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9/6 – Curious Cat Asks…

With Howard Chaykin now working pretty regularly as an artist again, what other great artist from the 70s/early 80s would you like to see working on ongoing titles?



Roy Thomas

Sorry… you said “artist”

Neil Adams

Barry Windsor-Smith

Paul Smith

Mike Ploog

Michael Golden

Berni Wrightson

I don’t know, seeing Chaykin comes back actually makes me hope more people will stay in retirement. It often saddens me when people come out of retirement and you find out they’ve deteriorate horribly. Chaykin’s anatomy is horrid now, and his current work kind of ruins my overall memory of his legacy. Same goes for Paul Gulacy and his current inability to draw faces. Same thing happened with Stan lee when he came back and tarnished his overall legacy with Ravage 2099.

Walt Simonson.

Tim Truman.

For both of these, I’d like to see more of their artwork right now.

There is very little in comics I love more than old Mike Grell two page Warlord spreads.

Sal Buscema on pencils. I know he inks Spider-Girl, but I loved his pencil work on Hulk and Spec. Spidey.

Bill Reinhold, Steve Rude, Jim Starlin.

Michael Golden. I know he does the odd cover but to see him on interiors again would be awesome

Frank Brunner. I know he makes a lot more money elsewhere, but I’d love to see him do something for Vertigo.

Forget Brunner on Vertigo… put him back on Dr. Strange.

With Roy Thomas writing it.

Michael Moorcock scripting
Walt Simonson drawing

“Planetary: Archaeology of the DC Universe”

I’d love to see some new work by Barry Windsor-Smith, but I suppose he’s semi-retired by now.

I’d love to see Walt Simonson drawing some more books; he seems to be writing more these days. I actually thought Hawkgirl would have worked better with Chaykin writing and Simonson on art.

For that matter, Dave Gibbons hasn’t drawn anything for a while, has he?

Mike Grell. I’m amazed no one has mentioned him yet!

You apparently didn’t see Post #7.

Mine are two already mentioned: Michael Golden and Dave Stevens.

Oh, imagine some Ploog… but what on? A new Man-Thing would be cool, written by Slott or Fraction or Kirkman

Paul Smith is a good one. He still draws a bit here and there, but I’d really love to see more of him.

Ploog: working with JM DeMatteis on Abadazad for Hyperion Books. While not a traditional comic, they’re planning eight volumes of the illustrated novels.

Wrightson: working with Steve Niles on the ongoing series, City of Others at Dark Horse. They’re using just his pencils on this and the results is beautiful

Rude: Nexus is back from Rude Dude Publications. Not to mention The Moth and the anthology book he’s drawing

Starlin: Death of the New Gods.

Gibbons has done some issues of Green Lantern Corps

The Gene Colan & Tom Palmer team


Jeffrey Jones!

Frank Brunner

With Chaykin working full time again, my only question is, “why isn’t he any good now?” He used to be so much better than he is today. Everytime I look at one of his constipated looking pages (why does EVERYONE have that same “pooping” facial expression?), I start cringing at what his art has become.

That being said, I would do anything to see Neal Adams drawing full time…or Starlin…Windsor-Smith…Grell. The list goes on!

I know they were mentioned before but ….
Sal Buscema (best Spidey ever!)
Neal Adams (Best Batty ever!)
Barry Windsor Smith (best Wovie ever!!)
aaah those were the days.

I have four, which have, of course, been mostly mentioned already:

1. Barry Windsor Smith
2. Bill Sienkiewizc
3. Walt Simonson
4. Paul Smith

They all do occasional work (Walt on Orion, Paul on Leave It to Chance, etc.) but I’d love to see some ongoing stuff. Or maybe something magnumy-opusy, something even more so defining than their amazing work from decades ago.

So…no one but me will say “Steranko?” He does the occasional promo poster now, and it does appear that his work has kept up.

Check this one out: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Nebula/8650/talon.html

Whoops. Here’s a much bigger version: http://www.thearteriesgroup.com/Assets/Jimcat.jpg

I’d love to see some new Steranko.

