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8/15 – Curious Cat Asks…

How do you pronounce Djurdjevic?



Considering that I’ve been reading Bill Sienkiewicz’s name as “SINK-uh-vitz” most of my life, I’m probably the wrong one to ask…

I always assumed it was pronounced dyur-DYEV-ik, but don’t take my word on it.

I generally don’t.

I think Dave is right, except that the -vic ending in slavic names is usually pronounced like “which”.


I’m nearly positive I’m right

The above two comments were mine.

Just like it’s spelled.

I think Dj is pronounced as a Y, but I could be mistaken.

How the hell do you do the accent in the middle of the syllable, ace?

I know I’ve seen it phonetically spelled out somewhere, but I can’t find it. George-eh-vic or something.

I met Peter Snejbjerg at the MoCCA show, and his name was pronounced like “sni-ber.” Maybe the Js are there as decoration and should be ignored.

Also, is it Bur-gus, or Berg-ass?
(Attn Greg Burgas: seriously NO offence meant here, just playing with your surname and the fact that you **do** tend to run hot/cold with the readers. It’s a throwback to the old Dennis Miller joke about translating Salman Rushdie’s surname, given the fatwa on The Satanic Verses: “Rushdie, meaning, a man in a rush to die.”)

Flush it all away

August 15, 2007 at 10:31 pm

Actually, I think it’s Croatian, which means the “-c” at the end is pronounced “-ts”

As for the rest of it, I have no idea. Maybe “Dzhur-dzhevits”


A friend of mine is Yugoslavian and his name is Djordje Vlajic, and another buddy of mine, well his last name is Ukrainian and spelt Lisieczko. Based on those pronunciations and names of all their wacky family members, I think that’s how Djurdjevic is pronounced.

I agree with “Jur-jur-vitch.” The name looks Yugoslavian (in the sense of South Slavic rather than the former country), in which case the “dj” is as an English ‘j.’ Going with the general patronymic, the c should be ć, pronounced like English “ch.”

It’s actually pronounced the same as “Smith,” but with more Js.

Given how many Marvel covers he paints per month, I pity the poor intern who has to write out his paychecks.



Jdjujrjdjejvjijcjjjj’j? Jr.?

As for pronunciation, I’d go with JUR-juh-vits, though I went to public school in Alabama so I cain’t rade ner wraht no Ainglish, much less’n sum furrin jibber-jabber.

(The preceding Southern accent was brought to you by the Chris Claremont School for Rendering Accents Phonetically. “Trying to convince us people really talk like that since 1975.”)



Throatwarbler Mangrove.

You guys have got to be kidding! It’s
Think “Georgevich” but with a “u” sound. “J” in South Slavic = “Y” [as in German, Dutch etc.]
Dj = the “J” sound in English. Maybe sports stars like Novak Djokovic and others will make this more widely known.

You guys have got to be kidding! It’s

Not for nothing, Dejan, but a bunch of folks had given that answer, so it’s not like it was all people getting it wrong. :)

Indeed Brian, some folks did get it right, but others were way off base. If you want an easy guide – treat the Ds as silent [NOT the Js] and put an H on the end for pronunciation [the C has an accent above it making it a CH sound].

BTW I’m a big fan of Marko – not just because we share a surname ;)

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