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YouTube Can Be Good – 9/5

Here are a few YouTube comic book-related comedy bits from David Levitt.


First off, here is a funny video explaining how the New York Comic Con may have been run a bit better.

“And HOT asian girls that want NOTHING to do with you!” Nice.

Here are a couple of parodies of the TV series, Shazam.

That’s some twisted stuff right there….

If any of you readers out there have any neat YouTube clips that are comic-related, let me know!


Man, those NYC nerds have it good. We couldn’t even get hot asian girls down here at the Watchacoochee, Alabama Comic-Con. We just had my grandma dressed as “Vickie Vale in the Year 3000″ and that one really twitchy guy who collected aluminum cans and swore he had “Mr. Mind” in his pocket.

“To (mis)quote Eric Powell: “Crazy old people playin’ in the mud. Is there anything they don’t know?”

I better get there early so I can find free parking for MY MOM! LOL.

By the way, I miss Shazam. He’s one of the underdogs. The Shazam on the video needs to work out. Funny parody =)


Camino creaking during manufacturing….

maldistribution of healthcare articles…

machining nightfall geese …

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