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365 Reasons to Love Comics #250

250th episode spectacular! Special half-sized issue! Collectible archive link included!

Webcomics Week continues with an especially kooky comic. If you thought the regular books you pick up every week seemed the same issue after issue, you haven’t seen nothin’ yet.


250. Dinosaur Comics

Dinosaur 1.png

Ryan North’s Dinosaur Comics is an acquired taste. It takes a particular sense of humor or love of odd diction to get into it. Also, it’s not really artistically diverse– after all, it’s the same six panels over and over with the same three dinosaurs. The pictures are made with clip art. It’s the simplest, easiest-produced strip on the ‘net, which is probably why it’s lasted 1067 episodes of dinosaur ramblings. In that way, it’s an artistic challenge to produce new and interesting stuff over and over with the same template.

Basically, it consists of T-Rex bringing up some topic of discussion and taking it on a winding, wacky path. Sometimes it’s scientific, or philosophical, but mostly it’s damn wacky. It’s subversive, twisted, and fun. The strip’s content and feel varies– everyone’s going to have a different favorite strip. How about you? Who follows it? Who digs it? What’s your favorite? Is it possible to have one? OMFG

Dinosaur 3.png

Dinosaur 4.png

I like the occasional variation that North tosses in. There’s the Mirror Universe one, where all the panels are flipped and T-Rex has a goatee, or the off-panel character insertions from God to Shakespeare to Poe to a bug on T-Rex’s nose.

Dinosaur 2.png

Dinosaur 5.png

Dinosaur 6.png

Anyway, um, Dinosaur Comics is all kinds of awesome. Check that stuff out! Yeah! Link’s up top! Yeah! Woo! Huzzah! Rock on! Give me a “woot woot” for absurdist dinosaur comic strips on the internets!


This is my favourite webcomic! Nice choice! My favourite strip is the “knowledge about Batman” one, anyone else read that one?

Blah. “Acquired taste” indeed. I can’t stand this strip at all.

Dinosaur comics can be meanderingly wonderful.

I absolutely adore Dinosaur Comics. This and PBF are my two favorites, which is interesting because they work entirely differently; one is essentially based entirely on words with no actual art, while the other is artistically rich with sparse wording.

Ah, variety.

Dinosaur comics is brilliant. It’s such a simple, clever concept and the writing is amazing. I certainly wouldn’t be able to come up with good ideas for the same panels like that day after day!

Do Achewood, man. Best on the net.

I’m more of a Pokey the Penguin fan, myself.

Never heard of it before until now but I have to say, I’m now a fan.

Woot woot!

I’ve been waiting for this one.

Great strip. Always.

And that is why I am against nuking canada.
Dinosaur Comics is love.

Seriously, there better be Sinfest, or there’s going to be Hell to pay.

Good call – I love this comic.

I’m still holding out hope that Penny Arcade and The Non-Adventures of Wonderella will show up during Webcomics Week. PA seems pretty obvious, but Wonderella is also great for anybody who loves super-heroes. Check out last week’s for a great comment on how dark (or not) Batman really is, for example.

Eh, Sinfest isn’t too great. Lots of jokes that I’ve heard a million times before.

But we gotta get some Achewood up in here.

[…] Zum anderen die Dinosaur Comics (Kolumne # 250), für die ich mich zwar nie so richtig erwärmen konnte, aber das mag ja auch an mir liegen. […]

Blah. “Acquired taste” indeed. I can’t stand this strip at all.

I never heard of it until now. I read the first two strips above and glanced at the third. It’s crap.

If by “crap” you mean the best thing to grace the earth since at the latest, Chaucer, I may be forced to agree.

Dinosaur Comics is one of the only web comics I like. Good call, Bill.

Good stuff. Nice pick, Bill!

Dinosaur Comics is awesome. Panel 2 T-Rex is the face of joy itself. If you fail to recognize this, you are dead inside. God help you, my friend. God help you.

DinoComix is among the cream of that durned web-crop. Other greats are the aforementioned A Softer World and PBF, the obvious Penny Arcade, and Questionable Content and White Ninja (which is eighteen times better than Dr. McNinja).

yer worst nightmare

February 6, 2009 at 11:14 am

allright im gonna lay the smack down
that suck butit was still nice i see what youwere trying to do
but i hate to read and i saw that andwas like hey this looks funny
so i read it and waisted 1 hour of valliable time
i did not eve laugh at all well i did when i thought about whoever wrote this lives with there mom and owens 156 cats

I, too, did not laugh.Not only does it have the exact same (and inappropriate) clip art, it has the exact same template for each of its jokes. YOU ARE LAUGHING AT THE EXACT SAME JOKE 1400 TIMES. And it wasn’t even particulary funny the first time.

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