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Top 50 Marvel Characters #30-26

Now it’s Marvel’s turn!

30. Storm – 209 points (3 first place votes)


Ororo Munroe (created by Dave Cockrum and Len Wein), the mutant named Storm, was one of the new X-Men to join the team in Giant-Size X-Men #1.

She stayed with the team for many years, taking over as the group’s leader upon Cyclops’ departure following the Dark Phoenix Saga.

Along with her ability to control the weather, Storm is an accomplished pickpocket, from her youth as an orphan in Africa, forced to survive as a thief.

Storm went through many different phases as an X-Man, including losing her powers for a time, but still staying with the team.

More recently, Storm married her childhood sweetheart, Black Panther, thereby becoming Queen of the African kingdom of Wakanda.

Together with her husband, Storm has temporarily joined the Fantastic Four in place of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman.

Here is why Wayne Vermeire had her #1 on his list…

Storm was always my favorite leader of the X-Men. Whether she was in her “all life is precious” phase or her mohawk kick-ass and take names phase, she was the one you can trust to lead with a sound mind, a strong hand, and a more than kind heart. She always has a way of overcoming tough situations, like being powerless or regressed in age or bitten by Dracula (I love that story). I hope, with Black Panter at her side, she will have a bigger role to play in the MU.

Thanks, Wayne!

29. Nick Fury – 221 points (2 first place votes)

nick fury.jpg

Nick Fury, as created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, was the head of the Howling Commandos, a crack fighting team during World War II.

After the war, kept young by a special formula, Fury was put in charge of the spy organization, SHIELD, where he has basically stayed with until this day, although currently, he is on the outs from both SHIELD and most of the superhero community for his actions awhile back, where he recruited some superheroes for a secret mission, then wiped their minds of the events.

But you can’t keep Nick Fury out of SHIELD for long!!

Everyone’s pal, A. David Lewis gives his reason for giving Nick Fury top marks…

He’s a soldier.

He’s a loner.

He’s a leader.

He’s a spy.

He’s a lover /and /a fighter.

He can stand-off against world dictators, or he can hang with superheroes. He’s alternately the most despised, manipulative man on the planet or a good-old, New York-born last hope of humanity.

In short, Nick Fury’s a survivor. In fact, that’s his only “superpower:” To keep on living (thanks, in no small part, to the Infinity Formula). From his time leading the WWII Howling Commandos to battling HYDRA as S.H.I.E.L.D.’s leader, Nick Fury has been a hero for all seasons. Who else can believably be James Bond one moment, Flash Gordon the next; first Eliot Ness, soon followed by General Patton? Nick’s both the tough-talkin’, cigar-chompin’ Everyman and, when the chips are down, the Ultimate Man.

And he’s got shades of gray. He’s forced to play ball with the world’s governments, he has to do the dirty work, and, as /Secret War/ helped to show, he sometimes has to blur the line on morality. Captain America may represent an idealized U.S., but Fury embodies a complex, conflicting, globalized America. Cap may be dead, but it was Nick’s going underground that unleashed the /Civil War/, /World War Hulk/, and whatever is left to come. Nick’s the linchpin, the coolest, truest figure standing between the forces of order and chaos.

Thanks, David!

28. Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie) – 222 points (2 first place votes)


Namor, the Sub-Mariner, was created by Bill Everett, and sold to Marvel (nee Timely) Comics, soon becoming one of their “Big Three,” along with Captain America and the Human Torch.

Namor was from the lost city of Atlantis, son of a human and an Atlantean, and was one of the comic world’s first anti-hero, as he was not exactly definitely on “our” side, although that changed with World War II, where Namor supporting the Allies against the Axis.

Story continues below

After the war, Namor eventually pretty much vanished, only to return in the pages of the Fantastic Four, where he decided to declare war on humans (although, at the same time, he did like one human – Sue Storm, the Invisible Girl).

Over the years, Namor has swung from villain to hero to villain to hero to villain to hero (even joining the Avengers!) that you really have to keep a scorecard. John Byrne came up with a cool solution to the problem, arguing that Namor’s half-human/half-Atlantean chemistry often threw Namor off if he had not gotten enough water (or, alternatively, enough air), which resulted in violent mood swings.

Namor sided against the United States in the recent Civil War, revealing that he had planted a number of sleeper cells on American soil. The repercussions from this act are still left to be revealed.

