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8/2 – Curious Cat Asks…

What’s your theory as to how World War Hulk will be resolved (bearing in mind that this is apparently part two of a Hulk trilogy Pak has going)?



I’ve been trying to come up with something on this subject for a while.

One theory I have is that the Hulk “wins” and ends up with a nation of his own. The problem with that theory is that his definition of a victory at this point is the destruction of characters who aren’t going to die.

The other thing I’ve been thinking is that he loses and his allies are destroyed. He’ll spend the next year being truly hunted until he takes part in the Skrull event next year where he ends up on the side of the “angels”. That seems too similar to a lot of other Hulk stories, though.

They have me interested, though.

I’m thinking that the warp core explosion is eventually going to turn out to be something that at least some the Hulk’s alien allies caused, with the express purpose of getting him to come back to Earth and beat the crap out of it. Maybe it’ll even be a Skrully thing: this is part 2 of the Skrull offensive, manipulating the Hulk into beating the crap out of whomever came out on top in the Civil War.

So I’m thinking that in Part V, the Hulk is gonna start to understand this–maybe Rick Jones will form an alliance with the members of Hulk’s Warbound that are genuinely attached to the Hulk, and they’ll get the message to the Hulk somehow. (Might be a good time to kill off Rick Jones dramatically as he delivers the message: that would give the Hulk a new motivational hook going forward from this story). Maybe this’ll be as the Hulk has just finished beating the Sentry and is getting ready to kill off anyone else that annoys him.

So once he kills the traitors on his own side? I predict that his rage will bleed out of him, he’ll deflate into Banner, and he’ll go off and hide somewhere, wondering if he can ever trust anyone at all ever again.

Then what? I dunno.

Hulk discovers it was Miek who blew up the ship that sent him to Sakaar, in a very succesfull effort to bring out the anger in Hulk again. Miek has taken the Hulk’s lesson, “Never stop making them pay” to heart–and with his species doomed to extinction, he doesn’t have anything else left.

So, knowing that it wasn’t the Illuminati who killed his wife and planet, piece is made on Earth.

The third leg of the trilogy will be about Hulk taking the surviving Sakaarians to the planet the Illuminati originally tried to send him and helping them settle there. Hulk will want to stay with his people, but he knows that is was his “Never stop making him pay” that set Miek on his destructive path, and–simply put–Hulk decides that he’s a bad influence and goes back to Earth to give New Sakaar a better chance at piece.

At least that’s how I figure it. I just don’t know yet if Hulk will let Miek live.

Tom Fitzpatrick

August 2, 2007 at 1:10 pm

First part: Hulk smash!

Second part: Hulk smash!!

Third part: Hulk smash!!!

What else could possibly happen?

The obvious way. Banner takes over at the last minute, Miek and the Brood are evil and most of Hulk’s other friends die stopping them, then Banner walks away sadly into the desert.

Next time the Hulk appears, he’s slightly different and everyone has somehow forgotten that bit where he invaded New York.

With Marvel raking in more even cash from fanboys, presumably

Hulk will win, and then there will be another House of M/Civil War event which retcons everything.

1 – World War Hulk – Hulk is killed

2- The Adventures of Hulk: Ghost Detective

3- Hulk: Rebirth. As a skrull.

The End.

I think Banner will be cured and we’re going to get a year of just Banner with no Hulk.

Betty’s gotta be involved somehow.

Beta Ray Steve

August 2, 2007 at 3:51 pm

It will be resolved with another 70 part crossover, World War Hulk: A World Without Hulk. Followed by an 84 part crossover, World War Hulk: The Return of the Hulk.

Strange? Not guilty! Stark? Not guilty! Richards? Not guilty! Blackie? Can’t even speak! Also not guilty.

Random Stranger

August 2, 2007 at 4:57 pm

Well, Tony Stark is hauled off and thrown in jail after confessing in a world wide broadcast to kidnapping Bruce Banner. Tony gives up Reed Richards as part of a plea bargain, but over the course of the trial the hundreds of other crimes he’s committed publicly over the past few years are brought up and he winds up receiving multiple life sentences.

No, wait, that’s how things would work out if Marvel was being as “real” as they like to pretend they are.

I’m going to have to go with a return to the status quo then (done via Space Phantoms who in a twist are pretending to be Skrulls).

