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Top 50 Marvel Characters #15-11

The countdown continues…

15. Silver Surfer – 461 points (8 first place votes)

silver surfer.jpg

Created by Jack Kirby, the Silver Surfer was the herald for the world-eater, Galactus. Upon reaching Earth, though, the Surfer was touched by humanity, and turned on his master.

For his betrayal, the Surfer was trapped within Earth’s atmosphere for many years.

Eventually, he escaped, and went on many different cosmic adventures.

More recently, the Surfer has returned to Galactus and once again has become his herald (I think Surfer is kinda addled or something).

Here is why John Mese had him at the top of his list….

The Silver Surfer is one of most imaginative and coolest looking characters in comics. Jack Kirby was really on his A-game when he came up with the character. The image of a silvery super-being gliding through space (and Kirby-crackles) is just awesome. He is a really powerful character too, which is easy to admire, but his extreme power level is tempered with a strong sense of nobility, honor, and sacrifice.

Silver Surfer Volume 3 (late 80s – early 90s) really stands out as one of my favorite series of all time. Jim Starlin and Ron Lim especially created an indelible run during their tenure.

Who wouldn’t want the power cosmic and be able to surf anywhere all the time?

Thanks, John!

14. Dr. Strange – 464 points (12 first place votes)

dr strange.jpg

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Stephen Strange was a gifted surgeon whose partying lifestyle came to a crashing halt when he was in an accident, leaving his hands too nerve-shattered to perform surgery anymore.

Searching for a cure, Strange event traveled to a mystic, the Anicent One, Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme.

Cutting to the chase, Strange mends his bad ways and becomings the Ancient One’s apprentice, and eventually, becomes the Sorcerer Supreme HIMself!

Recently, Strange became a member of the Avengers for the first time, although he was a member of the Defenders for many years prior.

Here is why Patrick Zircher had Strange #1…

Dr. Strange is number one of my list of ten favorite Marvel characters. He was created by Lee and Ditko in ’63 and brought home from the newstand around ’75, but he’s really thousands of years old.

Dr. Strange is Marvel’s Merlin. He’s Hades. He’s the solitary figure who lives in a crystal cave, a dim underworld, a Sanctum Sanctorum, speaking to phantoms and phantasies He lives in darkness but has the mind of a sorcerer, a god, as bright as a star. He’s a philosopher, a psychic, and a fantasist with the contemplativeness and discipline of a monk. His inner life is richer than his physical one. These qualities abound in myth, in tales of ascetics and warlocks, but are uncommon in superheroes. Like a superhero, Dr. Strange is out to save the world, but he’s interested in the world as a whole, it’s physical and spiritual well being. His adventures through realms unseen are both sumptuous and sinister. He’s as different from Spider-Man and the Punisher (each of whom made my list, too) as a Marvel hero can be.

As an artist, Dr. Strange is everything I could want to draw. His persona and costume are wonderful, able to be rendered shadowy, subtly, and still allow for the melodramatic and fantastic. His stories and powers are exercises in imagination and, like Hades, he has (or had) his Persephone, in the form of the beautiful Clea.

Dr. Strange has been criticized for being so powerful, so proficient that there’s no sense of danger in his stories. But his stories are, or should be, less about physical dangers than emotional ones. He’s the sorcerer, the lone hoodoo man, the witchdoctor with one foot in the real world and one in the mystic. His dangers are isolation, alienation, insanity, and spiritual evil. He battles demons and enchanters but his real conflicts are with fools, friends, women, and greedy men who lure him from or threaten his solitude and contemplation, his ability to function, the way he lives his life. At the center is the calm, his Sanctum Sanctorum. Around it a storm
should rage.

Thanks, Patrick! Have you ever gotten the chance to DRAW Strange in a comic? I cannot recall…but I could see him maybe being in an old issue of New Warriors as a cameo…

Story continues below

13. Magneto – 465 points (7 first place votes)


Appearing in the first issue of the X-Men, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Magneto was the opposite of Professor X.

While Professor X wanted to integrate mutants with humans, Magneto was just totally crazy, and wanted to, like, nuke the Earth or some crazy crap like that.

Eventually, when Chris Claremont took over the writing chores on X-Men, he made Magneto a LOT more sympathetic, and that’s basically the portrayal we see today (and in the X-Men films), where Magneto’s positions are shown as just a little more aggressive than Professor X’s, but not, like, totally insane.

In fact, at one point, Professor X even left Magneto in charge of his school! That did not turn out so well, but it is the thought that counts!

Magneto is currently biding his time, waiting for his return (after being “killed off” 134 times, it makes sense for him to be cautious).