Here is why Kaylon Cochran had him tops on his list:

Whenever Namor he shows up, you know things are about to get interesting. He’s one of the most multi-faceted characters marvel has in their library. I know a lot of people think he’s just the angry guy who shouts “Surface Dwellers!!!” all the time, and that’s certainly a a part of his personality, but this guy just doesn’t have time to screw around. He’s royalty, so he demands respect, and he is incredibly (i.e. savagely) honest. I love characters that will say what everyone else is thinking, or perhaps what they should be thinking. He’s the guy in the room who will you tell you, “That’s stupid, here’s why, and you’re stupid for even thinking that….. you ass. Also I slept with your wife.”

The Sub-Marnier is the first anti-hero, and he’ll do whatever it takes to defend his kingdom, but he is ultimately altruistic and loyal. He fought the Nazis with Captain America and Human Torch, for crying out loud. On a slightly geekier note, Namor is one tough son of a bitch. He’s knocked the Hulk out, and not many characters in the marvel universe have come close.

Namor is a monarch, an orphan, a WW2 Vet, an Invader, an Avenger, a Defender, a star crossed lover, a divorcee and widower, a ceo, a mutant, an 80+ year old that looks 30, a swordsman, an environmentalist, a gigantic pain in the ass, and one of the most important, yet often overlooked comic book characters of all time. Also he’s got crazy ass little wings on his ankles , that’s too weird not to love.

Thanks, Kaylon!

27. Nova – 222 points (6 first place votes)


Richard Rider was created by Marv Wolfman and John Buscema to basically be the Spider-Man of the 70s. Like Peter, Richard was a sort of everyman, only Richard’s power came from the Nova Corps, where he was chosen (at random) to be Earth’s representative in a large intergalactic police force, much like the Green Lantern Corps.

Nova fought the good fight for a few years, until the Corps was disbanded. Years later, Richard’s powers were awakened by Night Thrasher, who recruited Richard to join the New Warriors, which is where he served for many years.

More recently, Nova rejoined with a newly reformed Nova Corps, just in time for the rest of the Nova Corps to be murdered during an attack by the forces of Annihilus. Richard was forced to absorb the “World Mind,” which was the basis for the Nova Corps’ power. He is now the most powerful member of the Nova Corps.

Nova used this power to lead the forces of good against Annihilus, and is now currently a one-man Nova Corps.

Here is why Lou Romano had Nova #1…

Nova was how I got into comics. From the moment I grabbed issue #1 I was hooked. The costume design caught my eye at first and is what lead me to pick up the issue. Here was a character who was chosen by complete random to harness this power. Similar to Green Lantern – I know – but then their were the differences.

Rich Rider loved being a hero. It was the only thing he felt he was good at even though he was constantly outmatched and defeated numerous times but never gave up. After his inital series with battles against Black Condor, Diamondhead and the Sphinx, he went off to war for the planet that gave him his power against the Skrulls.

Story continues below

At the end of the war, returned to Earth depowered (or so he thought), growing older but really not making something of himself. Bitter and angry for having been able to touch the stars and now having that denied him.

When he returned to the Marvel Universe in the New Warriors, his progression seemed natural. No longer the wide eyed teenager. He had an edge. A bitter, cynical edge but also one garnerd his time in war.

Unlike so many characters in the Marvel Universe – when there is a gap in time on their continuity – they seem to ‘reset’ themselves when relaunched in order to bring them up to date. Nova seemed to grow naturally in response to his events and his growth and development seem more coherent that most 2nd level characters.

So as the New Warriors progressed – so did the character. And in a lot of ways, he could be related too. We all have that one aspect of our life where we can find some success usually at the cost of other aspects of our life. The anger, bitterness and frustration in trying to suceed and failing we have all felt and yes, even at times, acted like a jerk and even lashing out at those we care about.

Even now, in his current series – the progression continues and seems almost natural. With the increase of power. Further scars of war and a tendancy to be more brutal as a result of it.

Sometimes a favorite character is not because of a costume or powers or super villians. Sometimes it’s based on a character that we can relate to, sympathize with and maybe even understand what they are feeling that draws us to them. The costume captured my eye, the character and it’s growth as an individual inspired the rest.

Thanks, Lou!

26. Ultimate Spider-Man – 261 points (12 first place votes)

ultimate spider-man.jpg

Ultimate Spider-Man is basically just like the Peter Parker and Spider-Man that we all know and dig, except that he has been in high school for over one hundred issues!

Ultimate Spider-Man is Brian Michael Bendis re-writing Spider-Man’s history without all the continuity baggage that comes with the 40 years of Spider-Man continuity.

