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YouTube Can Be Good – 8/13

Reader Zack Smith sent in these fun Super Powers YouTube clips that I thought you folks would get a kick out of.


First off, here are three vintage Super Powers commercials (the first one from 1984 and the next two from 1985) featuring, as Zack so nicely puts it – “those do it yourself” set-ups that no sane kid could actually put together.” I always DID get a kick out of those!!

Finally, in case you happen to HAVE some Super Powers figures, you’ll enjoy playing along to this…ADVENTURE RECORD!!!

I cannot believe how goofy this is – I love technological innovations right before the REAL technological innovations!! Sorta like the “brilliantly innovative” toy idea in Big.

Thanks for the suggestions, Zack!

If anyone else has any good comic-related YouTube suggestions, let me know!


I had that record!

I think sending away for it in the mail was the only way to get the Steppenwolf figure. Or something.

This, I remember. Not the calculus I was taught in tenth grade. This.

Oh, man, that was great. In particular:

1) Those parademons sounded adorable. Like munchkins.

2) Parademons appear, Robin immediately gives up. Nice partner, Batman.

3) Best part: Darkseid brags to Superman about his Omega Effect. Superman’s response: “Y-your eyes! Turning bright red! And what are those BEAMS coming out of them?” IT’S THE DAMN OMEGA EFFECT HE WAS JUST TELLING YOU ABOUT, MAN, PAY ATTENTION!

that record was painful.

i quite remember these commercials and always felt the “you decide” was a total rip off of choose your own adventure books.

i remember ranting about it at one point to my friends. i should have realized then that many people do not enjoy listening to me.

Does anyone remember the Super Powers commercial where the Aquaman toy gets stabbed or something and the kid shouts out “Aquaman’s Dead!”? That nearly traumatized me. I would make sure that my Aquaman toy always beat the crap out of the other ones when I played.

I personally love vintage toys. It’s fun finding the toys you had as a kid, or the ones you always wanted.

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