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Name The 1969 Marvel Bullpen Game!

Okay, layne is doing a neat site where he looks at old Marvel Bullpen Bulletins.

One such Bullpen Bulletin, from 1969, was a gallery of members of Marvel’s famed “Bullpen.” So it struck me as a good game for you all to play (and no looking at his blog for the answers!).

I will list (alphabetically) 16 of the writers/artists/editors, and you simply have to tell me which letter (each one corresponding to the picture of a different writer/artist/editor) matches which writer/artist/editor!

1. Neal Adams
2. John Buscema
3. Gene Colan
4. Johnny Craig
5. Bill Everett
6. Gary Friedrich
7. Don Heck
8. Gil Kane
9. Tom Palmer
10. John Romita
11. John Severin
12. Joe Sinnott
13. Jim Steranko
14. Roy Thomas
15. Herb Trimpe
16. John Verpoorten

Good luck!

A.Copy (2) of 1969BullpenGallery2_edited.jpgB.1969BullpenGallery1_edited.jpg
E.Copy (2) of 1969BullpenGallery1_edited.jpgF.1969BullpenGallery2_edited.jpg
G.Copy (2) of 1969BullpenGallery3_edited.jpgH.Copy (2) of 1969BullpenGallery4_edited.jpg
I.Copy (3) of 1969BullpenGallery1_edited.jpgJ.Copy (3) of 1969BullpenGallery3_edited.jpg
K.Copy (3) of 1969BullpenGallery4_edited.jpgL.Copy of 1969BullpenGallery1_edited.jpg
M.Copy of 1969BullpenGallery2_edited.jpgN.Copy of 1969BullpenGallery3_edited.jpg
O.Copy of 1969BullpenGallery4_edited.jpgP.Copy (3) of 1969BullpenGallery2_edited.jpg


I’m pretty sure Roy Thomas is M and I’m going to guess that Steranko is D.

Wrong on the first one right on the later.

I think Steranko was the easiest one because he just looks like a magician.

1. Neal Adams = B

2. John Buscema = L

3. Gene Colan = E

4. Johnny Craig = I

5. Bill Everett = A

6. Gary Friedrich = M

7. Don Heck = P

8. Gil Kane = F

9. Tom Palmer = H

10. John Romita = N

11. John Severin = J

12. Joe Sinnott = G

13. Jim Steranko = D

14. Roy Thomas = O

15. Herb Trimpe = C

16. John Verpoorten = K

I had two guys narrowed to two photos each. Listing the favorite first:

Neal Adams is either B or J (from his self-portrait on a special feature page in one of his 60s SPECTRE issues—thank you “Robby Reed’s Dial B for Blog”).

Roy Thomas I had down to either O or M (having seen several photos in THE COMICS JOURNAL and AMAZING HEROES), but its been flatly said he’s not M, so I must have been right to make O the favorite here.

And I have absolutely no idea of anybody else!

The Rural Juror

August 6, 2007 at 12:06 pm

I got B (Neal Adams) and F (Gil Kane) and that’s it.

all I know is P looks like Rorschach

A. Everett

B. Adams

C. Trimpe or Palmer?

D. Steranko

E. ???

F. Kane

G. Sinnott

H. ???

I. ???

J. ???

K. Verpoorten

L. Buscema

M. Friedrich

N. ???

O. Thomas

P. Heck

Man, the one contest I have a shot at winning, but I can’t enter it… or can I? *Strokes beard, looks shifty*

Thanks for the mention, Brian!

Tom Palmer is C, definately. Really.

ISTR reading that Herb Trimpe was often mistaken for Alan Alda in his younger days, so I’m guessing H for Mr Rhymes-With-Shrimpy.

Buscema, Romita, Thomas, Adams and Colan are all fairly obvious : L, N, O, B and E respectively, and I’m guessing that the one that looks a bit like Derren Brown is Jim Steranko (D, for those of you fortunate enough not to have ever seen any of Derren Brown’s appalling TV shows)

C is definately Tom Palmer, though. 100%.

The whole freature is reprinted at the end of Essential Fantastic Four volume 5. Worth the cover price alone!

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