Characters are revamped, new relationships are formed, but basically, it is the same Spider-Man concept as Steve Ditko and Stan Lee came up with many decades earlier.

Here is Dave on why he had Ultimate Spider-Man numero uno…

Okay, just so you know, I’ve never seen an episode of Dawson’s Creek, Everwood, One Tree Hill, or the O.C. Sorry, I’m not a real big fan of the whole current teen coming-of-age genre. For me, The Breakfast Club, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Porky’s probably covered all that. I do watch Smallville, though. What does that have to do with why I like Ultimate Spider-Man?

I’ve read most of the classic Spider-man stories in reprint collections. The first were in three pocket paperbacks collecting the first issues of The Amazing Spider-Man. I’ve seen a lot of the covers to classic Spider-Man issues – like the first appearance of The Punisher – but never really owned them. The first Spider-Man comic I bought was part of a three-pack at the A & P that had Spider-Man fighting the Tarantula, and being thrown off the bridge in chains. I like Ultimate Spider-Man, because it starts all over fresh from the beginning. Peter Parker hasn’t graduated from high school, hasn’t finished college, and isn’t a married teacher (Is the divorce official now?).

The cool thing about Spider-Man is that when Peter Parker puts on his costume, he dumps all of the baggage he carries around and anything can happen, and usually does. And I can pretty much do the same thing. I can forget about my homework, my chores, my crappy day at work, and everything else, and pretty much wisecrack my way through kicking the Green Goblin’s or Doc Ock’s @$$.

And life is good.

Thanks, Dave!

That’s it for today! More tomorrow!


I never realised Nova was so popular. I’m a little disapointed that Storm didn’t make it higher, she was third or fourth on my list.

Submariner and Nova beat Nick Fury??

Come to think of it, who the hell is Nova?

So, we’re 60% through the top 50 list and I thought I’d mention a couple interesting stats. (well, interesting to me.)
50th place : 128 points
40th place : 152 points
30th place : 209 points
That’s roughly a difference of 4 points between each place (with a couple ties).

50th place : 144 points
40th place : 171 points
30th place : 269 points
That’s roughly a difference of 6.25 points between each place (with a couple ties).
(for those checking vs the stats I’d done yesterday at 31st, yes, the values for 30th are much higher than 31st.)

Comparison :DC’s overall values are much higher than Marvel’s, however the rate of change between 40th and 50th place was both about the same (each place had roughly 2.5 more points than the previous one).
This changed between 30th and 40th where DC picked up to almost 10 points between each place and Marvel was almost 6.

Does that mean that Marvel’s top spots have more votes than DC’s top spots? Could it be that Spiderman is THAT much more popular than Batman? OR does it show than Marvel has more popular characters and split the points more? Time to wait and see.

I think one obvious trend here is that the lower tiers held a large number of people whose appeal was roughly equal but as we countdown, the differences seem to be increasing. aka the votes for each place will continue getting bigger. I suspect the top ten will narrow down again but we’ll have to wait and see.

Another notable fact is that so far we’ve seen 4,000+ points on each group. That leaves 27,000 points left. Each of the top ten will probably have more points than the sum of the 40-50th ranks, but still there are lots of points left.

Also, this part of the list is finally getting to the group of characters featured years ago in the Marvel vs DC. (Am I showing my age?) Anyway, part of those results were based upon popularity, so I was curious to see how things had changed since then. The three matchups whose members started to show up were : Catwoman (251 points) vs Electra (Unknown, but I doubt she’ll beat that), Storm (209 points) vs Wonderwoman (who is going to kick her #@$), and Submariner (222 points) vs Aquaman (269 points). So in this case, Aquaman beats out Namor, which coincidentally is how the original match up went as well.

Considering how much I detest Storm, I’m glad she didn’t place much higher in the poll than this- I’d have been reasonably narked if she’d made the top ten. The others are fine with me but it is a little surprising how popular Nova is- if its down to the current series, I may have to give it a go to see if I’m missing something special.

It’s not immediately clear why DC is getting more votes than Marvel, but I say 28th place beats 30th. Hooray for Namor, the *original* water-breathing superhero!

Storm vs. Wonder Woman was the only Marvel vs. DC match voted upon, mind. That’s the one match of the 5 I expect to reverse itself.

Namor was my #4 choice. He’s primarily an art pick, one of the characters I’d most like to draw at Marvel. But there’s also an appeal to his arrogance and anger. It allows you to work with a character who makes mistakes. They’re very human qualities.

