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YouTube Can Be Good – 8/21

Some more neat comic-related YouTube clips!

Reader Zack Smith sent me another nifty one, this one Mice and Men, starring Superman and Bizarro!!!

Next, check out this (in three parts) complete 1966 Captain America cartoon episode, including the awesome theme song (“When Captain America throws his mighty shield…”)!!

I would show the one where Cap fights a Nazi robot, but I don’t want Avi Green pissed at me!

If anyone else has any good comic-related YouTube suggestions, let me know!


Hahah! Of Mice & Supermen, even. Brilliant.

And the classic Marvel cartoons are great. Swiped straight from the Kirby drawings. I loved those as a kid.

While not comics related video, go on Youtube and search “Child Beater”

It’s not what you think. But it is hilarious.

“Fighting is Bad”

Bizarro Lenny reminds me a lot of John Malkovich playing the role. I had to watch that adaptation like 15 times when I was doing my student teaching. It would have been better had they done it this way, if for no other reason than that Gary Sinise in a Superman costume is a hilarious visual.

I’ve made a few YouTube playlists featuring episodes of the ’60s Marvel Super-Heroes, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man animated series. Unfortunately, at least a third of the videos have been pulled since I made the lists a few months ago. Ah, the ephemerality of new media and old copyrights…

Marvel Superheroes: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=6D6CF4573689FBD5
Fantastic Four: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=CEBAD49154DD5740
Spider-Man: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=D33479B40DB93819

I find it fascinating that they actually manage to get quite a bit of animation even when just swiping the Kirby drawings. As a result, it really feels like an animated comic book.

Mind you, the backgrounds suck and there isn’t more motion than necessary (so we have Nazis that just kind of look like cardboard cutouts), but otherwise it’s fascinating to watch.

The Of Mice & Men video is funny, but it would have been funnier if they’d adapted the script more to fit the characters. “Bizarro am not tending rabbits” and all that.

Do a YouTube search for “Captain America” and “Hannity” and you’ll find a great clip that takes those ’60s Captain America cartoons and dubs Sean Hannity’s voice in.


Damn, when are they going to get around to collecting those Marvel Super Hero cartoons on DVD!!!!

I loved those cartoons. I vividly remember the one where Cap fights the Sleeper. Watching it with the comic book open in front of me was awesome!

When’s the last time a Sleeper came busting out of the ground? Seems like it used to be a pretty regular thing.

Ever-lovin’ Hulk! Hulk. Hulk.

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