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YouTube Can Be Good – 8/9

Two more neat comic book related clips from YouTube!


First off, here is a very interesting interview with John Byrne from a kids program in 1994.

Byrne does an excellent job here. Good stuff.

This next one may be a bit more goofy than it is cool, but I thought it was kinda neat, if only in its sheer earnestness.

So, please to enjoy a Nightwing tribute video!!

Well, I at least know one person who will enjoy a Batman The Animated Series Nightwing tribute! So I will just claim it is for her benefit!

That’s it for this week!

Please let me know of any other good comic-related YouTube clips out there!


As much as I love BTAS and Nightwing, that video was horrid. Did that guy use the Daredevil soundtrack?


Nightwing’s animation mullet kills me every time.

“How did you first get into comic…uh…drawing?”

Yeah, Dan, that question was awful, so it was particularly good to see how well Byrne handled it.

I remember trying to sell my girlfriend on Batman the Animated Series and the later episodes were on.

The moment she saw Nightwing she let out one of the loudest laughs I have ever heard.

I knew right then it was over.

One of the only problems I ever had with BTAS is how tiny Tim was. I know his is a kid, but it was almost as if Bats could just keep him in his pocket (on in the belt).

Oh, that sounds bad.

Yeah, it is great watching Byrne sincerely attempt to give a fun, inspiring interview despite the lameness of the situation. Kudos to him for the effort.

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