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Snark Blocker for 8/8

Last year, I shared a Snark Blocker filled with awesome diptychs and quadtychs (and sometimes even BIGGER than quadtychs!). You can find the first one here.

As many as a I showed, there are still plenty I missed, so here are some more, for your snark blocking pleasure!!

Pedro Bouça recommended this sweet John Byrne dipytch piece from the original Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe.


Just for fun, here, so tiny you can’t see them, are the Ed Hannigan 12-tych covers for the original Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe.


Here is a recent Jimmy Cheung diptych for Avengers Initiative #1.

init 1.jpginit 2.jpg

Reader, thechrisexperience, recommended this OTHER Jimmy Cheung quadtych, which is hurt a bit by the Civil War trade dress.


Here’s a Jae Lee diptych from Spider-Man 2099…


yo go re recommended this Star Wars: Vader’s Quest quadtych…


Michael Rawdon recommended this John Byrne quadtych from Superman/Batman Generations II.


Colossus 2000 recommended this Ron Lim quintych from the 2099 titles.


There ya go!

If I’ve missed some, let me know!


It’s funny how so many of those “deceased” characters on the Handbook cover are now officially alive again (or, in the case of Banshee, alive, dead, and now his daughter insists he’s still alive again…)

Here’s a challenge – put up the covers for the Deluxe edition of the Handbook, with all of the characters running lewft to right in one large line, with Mister Fantastic’s arms stretching across the entire picture.

Not all of the parts are out yet but the current arc of Ultimate X-men appears to have a quintych cover.

As for the book of the dead, Banshe isn’t the only one that has been resurrected and killed again on the covers. Nefaria, Strucker, Goliath and Jean Grey have all been resurected and subsequently killed.

There should be a few more diptyches from Spider-Man 2099; every issue Venom 2099 was in, they did an alternate “Venom 2099″ cover for, and I think they were all connected that way (though you surely got the best one).

I sold mine off, so I’m not sure.

The Marvel Trading Cards [series 4] as well as a set of Spider-Man trading cards, they were all what I guess would be called nuftyches; 1-9 was one big picture, 10-18, etc.

Cooler still was series 3, where all 200 cards fit together into one huge thing. I don’t remember how it worked, but I know it had to do with the spacey backgrounds on the cards.

Oh, also, “Wonder Man” 22-25.

The original Handbooks covered here were the “Book of the Dead and Inactive” so not all of the characters were the no-longer-breathing variety of dead. Only the ones with their arms crossed over their chest were actually dead at the time.

With Generations 2 are you just talking about the Batmobiles across the bottom of the page? I really don’t think that counts

The OHOTMU Delux is especially odd, since it’s a looping nth-tych; the very last cover connects back up with the very first cover.

Mr. Fantastic’s arm, by the way, stops stretching on the very last cover; he’s restraining the Wrecker from belting somebody with his crowbar.

Oh, also, Wonder Man 22-25

That was in the first installment…

nor the Paradise X 14-tych. Can’t seem to find it online either. I think that one could run in a continuous loop, similar to Ross’s novel device to explain Marvel continuity.

Cerebus #139-142 is another. (Not in publication order, though, the layout is 141,139,140,142)

The 12th issues of the four Heroes Reborn titles (Avengers, Captain America, Fantastic Four, and Iron Man) form a 2×2 quadtych.

The covers to the three-issue Green Lantern/Sentinel miniseries Heart of Darkness is a triptych.

The tpbs for The Walking Dead match up quite well.

Jeff Albertson

August 9, 2007 at 3:55 pm

John Byrne’s Generations 3 evidently has a Darkseid head when you line up all the covers. I can’t really see it myself, but I am assured it’s there. I believe he was trying for something more subtle than the normal multiple cover images.

I could swear I’d seen them on the previous post, but I don’t see it there, so…

Flash vol.2 #197-200, the “Blitz” storyline. The front covers for #197-199, plus the wraparound for #200, fit together to form a 5-wide set.

Impulse #68-69 is a 2-parter with Green Lantern and Adam Strange, and the covers combine to form a single image based on the Green Lantern: Circle of Fire cover motif.

Also, the Titans Tower poster page shows several posters that were based on interlocking covers, including the JLA/Titans miniseries (which used 3 panels out of a 5 or 6-panel wide image), the two covers for The Titans #1 (1999), and the “Who is Troia?” tryptich from The Titans #23-25.

I’m just happy I got a mention. Made my day.

Diptych: two back-toback (duh to me, of course they’re back-to-back) issues of BATMAN, late-’80s early ’90s, done in clay or plasticine “Gargoyle” might be the title? Basically, ‘Bats on one belfry and a Gargoyle-type monster on the other.

I don’t have them in front of me, but a later set of issues of Starman (the James Robinson series), I think during the Stars My Destination storyline, formed a couple of triptychs, if not one big thing.

Fantastic Four vol. 3 51-54 formed a vertical quadtych. I’m not a big fan of ‘Ringo’s art (at least, I think it’s him, from memory, but the result is pretty awesome.

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