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Comic Book Idol Is Good – and BACK!!

Wow! This is awesome news! Comic Book Idol is coming back September 4th!

This is J. Torres’ brainchild, and we haven’t seen one in a few years, so it’s great to see it return!

Past Comic Book Idols have started the comic book careers of artists like season one winner Patrick Scherberger and season two winner Carlos Rodriguez, as well as season one runner-up Jonathan Hickman (my fav’rit).

Click “read the rest” to see some sample works from the three.

This is going to be so cool!

Here’s Scherberger…


Here’s Hickman…

Here’s Rodriguez…


Here’s to hoping this year’s ten finalists are really talented!!!


Nice. I’m looking forward to it.

As these things tend to work out, artists whose work I stumbled upon across the internet end up in these things, or go on to successful careers in comics. Martin Redmond was an artist I’d discovered on the ‘nets, and then he ended up in the first one (I’d still love to do a comic with him).

And Mitch Breitweiser was some guy on Digital Webbing whose art I dug, and now he’s at Marvel. Hah.

I can’t wait to see which great artists get to shine this time.

Hell YES!

I was wondering when/if Comic Book Idol would ever return. So glad to see it’s on the way.

Martin Redmond can draw? Holy crap, you’d never know it from the random, pointless posts that he manages to toss out from time to time.

Warren Ellis was right about artists?? :0

But where’s L Frank Weber? He was the Bo Bice and the Chris Daltry of his year. (ie: the one who should have won)

DAMN it, now you’re making me hesitant to enter! I pin my feelings of inadequacy entirely on YOUR SHOULDERS.

Don’t be, Genevieve! Who knows what this year’s turnout will be!

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