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Happy Blogoversary to Don MacPherson’s Eye on Comics!

Don has been doing Eye on Comics for a full year now!

Meanwhile, Don has an interesting piece up here about whether the All Star line of comics has been a financial success for DC Comics.


Thanks for the nod, CSBG people!

Is there any question that All-Star is a total flub? Can we even call it a “line?” Two comics that rarely come out do not constitute a “line” of comics.

As much as I LOVE All-Star Superman (and I do love it), the All-Star books are just a stupid idea, and I said so at the beginning.

EVERY book should be an “All-Star” book. If I was Jann Jones or whoever takes over this mess, that’s the way I’d sell it, too. I’d write one of those stupid-ass columns in the back of the books that said, “We screwed up. We were wrong to separately identify those books. Every title we put out has the best talent and the best stories we can muster. That is my personal guarantee to you.” Then I’d put the All-Star branding on every cover.

Of course, I’d also follow through and actually do what I said, but I realize that part is even more unrealistic…

And then, of course, my next guarantee would be that I would stop writing those horrible columns.

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