“No, wait, that’s how things would work out if Marvel was being as “real” as they like to pretend they are.”

Not in America. In America Tony admits to kidnapping and exiling the Hulk but is either never prosecuted because of his position in the government or is quickly pardoned.
As for Reed, he is a celebrity. He gets a slap on the wrist or the jury lets him off.

I predict the series ends with the Hulk defeated and in chains – either as the Hulk or as Banner, imprisoned by SHIELD with the tightest security in the history of the planet.

Then, whatever comes next, Act III, the Hulk will be redeemed.

It will be either a new person as Hulk or a return to stupid, less-threatening Hulk.

Nah, Hulk will find out that one of his alien allies set off the bomb and killed his wife, and the third big storyline will be Hulk Vengeance In Space.

Of course, I once again reiterate that I’ve proven lousy at guessing Marvel’s plot resolutions lately, because I start from the basic premise that they’re not going to do something unbelievably stupid that they’ll have to spend the next ten years retconning away. This has, of late, proven to be a false premise. :)

Random Stranger

August 3, 2007 at 6:54 am

“Not in America. In America Tony admits to kidnapping and exiling the Hulk but is either never prosecuted because of his position in the government or is quickly pardoned.”

Tony did it well before he became a government employee and you’ll note that none of the government officials who kidnap people in the real world don’t announce the fact that they’ve done it in a world wide broadcast. For some reason a very public confession like that is a bit tough to get away from. There’s a reason politicians use plausible deniability.

World War Hulk will end with Hostess Fruit Pies being tossed onto the battlefield to defuse the hostilities. Everyone enjoys a tasty, tasty treat and then goes home feeling better about themselves.

Act III: The Hulk takes a well-deserved nap, in a 39-part crossover series.

Wanda says “No More Hulk”

The final issue will have the Sentry come down as the last hope for the heroes. Hulk and Sentry will brawl it out, leading into Hulk doing what the Sentry did to Carnage and rip him in half. Seeing what he did to his only friend, Hulk reverts back into Banner leading into this total guilt trip, where he’ll be sent to Area 42 (or whatever that prison is called).

Stark will be exposed as the douchebag he is and his courtmarshalled for high treason and put on trial.

Part III: The Trail of the Incredible Hulk

featuring John Rhys Davies as the Kingpin.

This is also a Marvel universe that has tolerated mass vigilanteism for years. Cracking down on Tony for shooting the Hulk into space is the sort of thing they should give him a medal for. He shouldn’t get slapped on the wrist for this when he everyone doesn’t give a damn he worked in favor of genocide in Slokovia.

Hulk’s done just as much (more, probably) to merit charges of high treason. He’s only invading the U.S., after all.

General Ross is entirely right about the Hulk in WWH #3. Seriously, how much stuff does the Hulk have to destroy before people stop making excuses about it? All of the brightest minds of the Marvel universe have tried to cure the Hulk and they failed. I’ve lost track on the official word viz a viz Hulk actually killing someone, but he’s done more damage in his entire career than terrorist organizations like Hydra and A.I.M.

I’d love for World War Hulk to end with all of the people Hulk’s ever hurt surrounding him. Hulk wouldn’t give a damn, and he’d start killing them all, because that’s how this new Hulk rolls. Since he’s already beaten up all the Marvel Universe, there’s no heroes to stop him, so the fight ends with Hulk standing on a literal pile of bodies, and one of his little Warbound cronies telling him that there’s well more than one million people dead under his feet, and that some of them were pregnant women. Some of them would have been the people who came out in support of the Hulk, killed because the Hulk is indiscriminate and destructive as ever. Then he’d see more people he’d wronged in every direction, as far as he could see.

And then he’d realize they were right. And then he’d kill himself.

I find the more cynical comments here a little perturbing – I’m guessing none of you lot are reading the series at all, am I right?


August 5, 2007 at 4:42 pm

I think it will be resolved with lessons being learnt, and obstacles overcome. Some friends will become enemies, some enemies will become friends.

…and the Marvel universe will never be the same.

The series will end with the decimation and death of the Warbound, and the arrest of Bruce Banner. He’ll be taken into the negative Zone prison 42, and left there to rot.

Tony stark, however, will not have been freed, and there will be a mini series (Hunt for Iron Man) to resolve that.

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