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365 Reasons to Love Comics #172

Today on 365 Reasons: “The Most Freudian Celestial Body of All!” or “Boy, That’s a Swelled Head, All Right.” One of Lee & Kirby’s weirdest creations!

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172. Ego, the Living Planet

Ego 4.JPG

That is a huge goatee. Honestly, gigantic. I can’t imagine. Truly, a majestic piece of facial hair.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and debuting in Thor #132, way back in the mid-1960’s, Ego is what his lengthy moniker explicitly describes: a living planet. He’s a big ol’ floating sort-of-head thing out in space. And he ain’t no dwarf planet; supposedly, he’s almost four times the size of Pluto. (Poor Pluto gets no respect.)

Ego was birthed in the Black Galaxy, a section of space that’s made entirely of organic matter. He’s encountered Thor and the Fantastic Four, and has nearly been eaten by Galactus a couple times. He’s been friendly, he’s gone insane, he’s been blown up, yadda yadda, but hey, he’s still kicking (metaphorically).
From Kirby’s brain to your comics page:

Ego 3.JPGEgo 2.jpg

Strange. Bizarre. Kooky. Brilliant.

Ego has complete control over his entire structure, so he can easily produce vegetation, or little life forms to fight off invaders, or tentacles. He can also “absorb” (read: eat) people, if he wants. He’s massively powerful, and scarily wondrous. I love him. I would hate to meet any of his siblings (I don’t know if there’s been an Id, but I know Tom DeFalco introduced a Superego of some kind, back in the day).

But yeah, sentient planet. There’s a mad idea for you!

Ego recently popped up in Marvel Adventures: Avengers #12, where he tried to be a pimp and hit on the Earth, but she wasn’t havin’ none o’ that, yo:

Ego 1.jpg

God bless you, Jeff Parker. Ego was marvelously portrayed here as a creepy older dude completely full of himself (hence “Ego,” I suppose) trying to “mack” on a “chick” far out of his league. Beautiful.

Here’s to more Ego appearances!

Here’s even more info on Ego, courtesy of the Marvel Directory. (Woo! Got through it without a “leggo my Ego” joke.)

Question for You, the Reader!:

Who is the bigger ladies’ planet– Ego or Mogo?


Seeing as how Mogo doesn’t socialize, I’m thinking Ego is probably the bigger ladies’ planet.

Surely Uranus is the most Freudian celestial body of all.

We need an ML Ego BAF. Now.

Who wins in a fight: Mogo or Ego?

Now what if Mogo doesn’t have his GL ring?

But there’s something about the aloof unattainable guy that drives some women wild. You know, like Morrissey. Mogo might have an advantage there.

Black Lutefisk

June 21, 2007 at 8:36 pm

I’m trying to figure how out how Ego fits in the whole “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” paradigm.

Not to be a… well, actually, YES, I am going to be a pit-nicker.


will hopefully convince you all that it IS IMPORTANT to note that (as near as i can tell from the colouring), Ego is sporting a circle beard, not a goatee.

The former being defined by moustache and beard being joined by hair, the latter not. Though admittedly there are gradations inbetween that are debatable.

God, it is late and I need something constructive to do…


A frequent Circle-beard-bearer

Pedro Bouça

June 22, 2007 at 1:55 am

Most certainly Ego sees more action than Mogo, who, as mentioned before, doesn’t socialize.

But Mogo, being a GL and all, would kick Ego’s hilly arse. Without the ring, though, I think that Ego’s larger experience fighting cosmic menaces like Galactus would give him the victory.

And this must be the weirdest “who’d win?” discussion I have seen…

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

That Marvel Adventures story made me laugh so much.
Damn, that’s some good stuff.

Oh, totally. Every page of Jeff Parker’s Avengers vs. Ego story is brilliant–from calling the moon a “shorty”, to Hulk shouting, “Earth just want to be friends,” right up until the wonderful bit on the last page with Giant-Girl (“Calm down, Janet.” “Oh, so you’re on HIS side, are you?”)

Absolutely top form, from a writer who’s doing some excellent work in the Marvel Adventures line.

@ Anun:

“But there’s something about the aloof unattainable guy that drives some women wild. You know, like Morrissey. Mogo might have an advantage there.”

Are you saying gay Latino teens are into Mogo?

And there is my “muisc nerd and sociology fact of the day.”

Also, that in no way was a dig against Morrissey or gay, Latino teens. I love Morrissey and am neither gay, a Latino, or a teenager. It’s just weird that his fan base is comprised with a rather large percentage of them.

Oh..and uh…Ego is pretty cool..and other things that tie into this post…

Hulk shouting, “Earth just want to be friends,”

…and there’s a 24-karat gold-plated Reason to Love Comics, right there.

Adam Jones: I was surprised that you did not state that you were cool with the gay latino teens the way you are cool with Morrisey.

I am beginning to suspect that Jeff Parker himself should be one of the 365 reasons to love comics.

Oh and Mogo would kick Ego’s organic ass around the block even without the ring. After all he has survived his current storyline in GL Corps.

Well, I don’t know enough gay, Latino teenagers to really have a solid opinion on them. But they don’t really offend me anyway, so I suppose we’re cool. I know enough about Morrissey and his fans to have one, so hence, my previous statements.

Also, I went back and reread that article about Morrissey’s fan base, and he actually has more of a Latino following then a gay-Latino following. Not that the gay community doesn’t embrace Mister Chastity, but to me, Morrissey being a sort of Latino icon is even more intersting than being a gay icon. So color me corrected on my previous statement.

Can Morrissey be a reason to love comics? I’m sure Grant Morrisson has written a comic called “Meat is Murder” or “Irish Blood, English Heart.”, hasn’t he?

You should have shown Ego’s anti-bodies, they were cool.

Sometime you should do a special ‘reason to love’ feature on Lee-Kirby between the summer of 65 and the summer of 67, a period that saw a whole lot of bizarre creativity above and beyond the Living Planet.
Somebody was slipping something significant into Mr. Kirby’s cigars during that period, methinks.

Now, THAT’S what I’m talking about. I first learned about Ego from the Marvel trading cards, and I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for him ever since.

Ego for president!

Ego is dating Mogo.Well,no surprise since Gaylactus-Galactus is gay.Marvel wants a big gay character,well Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created on back in the 1960’s.Big guy in purple costume,big G on his chest,has an eating addiction.Keeps going on about some naked guy on a surf board he used to hang out with.The Silver Surfer.Dosen’t notice the female companions,he’s with.Nova ?.Sound very gay to me. Ever see a Mrs. Galactus ?No.see.Ah Ya.I bet he likes Judy Garland. Lisa Malelli, Barbara Streisand.

Now Marvel read this come a Mrs. Galactus

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