Simonson on Aquaman.
Kaluta on Hellblazer.
Russ Heath on anything he wants.

Most, if not all of the artits mention have at least done some work for the Big 2 in the past 4 years, give or take.

Personally I’d love to see some of the great Filipino artists that DC and Marvel used draw something at least. If Nestor Redondo were alive, I’ve so love see him do something. Also Rudy Nebres, and Tony DeZuniega (even though he did some brilliant Jonah Hex work lately).

Others I’d love to see draw something that haven’t been on the radar during the 70s/80s:
Esteban Maroto
Jack Davis
Rick Buckler
Will Elder

Hey, we can dream, can’t we?


I know I’m gonna get giggled at for this one but…

Cynthia Martin.

Sexy gas station

September 6, 2007 at 6:08 pm

Bill Sienkiewicz
Kevin Nowlan

Thought of a another one-

Jerome Moore- he did some amazingly detailed work on a couple books like World’s Finest and New Titans, did some Star Trek covers…and then disappeared. I would love to see him doing some more comic work.

John Byrne! No, not the way he is now, the way he was then. I used to love his stuff! Can you make it so the last twenty years didn’t happen?

And I used to often imagine Berni Wrightson doing Doctor Strange, much as I loved Frank Brunner.

And Barry Smith should do the death of Conan, if that hasn’t been done already.

Despite all the controversy, Micahel Golden.

And I would love to see someone coax Jose Luis Garcia Lopez onto a monthly superhero book.

Seconds (or thirds or fourths) for Sal Buscema and Michael Golden. I would love to see more Mike Ploog horror work, as well.

I’d love to see Keith Giffen and Jim Starlin return to drawing some of the stories they write, too.

If I could get even one new Thor arc out of Roy Thomas, Keith Pollard and Bob Layton, I’d plotz.

Sadly, the first two people I thought of were Dave Cockrum and Marshall Rogers. Damn it. Add me to the Steranko and Windsor-Smith list. I’d say Walt Simonson, but he’s been drawing a lot more lately already.

Sal Buscema, of course. Paul Smith. Walt Simonson. Neal Adams. Most certainly Frank Brunner (superb Doctor Strange!) And yes, Mike Grell, preferably on LSH.

Sal Buscema gets my vote as well.

FOURTHWORLDER: I wholeheartedly second your vote for Wrightson on Dr. Strange. Ploog would be great on the title as well.

I’d agree with most of the choices, but I’m surprised it took until 34 for John Byrne to get mentioned.

I’d love to see Byrne do a regular book again, with a tough editor and a good writer. I enjoy his work more when he works with other strong personalities than when he’s let loose on his own. The same type of creative conflict that made the Lee/Kirby or O’Neil/Adams collaborations so good.

I’d love to see Byrne do a regular book again

Wasn’t he doing one of the Superman books for a little while until it got leaked that someone was re-drawing his work to polish it up?

I’d like to see Chaykin put back in the box as well, if only because everything he does is exactly the same as everything else he does. Every character he takes over he makes over into American Flagg. Even Sam Simeon!

I’d like Frank Miller to go into movie-making full time for the same reason. He’s just become a parody of himself.

He’s just become a parody of himself.

Funny, that’s exactly why I wouldn’t want Frank Miller to go into movie-making full time.

I second Herb Trimpe. He was, and will always be the man.

Funny, that’s exactly why I wouldn’t want Frank Miller to go into movie-making full time.

It’s also the reason why I shudder to think about Miller directing The Spirit.

Wasn’t he doing one of the Superman books for a little while until it got leaked that someone was re-drawing his work to polish it up?

Byrne’s departure from DC sounds more political than anything, due to his balking at an assignment after it was announced that he was doing it.

Granted, they changed the assignment from what he first signed up to draw to a totally different project, so I think it was quite reasonable of Byrne to balk at doing the changed assignment, but as soon as it happened, Byrne suddenly was no longer drawing the monthly Atom book after three issues.

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