Here is why Bill Steger had Magneto #1…

What appeals to me about Magneto is his righteousness. He’s not greedy, bent on world domination, or (at least when he’s the Magneto I love) completely insane. Magneto is trying to make the world a better place. His good intentions and his charisma force the heroes to question whether they’re on the right side. And could anyone else pull off purple underwear over a magenta unitard and not seem the least bit feminine? I don’t think so.

Thanks, Bill!

12. Nightcrawler – 497 points (12 first place votes)


Kurt Wagner, created by Dave Cockrum and Len Wein (mostly Cockrum), was a member of the All-New, All-Different X-Men.

Kurt was interesting because while he LOOKED like a demon( his teleporting powers even SMELLD like brimstone when he teleported), he was really a jocular guy who was quite religious.

He was basically Errol Flynn, if Flynn looked like a monster. He even gets the ladies like Flynn, but he left the other Flynn predilection for younger women to his teammate, Colossus.

After serving with the X-Men for many years, Kurt was injured in battle, along with Kitty Pryde. While the two recuperated, the X-Men were feared dead.

The two helped form a new team in England to carry on, calling themselves Excalibur. Here, Kurt came into his own, becoming the leader of the team. When the group disbanded, he went back to the X-Men, which is where he has been ever since.

Here’s my buddy Kurt on why, well, Kurt is tops in his book…

Nightcrawler is my favorite Marvel character for two major reasons:

#1. He combines two of my favorite motifs: the good man trapped in a monster’s body and the swashbuckling hero who loves his work (or did, in the days I still followed the X-titles), plus he is one of the few openly religious good guys.

#2. To quote my cousin, Michelle: “Nightcrawler’s name is Kurt, he only has three toes on each foot and he loves Errol Flynn movies. You liking him is practically narcissism.”

‘Nuff said!

Thanks, Kurt!

11. Iron Man (Tony Stark) – 603 points (11 first place votes)

iron man.jpg

Billionaire Tony Stark was forced to help create a suit of armor when his heart was damaged on a visit to Asia. With the artificial pacemaker the only thing keeping him alive, Stark figured he might as well do some good with it, so made a more advanced suit of armor, which he used to fight crime.

Passing himself (Iron Man) as his own bodyguard, Stark kept on keeping on, even helping co-found the Avengers, where he served for many years.

Recently, Iron Man was infected with something called “The Extremis.” Now, Tony is basically PART of the suit. He is quite literally an “Iron Man” now.

Even more recently, after the superhero “Civil War” ended, with Tony’s side winning, Tony became Director of SHIELD, which is where he currently stands.

Here is why Iron Man was tops on Ben Dillon’s list:

Iron Man was one of the first comics I picked up when I started collecting, back when I was a kid. I was a real science and sci-fi advocate/nerd, so I loved seeing a book that was so focused on technology. Not only was the armor cool, getting to see Tony deal with alcoholism, as well as industrial sabotage, really sucked me in. He’s fighting battles in his office, using his wits, just as much as he’s out in his armor, fighting someone physically. Tony’s inner demons are even more dangerous than his enemies. It wasn’t just another superhero comic, but a real life drama. Sometimes even a tragedy. A recent issue, dealing with Happy Hogan in the hospital (I believe it was issue 14 of the current run), and the choice he has to make as his friend, has to be one of the most touching comic issues I’ve ever read. Tony isn’t a superhero because his genes gave him an x-factor, or because he was hit by some strange rays in a science experiment gone wrong. He’s a superhero because he has an extraordinary intelligence and drive that allowed him to save his own life in a moment of desperation.

Story continues below

I take offense to how people have been looking at Iron Man since the Civil War event. Even though some writers have gone out of their way to portray him as a selfish jerk, the Civil War and core Iron Man comics have shown that he’s doing what he thinks is right, just like Captain America did. The fact that he’s willing to sacrifice everything: friends, reputation, etc, to minimize casualties and help the superhero community survive as best he can, speaks volumes about his character and integrity.

Thanks, Ben! Here is also Ben Tseng on Iron Man…

Tony Stark is an arrogant man, but rightfully so. He is one of the world’s most brilliant and richest people. But, he is cursed. He not only sees the way the world is, he also sees the way it could be, and he also sees the way to get from the first to the second. But on top of all that, he is plagued with a tragic flaw; he cannot understand why the people around him don’t do see things his way. He’s dismayed that people don’t do something about the sorry state of the world. And that tragic flaw — that rightful and righteous arrogance — it makes him lonely and isolated (as evidenced by his recent “tussle” with Cap). The man is a genius, doing the right thing (or at least he thinks so, but come on guys, Tony’s always right), but at the same time he’s hated for sticking to it. How else can you spell “tragic hero”?

