone started writing a little series called All New Atom. Ivy Town had a new police chief… a Lady Chief, you might say. Her name? Liza Warner. Huzzah! Finally, everyone’s favorite obscure female character has returned. It only took a little over three decades. Every night, right after I pray for world peace and the health of my family and friends, I ask God to let Gail reveal to us the true identity of the Killer In Boots, and let the Lady Cop finally catch him. Admit it; that would be marvelous.

And now: Lady Cop’s greatest moments! Click to enlarge the ones that need enlarging. I have shamelessly borrowed these images from other sources, but fear not, I shall link to those wonderful souls below.

Lady Cop 4.jpgLady Cop 5.jpg

Lady Cop 3.jpg

Lady Cop 2.jpg

Do you see? Do you see the awesome?

As you may expect, the blogosphere loves Lady Cop. I shall prove it with links!:

Devon of “Seven Hells!” has an entire labeled section devoted to Ms. Warner. Behold! All his Lady Cop posts in one nice package.

Walaka of the Last Shortbox/Recreation Annex hits us with the Saga and Return of Lady Cop.

Fanzing (okay, not really a blog) tells us about the Cop who is a Lady.

My work here? Done. (You know, this one turned out to be just as long as a normal one after all… probably longer than yesterday’s, though that one took forever to compile and complete.)


I’m afraid I don’t, Bill.

thanks for this post. i would have never caught the lady cop in all new atom without it. it’s pretty frickin obvious now but i remember reading that iss and not catching it.

what will i do when the 365 days is over?

My fourth favorite character over at “The Dugout” is Lady Cop.

She’s after Kyle Farnsworth, Jim Thome, and Manny Rameriez.

What does her dad not sleeping with any women after her mom died have to do with how he would react to her having VD?

Andrew Collins

June 18, 2007 at 8:51 pm

That is an awesome entry, and my respect for Gail Simone just went up even more (which I didn’t think was possible given how in love with her work I am now). I even remembering seeing that panel in All-New Atom that mentions the “Killer In Boots” and wondering if there was some story I missed. Now I want to see the saga of the Killer In Boots finished too!

The idea is that Dad has a very strict moral baseline and would thus frown on Daughter ‘sleeping around’, as I believe it would’ve been called at the time.

As for Lady Cop…I dunno, I’m not seeing the awesome either. The mediaverse was positively littered with ‘lady cops’ back then – remember Angie Dickinson in ‘Police Woman’? Great concept for the time, but the novelty value’s kinda worn off in the interim.

Never much saw the attraction for Angie D…

Ah, but ‘Get Cristy Love,’ who remembers her?
Huh, sugah?

Pointing to the second to last panel you’ve reproduced: Sorry, Chief Warner, but I don’t think that’s a department-issue uniform.


The Kirbydotter

June 19, 2007 at 7:28 am

I don’t read Simone’s Atom (though I tried it for a couple of issues at the beginning when Byrne was drawing it) but it’s always nice to hear about an obscure minor character makes a comeback. James Robinson was a master at this in STARMAN.

1st ISSUE SPECIAL was basically another SHOWCASE and they had some very good issues.
There were the fantastic Kirby issues (ATLAS and DINGBATS), the Ditko CREEPER (under a lame cover), Mike Grell’s premiere of WARLORD, WAlter Simonson’s DR. FATE…

This brought a smile to my face.

Thanks, Bill!

Bought and still own the Lady Cop issue. Loved it when I was a kid growing up. Wished there had been more. I agree that the Killerin Boots must be found and brought to justice by Lady Police Chief.

Gail Simone, if you are listening, do it for the audience who have waited 30 years forthe resolution to this story.

Lady Cop. That’s HOT! Gay boys know HOT when we see it. I think it’s probably been made into a movie… several times. And, honey? Your father’s a dock worker? I think he knows alllllll about V.D.! ;)

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