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7/12 – Curious Cat Asks…

Has there ever been an inter-title crossover with less going on than Endangered Species has been so far?

A one-shot of all-talking, then a first chapter that was…all-talking, then two more parts that were…all-talking. Is this really all we are going to get from this crossover – just lots of talking until Messiah Complex begins as the “real” crossover following this “set-up” crossover?



Apparently, yes. I think they forgot the subtitle: “My Dinner with Hank”.

There was a tiny fight this week that featured Beast’s clever bit of spelling assistance, but other than that it does seem to be all set-up. The only two intriguing things I can recall are the Shaw-Xavier exchange in the one-shot and the Evolutionary’s tease that a “colleague” of Hank’s is one-step ahead of him in working the problem at hand.

And did I miss something, or was Uncanny overpriced given that Marvel had hyped this crossover as “8 extra pages for FREE!”? I skimmed the back-up in the store, as Brubaker’s mutant stuff bores me to tears, but I don’t fancy paying extra for an X book I do follow regularly.

I think the whole reason this “cross-over” is a back-up is because it’s all set up. If this had been a traditional cross-over like X-Cutioner’s Song or Extinction Agenda, then it would be the main story. Endangered Species reads like the back-ups in the Evolutionary War Annuals cross-over, in that the back-ups told the history of the High Evolutionary and showed his purpose for his actionas in the main story.

On re-reading my post, that last sentence is too convoluted. Oh well.

I’m not even sure it’s technically a crossover so much as if it’s a.. I don’t know, a story?

I mean you have Yost, Gage, and Carey just writing about Beast going around the world trying to solve a problem.

I’m pretty happy with those writers and that idea, even if there isn’t one punch thrown.

Stephane Savoie

July 12, 2007 at 5:42 am

Re: Uncanny.
Stores received an email telling us that the cover price was incorrecft… $1 higher than correct. If you’re getting charged any more than 3 dollars (3.75 canadian), you’re getting overcharged for the last Uncanny, as stores didn’t pay a proportionately higher price..
SO, those 8 pages SHOULD be free.

Well, it’s essentially about genetic research, so yeah, it probably is going to be mostly talking. That or Hank doing computer models.

Which isn’t to say that nothing happens. It’s just more dialogue-based and less action-based. And given that it’s only five pages per installment, I can live with that.

What I’m liking about ES is that it answers one of my huge problems with the aftermath of HOM..where is Pym? Where is Reed? T’Challa? All the superscientists of the Marvel Universe should be on top of this, yet not a one even appeared. That’s due to Marvel’s editorial dictates that they be busy cloning their friends and beating each other up, but I like the at least retconned feel that they got together and tried.

“Has there ever been an inter-title crossover with less going on than Endangered Species has been so far?”

I remember either ‘Starblast’ or ‘Atlantis Rising’ being several parts in before anything happened at all.

What is that comic about? I read two pages and got bored.

Thanks for the info Stephane!

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