I like him more than DC’s counterpart Aquaman. There’s just something extraordinarily regal and, at the same time, dangerous about Namor (it must be the eyebrows). The old Bill Everett strips are a lot of fun, as are the Buscema and Kane books from the 70’s and the Byrne run, though they’re all, for the most part, in the mold of Namor as superhero. I’d love to see more serious, dark and somber stories of a nature similar to Jae Lee and Paul Jenkins’ Inhumans done with Namor.


September 19, 2007 at 7:13 am

This message was meant as a reply within the LAST batch of choices, but it still is topical for this (or any) batch as well.

Ian, MarkAndrew & Brian Cronin,

While I did not intend for my comments to sound “self centered”, once you put quotation marks on something, sadly, most of the time it reads as “snarky”.



However, it wasn’t intended.

What I DID mean, and Brian picked up on, is that this is really just a snapshot of what’s “hip” now (09-07).
And I knew that coming into the whole exercise.

My original comment was that even taking that into account, there are STILL too many “inexperienced” readers who may not have any EXPOSURE to really cool characters that they might otherwise have CHOSEN in lieu of “Gambit” or “Captain Newbie”.

They just don’t have the information to choose an honest “BEST” character or even a true “favorite” character.
Just who they like “right now”.

Should new readers be penalized for their lack of character knowledge?
Of course not.

We ALL were at that point starting out.

Hell, I’m just glad that there ARE new readers!

But, I was merely saying that it was the main reason that I abstained from casting my votes.
I knew that it was a “now” popularity vote, and I don’t go for those.

Besides, all of MY favorites are “B” list anyway.

Doctor Strange, Man-Thing, Scarlet Witch, Black Knight, Howard the Duck…

or obscure villains; Shuma-Gorath…

or licensed (and void) characters; ROM; Spaceknight.

Anyway, I AM enjoying the run-down for what it is.
I especially like to see what REASONS some people have given for liking their characters.
It’s a nice addition to the typical “countdown”, allowing for some “inside the mind’s eye” on some fan’s hero-worship.

Good stuff.

And by NO means do I mean ANYTHING but kudos for Brian Cronin.
Tabulating this stuff and keeping it all organized and together is a bitch.

Carry on.



Slightly pursuant to P-TOR’s point above, I have noticed a trend in the testimonials: they quite often cite their subject as “the character that got me into comics.” All well and fine for a CURRENCY/POPULARITY vote — which this excercise is — versus a research project etc.

BTW, yes, I am having fun reading this stuff as well, so again like P-TOR, I’m not criticizing y’all — just commenting.

It’s interesting to note how few villians have made it onto the Marvel list so far. I suspect that at least two will make it into the top ten.

I completely agree with P-TOR about this being a “who’s hot now” list. I’m an old-school guy too, and most of my picks are B & C grade heroes.

I have to believe that the only reason Nova made it is his advancement in Ahnihilation and a new series. If not, he probably wouldn’t have ranked at all.

Even thoug I didn’t vote for him, Subby has been on my “buy” list for a long time. I like Ultimate Spidey, but not because of the character; it’s the writer. Personally, I don’t like Spiderman. He’s too popular & overdone, just like Batman & Superman.

I always liked Fury & Shield, but I couldn’t afford to get the “real” series from the 60’s. Maybe it’s time for me to get the re-prints.

I guess I didn’t take this quite as seriously as some others. Many of my faves are b-listers as well, so I just voted for them anyway (like Black Knight). Sure there’s gonna be plenty of votes for Spidey, but that didn’t even occur to me as I built a list of who I like best.

I knew that it was a “now” popularity vote, and I don’t go for those.

Lemmme put it this way.

People who tried to vote for ROM should not throw stones. :P I’ve read a BUNCH of early Rom, and I now consider myself to have suffered enough to absolve myself of 96% of my lifetime sins. (Although it’s cool that Ditko drew some later issues.)

Or, unless you’ve actually read a representative sampling of EVERY genre from EVERY era of comics published by the cluster of various brands under the auspice of Martin Goodman that later became Marvel, I don’t think you have the right to criticize anyone else’s picks.

There was talk of voting for whats popular now but (and correct me if I’m wrong) is Ultimate Spider-Man not the newest character to appear on the list so far?

Gambit is hardly the new hotness not having any real prominence in the X-books in over 5 years. I imagine most of his fans are those that have been around since his introduction over 15 years ago at this point I think.

