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8/22 – Suicidal Rabbit Says…

If Wendell Vaughn does not return, I will end it all.



Because he’s awesome, that’s why. Wendell Vaughn as Quasar was a classic Silver Age character stuck in the wrong period of comics history–he’s a decent guy, smart and sensible, who’s been handed the biggest job in the universe and is trying to do it right. His comic was great cosmic adventure written by the late, great Mark Gruenwald, he’s on my list of Top Fifteen Comics That Need An Essential Collection, and the current fetish for damaged antiheroes shouldn’t mean that you have to get rid of one of the few decent human beings walking around in the Marvel Universe. I wouldn’t end it all if he didn’t come back, but if I had the chance to bring him back, I wouldn’t blink.

That said, I’m 85 percent certain that the big reveal at the end of the current Quasar mini-series is that Wendell Vaughn is going to be the mysterious voice guiding the new Quasar, and that he’s still alive but trapped in the Negative Zone, so a petition might not be necessary.

(And yes, I realize that Declarative Rabbit might have been being sarcastic in expressing a great love for the 80s Quasar. Don’t care, always liked the character, always liked the series, thought he got a rough deal from Quesada.)

I like Wendell more than most people.

That said, the fan reaction to him disappearing has been a bit silly from a really small percentage of fans.

Of all the people in comics to attack… Andy Schmidt? Come on. Not the man to go after.

Oh, and why is Quasar a great character?

Because he’s so blasted flawed, that’s why. The entire basis of the character is that he’s a Green Lantern that isn’t fearless. He’s an experiment by Gruenwald years before Kyle showed up, and it’s great stuff.

He can only use his power because he has no killer instinct and it shows. Quasar 1-25 is classic as you watch him bumble around, coming up with a secret identity because he’s supposed to, dealing with the fact his dad would rather talk to the cosmic plant thing that is his mentor than his own son, and then facing the threat he was meant for and pretty much failing horribly and dying in the process (he comes back and wins but it’s a close thing).

It’s great, very human, stuff.

Everything after issue 25 is increasingly trippy for Gruenwald though.

Comparing Wendell to Kyle… now THAT’S being harsh…

besides, I always took Wendell’s reduced aggressive drive to be a sign of how fearless he was. In this regard he is quite classic Green Lantern, as opposed to pre-Byrne Ken Connel (that one was the not-fearless GL).

Hawkeye and Jean Grey can stay dead: Wendell needs a comeback. Hell, the guy was killed more than once during his run; and around the time of the end of his first big storyarc and Infinity Gauntlet, his hands were cut off or blown up three separate times. And he didn’t quit.

That said, he could be a perfectly good advisor or mentor to Phyla. That might even be more interesting, since she seems more aggressive; and Wendell would be out of his element. He always seemed not like a rookie but a student, like he was working to learn all he could so he could apply it later.

I will not purchase another comic again until there is a memorial to Quasar in the Batcave.

Wendel does need to come back. I never read much with him in it, but I liked what little exposure to him I did have. Plus he had a great name. You don’t see a lot of superheroes running around with a name like “Wendel.”

I’ve heard some good things about the new Quasar, though, so if Wendel comes back in another capacity that would be more than fine with me.

In all seriousness, I loved Mark Gruenwald’s Quasar back in the day. He was a great character, fallible but decent.

I don’t mind his death at all, however. No one has done a thing with him since Gruenwald died. I’m perfectly content to let him stay dead. Besides, Gruenwald himself killed Quasar off three times or so – if Kurt Busiek or someone wanted to revive him, it would be a breeze.

Boy, that dude is so pissed off about what’s been done to a fictional character that he can’t even be bothered to correct typos on his website. That would probably take too much time away from his fight for justice. What dedication…

Phyla’s aggression does seem to be something to do with lingering influence in the bands from Annihilus, so why shouldn’t the essence of previous bearers be present too?

You don’t have to fully resurrect a character to bring them back in a meaningful way, and “cosmic” characters are usually the ones least likely to “die properly” anyway.

It’s taking me (relatively) forever to even find actual content on that site. I quit.

This would make a great ultimatum to present to Marvel… “Bring back Wendell or the rabbit gets it!”

Yeah, it could work :)

Well, Declarative Rabbit. As much as I enjoy your at least weekly, um…declarations, I think you should make a fully informed decision before ending it all:


Yeah, for the record, I actually do dig Quasar, as well.

And I thought it was a bit silly to kill him off, too.

It’s just – really, Quasar, people? Quasar?!

I stand with Declarative Rabbit on the Wendell Vaughn issue.

Well, up until the suicide part. But other than that, I’m with you all the way.

I had no idea there were even people who would call themselves Quasar fans.

I’m right there with you, bunny.

After all, didn’t Wendell survive the freakin’ Ultimate Nullifier?

As great a character as Quasar was, what I really dug was Marvel scholar Gruenwald stitching up solutions to dozens of continuity problem, many only he even cared about anymore. What happened to the Bibeast, how the New Universe fits into the Marvel Multiverse, how many aliens there are on Earth, what happened to Maelstrom after he expanded tot he size of the universe, what the hell Questprobe was doing, how the darkforce dimension works, what happens when you get nullified, etc.

If Gruenwald was at DC, all the various Crises books over the years would have been a simple three-parter that explained everything.

Quasar was the second comic I ever bought/collected! I have always been a fan and I disagree with the way marvel handled his “death” by giving his name to Phyla! No way!
Bring Back Wendell Vaughn as Quasar!

The site has been updated and easier to navigate! All typos are fixed! We need your help!
Bring Back Wendell Vaughn as Quasar!

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