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Lorendiac’s Lists: An Introduction

The poster named Lorendiac has been doing a series of numbered lists examining various cliches and the like that are peculiar to superhero comics.

He attempts to identify every possible, say, “excuses for bringing back a dead character” or “ways to end a superhero’s romance,” and then he proceeds to detail each one, with examples from comic books.

I think they’re entertaining reads, so I’m glad to be able to hopefully show them to some of you folks who might not have otherwise seen them (Click below for a selection of his previous lists, and check back in about a half hour for his first new list appearing on the blog).

12 Motives for Killing a Comic Book Character
17 Excuses for Bringing Back a Dead Character
16 Types of Retcons
19 Ways to End a Superhero’s Romance
22 Ways to Show a Superhero Kill Someone
9 Categories of Continuity
5 Types of Superhero Team Members
Secret Identities: 10 Ways to Unspill the Beans
Superhero Finances: 10 Situations
13 Reasons to Use a Deathtrap
14 Functions for a Superhero Costume
10 Types of Superhero Successors
14 Ways to Rehabilitate a Disgraced Superhero
14 Motives for Becoming a Superhero
12 Tricks for Keeping Superheroes Young


None of the links work. It says “site unavailable”.

Too much traffic.

I think it’s a good idea – I’ve been enjoying these lists myself over the last few months. Hopefully the links get fixed quickly…

Works now.

It’s back to ‘temporarily exceeded data transfer limit.’

I’ve been reading Lorendiac’s stuff for years now, so it’s cool to see him appear on this site.

GeoCities is a wretched hosting service.

Any chance you could post those linked-to lists here, Brian? Or maybe in the forum?

I’d like to read ‘em.

Geocities? What? Is it 1994 already? I didn’t know it still existed! This guy needs to get a blog!

Eric TF Bat — But if I got my very own blog, I might feel the obligation to update it on some sort of regular schedule! You wouldn’t want me to suffer all that extra stress, would you?

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