I don’t understand why a list that is about ‘what’s hot now’ is somehow less relevant than a list that is about ‘what was hot 20 years ago’. This is a popularity contest. What characters have managed to win our collective interest. And that changes over time as one character has a good run, or a memorably bad run, or isn’t used for a while. This isn’t the same list that would have happened 5 years ago, and I think that is healthy.

Namor has been a quality character for many decades.With interesting solo runs and fine contributions as a member of squads like the Defenders and Invaders.The classics runs of both being quite enjoyable reading.

His rivalries with Iron Man and Hulk have produced some memorable battles and interaction.And he’s a nicely conflicted character.Being loyal to Atlantis while trying to do the right thing for a world that he’s conflicted with before.He can even be amusing at times.While also being arrogant.

I voted for him,and would love to have seen him garner a higher slot.Which I feel he merits.Still, I’m happy he was recognized,at least.

I think this is actually a very valid way of approaching this topic. I think it would be even better if it was done multiple times, perhaps once a year? just to watch trends of what/who is popular. It’d be cool to see how xmen vs avengers did every year. a superhero stock market. :)

btw, looking at my own list, i have strong doubts that even half of my Marvel list will make it. (anybody else remember darkhold redeemers? or Merc from the New Universe?) I know Spiderman will, but I didn’t vote for him because he’s popular, but because I really enjoy a lot of his stuff.

Anybody who would have voted for Black Knight should have voted.

The article goes to painful lengths to say Ultimate Spider-Man is basicly just the original one, but younger.

So why is he a different character than Spider-Man?

The article goes to painful lengths to say Ultimate Spider-Man is basicly just the original one, but younger.

So why is he a different character than Spider-Man?

Same exact reason the original Superboy is counted differently from Superman.

One character is Spider-Man, while Ultimate Spider-Man is specifically “adventures of Spider-Man as a boy.”

Isn’t Ultimate Aunt May the greatest thing ever? I mean, she was a freakin’ hippie at Woodstock! That’s so silly, it’s awsome!


September 19, 2007 at 2:25 pm

12.MarkAndrew said …

“Lemmme put it this way.

People who tried to vote for ROM should not throw stones. :P I’ve read a BUNCH of early Rom, and I now consider myself to have suffered enough to absolve myself of 96% of my lifetime sins. (Although it’s cool that Ditko drew some later issues.)

Or, unless you’ve actually read a representative sampling of EVERY genre from EVERY era of comics published by the cluster of various brands under the auspice of Martin Goodman that later became Marvel, I don’t think you have the right to criticize anyone else’s picks. ”


Mark, (and Ryan H) while I WILL cop to the fact that a chunck of ROM stories were…eh…LESS than stellar, the character, artwork, story and supporting characters was so great as to negate the bad times.

Now, not to delve into just HOW much (or to list titles and years, etc…) I can honestly state, that I HAVE read “a representative sampling of EVERY genre from EVERY era of comics published by the cluster of various brands under the auspice of Martin Goodman that later became Marvel”.

I’ve read old Golden Age Torch vs Namor stories, monster tales, romance genre stuff, pretty much EVERYTHING that Marvel put out in the Silver Age, since Fantastic Four # 1 (AND a GOOD helping of independent companies fare – although they were not the subject of the survey, it must be noted that I was not ALWAYS “just” a Doctor Strange devotee).

And, I must also state that I have NEVER tried to CRITICIZE anyone’s picks.
Merely that they are not picks chosen from DEPTH.

I truly have NO problem with this being a “snapshot” of what’s hot now.
My WHOLE POINT was to say that when someone says; “ADAM WARLOCK WHO?” that the choices they make are based upon a narrow (and most likely recent) batch of criteria.

As RyanH stated, there should be NO fault that this list would be different than one made 5 years ago.

Sure. That’s to be expected.

But when I read in the comments that people either don’t know WHO some of these characters are, OR they react with a “you gotta be kidding me” then it all becomes readily apparent that it’s all a narrow-fielded popularity contest.

As Brian Cronin and I have mutually agreed; We all kinda KNEW that’s what it would be GOING IN.
No problem.

I just didn’t wish to vote in that sort of arena (where also some of the standards were wonky; how is Ultimate Spidey really a different character than the 616 version?).

My choice was to abstain.
But, I AM enjoying reading some of the reasons WHY people like their favorites.

It’s an interesting exercise, and SHOULD be done annually (with the results graphed to keep track of the ebb and flow).


