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YouTube Can Be Good – 8/28

Here are two more comic-related clips from YouTube!


Dave Miller sent me the following short film that he directed adapted from a story written by Mary Fleener and drawn by Pat Moriarity that appeared in Big Mouth #3.

It’s called “Pickup.”

And we all got sent this…interesting rendition of a monologue from Superman Returns, as performed by various attendees of this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

If any of you readers out there have any neat YouTube clips that are comic-related, let me know!


I don’t know if these are youtube specefic, but if you go to VicSage.com you can find some interesting Question fan films some guy made.

That Superman monologue one is… well edited.

well edited indeed…

i know i’m s’posed to be laughing at that but i’m in shock at how hot that woman at 00:30 is….that’s some kind of trick right? nerds don’t look like that…people thought that veronica mars getting cast in fanboys was outrageously unrealistic

Hi! I love your page!

Here are some comic related viedos I made.

Mocking Comic Con- after they over sold tickets and turned people away!

Shazam spoofs


Making Batman and Robin Better

David Levitt

i know i’m s’posed to be laughing at that

Don’t feel too bad. It’s not very funny.

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