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7/26 – Curious Cat Asks…

Which TV or film licensed property has resulted in the highest percentage of good comic books?



Mr T.

But only if you include “brain breakingly awful” under the banner of “good”.

“Highest percentage,” I guess, means that a property which produced one really good tie-in would be the winner by default. Nothing immediately comes to mind for me, but I’m sure there’s such an example out there.

My knee-jerk reaction would probably be Batman: The Animated Series or its sister shows, which produced hundreds of issues of quality comic books, with the latter years of Gotham Adventures as the only black mark on the books’ history. I think that’ll stand as my choice.

That said, Star Wars, The Simpsons, Futurama, The Lone Ranger, Aliens, and Street Fighter seem to have all done pretty well for themselves in comics (I’m guessing that, even though you didn’t mention them, videogame tie-ins count for this sort of thing as well).

Batman Animated, yeah. Does that one count?

There’s been some good Evil Dead stuff, and we’re getting good Buffy stuff now. Hmm.

Jeff Albertson

July 26, 2007 at 1:52 pm

Donald Duck.

1 book, pretty good.
therefore 100 percent.
Of course other things have had only one mini, but you get the idea here.

yeah, it’s got to be Donald Duck.

If you go by both comics and inspiration, the Shadow.

The Simpsons?

I would say either Star Wars or Star Trek. There’s been more good than bad of each of those.

I would think Scrooge McDuck, because of the sheer reverence everybody has for it. Or Donald.

Any Disney character would work here, if marketed correctly.

Jeff Albertson

July 26, 2007 at 3:58 pm

Scrooge was created by Carl Barks for the comic books, so I consider all the Scrooge comics as resulting from the Donald Duck license.

Probably not what Curious Cat was expecting as an answer, but I think it fits.

Scrooge McDuck, definitely.

Yeah, I didn’t think about the Donald and Scrooge stuff (obviously a glaring oversight) but they’re the clear winners. No other franchise has Rosa going for it.


Over 300 issues since 1982, most written by Larry Hama.

Um, I’ve never read any Disney comics.

Sorry. The Shadow doesn’t count. He was a RADIO licensed character.

Probably either G.Joe or Transformers. Hama and Furman each churned out a lot of good to great material. G.I.Joe probably has a slightly better percentage.

The probably with Disney comics is that for every Rosa or Barks story, there’s got to be ten by some hack.

Star Wars and Trek– no, just… no. I’ve yet to see our hear of a good Trek comic and the only good one for Star Wars, against miles and miles of crap, is the original Dark Empire. Well, I suppose you could count the original, Chaykin illustrated adaptation, too.

Batman: TAS– shouldn’t count based on the phrasing.

The one Serenity comic so far was NOT good. PLus picking a single mini property, Lynch’s Dune would win– Billy the Sink art!

Oh I don’t know there is some good other SW stuff out there. I’ve a particular fondness for the Marvel stuff between Empire and Return drawn by Walt Simonson, and some of the Marvel post Return stuff drawn by Cynthia Martin is rather good too.

DH has produced a load of so so stuff – don’t forget Dark Empire was originally a Marvel LS solicited in an old, old issue of Marvel Age – but their best stuff has to be Crimson Empire and the superb Rogue Squadron.

Never thought much of any Star Trek comic I’ve read !

I’d discount GI Joe, Transformers and Batman TAS because none of those originated in telly or film.

Mow about The Matrix? Those comics are good

Futurama is pretty decent.

I also vote for Unca Scrooge (through the Donald Duck shorts)

Jeff Albertson

July 27, 2007 at 11:00 am

There’s not just Barks and Rosa: There’s also Van Horn, Lustig, Block, Jiipes, Milton, Vicar, Rota, etc. There is an awful lot of good stuff out there. Almost no one in the U.S. is buying it anymore, of course.

But it is a good point that the large number of stories lowers the percentage.

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