So I’ve notcied that as far as I can tell, all the people who have been featured so far are heroes.

I wonder if that means there is going to be a villains version.

DC’s had Darkseid, Deathstroke and Black Adam show up so far.

And yeah, Peter, I certainly took no offense by your earlier posts. I got what you were saying! :) I was confused at first, though, as to whether you knew it was meant to be a popularity contest. But that’s cleared up!

Catwoman is also a villain sometimes.

And the Marvel list has already had Galactus. And Namor frequently counts, somewhat in the same way that Black Adam does.

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

September 19, 2007 at 4:19 pm

6 first place votes for Aquaman and only 2 for Namor.

269 points total for Aquaman and only 222 for Namor.

Yeh, hooray for Namor … heeheehee …

People who don’t vote because new readers are stupid and don’t understand comic history should not go on to complain about the choices because they’re not the ones you would have picked (because the voters have no knowledge of comic history, like you, the comics genius tastemaker do) and then claim that their complaining was actually a compliment.

If Bizarro and Impulse would be considered tied at 169 votes on the DC list, shouldn’t Namor and Nova be considered tied at 222 votes on this list?

It seems as though the count is slightly off, here. Processing all of this information must be a real bear, though, so it’s pretty understandable.

I had 2 villains on my Marvel list–and as they haven’t appeared yet, I’m doubting they will–but you never know.

Actually I think only 2 of my top 10 have appeared so far (I may have missed one or two–I’d have to check.)

Of the other 8 I give 3 an excellent chance of still appearing, 1 a very good chance, and 2 a plausible, but not certain chance. Nick Fury is the only one in this installment that came close to making it. WHile I never really got into the SHIELD books, I did enjoy him as a guest star.

And, I must also state that I have NEVER tried to CRITICIZE anyone’s picks.
Merely that they are not picks chosen from DEPTH.

OK then. It did sound to me like you were criticizing people’s choices based on lack of knowledge. Which seems silly to me.

I didn’t vote either, mind. But just ’cause lazy. And maybe a LITTLE bit that I hope comics evolve past these corporately owned character popularity contests.

(And I knew Stegron the Dinosaur Man wouldn’t make the top 50. So screw all y’all.)

I heard Stegron got 126 points. If only one more person had voted for him…

Hey Brian-

When this is through, you should have everybody send in their top 10 choices excluding the 50 who already made it.

And then repeat.

And again.

Then we can finally see who the more popular out-of-the-spotlight characters are.

Wow, the Marvel list just keeps getting worse and worse. None of these characters deserve to be on a list of the top 50 Marvel characters.

Storm and namor are historically important characters, but that’s not the same thing as being a great character. No matter how hard Claremont’s tried to add an interesting backstory, Storm still comes off as a stiff cypher. Namor’s annoying as hell, and only become moreso in recent years.

Nick Fury? If it wasn’t for Steranko, I can’t imagine anyone would care.

Nova? Hooray for the 70s version of Spider-man at Marvel! Can we expect Darkhawk too?

Ultimate Spidey? The best character on this list, but really not different enough for the original to bother voting for.

Nova, huh? Who knew? Gotta go read those now.

Ugh… those are some of Marvel’s most overrated characters. Except Ultimate Spidey. Seriously, Nova is like an uninteresting Darkhawk.

Look one of the best characters in marvel history is storm there can never be another character like her. sHE IS NUMBER ONE IN THE FEMALE DEPARTMENT AND IS IN THE TOP 10 FOR EVERY BODY ELSE.

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

September 20, 2007 at 4:20 pm

C’mon! Aquaman’s seahorse Storm is cooler than Ororo! :-)

Nick Fury and Namor (despite my earlier snarkyness) are both great characters and would’ve made my “15 Favorite Marvel Characters” list.

Should I be concerned that I could actually list my 50 Favorite Marvel Characters? In order?

Well said about Nova for the piece quote. Great character. Same goes for Sub-Mariner. :)

[…] Top 100 Lists Should Be Good CBR blog Comics Should Be Good has revealed the final 5 in their Top 100 Marvel Characters list. A few New Warriors have made the list. Links go to batches of 5. 27. Nova (222 points/6 first place votes) (tied w/Namor the Sub-Mariner) 63. Robbie Baldwin (73 votes for Speedball & 21 votes for Penance – 103 votes/2 first place votes) 77. Jubilee (74 points/3 first place votes) 96. Firestar (57 points) […]

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