As he said to Marvel boy in Illuminati #4, “I know what it feels like . . .to have more power than most people on this planet could possibly understand. To be able to see what the world should be or could be versus what it actually is. To feel contempt for those who refuse to see even a
glimmer of their own personal potential. And doubly so to be stuck here with . . . people so far behind.”

And at the end of the day, what comic fanboy (or girl) isn’t like that? What comic fan doesn’t look around at the world and see it lacking in heroes, in integrity, in justice? What comic fan doesn’t think they know a little better?

Thanks, other Ben! Greg Randall also gave me a good one, too, that I did not use. Thanks, Greg!

That’s it for today!

More on Monday!


Ah, Magneto. My favourite misguided idealist/raving megalomaniac mass murderer. Beloved of Chris Claremont, loathed by Grant Morrison, and owner of the most pimp pyjamas ever seen in a comic.

Also good to see Strange as a high-scorer.

Yeah, I like this sequence better than all the others so far. Everybody seems about right – although Iron Man definitely lost places to Civil War. However, being much less forgiving than his fans, I’m cool with that.

I would actually think Iron Man GAINED places thanks to Civil War.

When has his profile ever been this high? He’s probably the most important man in the whole MU right now.

Thank you for not mentioning Magneto/Xorn because that period deserves to be forgotten as soon as possible. Magneto picks the’weakest’ students to be his followers after pretending to teach peace all while wearing an iron mask, then goes mad on drugs. That’s not he same Magneto that was rated so highly here.

I don’t think Civil War will have lowered Iron Man’s ranking, though if it has that’s no bad thing, it’s just the nature of these polls. also think how much higher itll be after his movie comes out.

Interesting to see the ‘Magic expert’ and according to Kevin Smith’s Spiderman/Black Cat the ‘Teleportation expert’ placed together.

Kurt’s not gonna get beaten by his mother tho is he?

Magneto’s been killed 134 times?

Last time I read about him in Morrison’s New X-men, Wolverine lopped off his head after M. killed Jean Grey.

Has he been brought back since then?
If so, how did he survive the beheading?

I would actually think Iron Man GAINED places thanks to Civil War.

Really? It was always my understanding (from largely the casual fan’s perspective) that he was one of the main players in the Marvel U, right up there with Spidey, the FF and Hulk. The things I’m learning from this poll…

Tom, the Dead Magneto in Morrison’s arc has been retconned into being either Xorn pretending to be Magneto pretending to be Xorn or Sublime controlling Xorn pretending to be Magneto pretending to be Xorn.

There’s also another Xorn.

It’s best not to think about.

It turns out that wasn’t him, Tom. The Newgrounds video “X-Men: Death Becomes Them” offers the most succinct explanation (as well as the best commentary on the whole thing).

Ummm … so I guess we’re not going to see Ernst and Martha Johannsen’s Brain crack the list, huh?

I think that this list is looking really good. DC may have the biggest icons in Superman and Batman, but the 11-15 Top Marvel Characters are way more iconic compared to fan favorites like the Question and Blue Beetle. I never really thought about how many leading characters Marvel has, whereas DC seems to rely almost exclusively on the Justice League and legacy characters related to its members.

And, yeah I imagine those were fighting words in some people’s eyes. Didn’t mean it. I still generally prefer DC.

Magneto could have been sort of resurrected by Scarlet powers. In fact the new magneto in post-genocide genosha was very different from the last time we saw him. After House of M magneto disappeared, but has now probably coming back, in the last uncanny x-men, wearing a ridiculous purple coat and hat. Also this last uncanny arc both nightcrawler and xavier are specifically look for magneto and the same is being done by the morlocks. To what purpose is unknown but it will be clearly tied to the Messiah Complex event.

Expected both Dr. Strange and Magneto to be higher.

Ah well.

Wow, Iron Man’s place on the list is… decisive to say the least. Over 100 point difference between #12 and #11.

Well, Cyclops kind of surprises me. Weather this means he didn’t make it or he’s gonna be in the top ten I certainly didn’t see either one of those two outcomes coming. I expect Spidey, Wolvie, Hulk, Thor, Daredevil, Doom, Cap, Ben and Hawkeye in there. The tenth……. Osborn? Scott? Loki? Really don’t know.

I see Dr. Stange #83 on Patrick’s resume

“Well, Cyclops kind of surprises me. Weather this means he didn’t make it or he’s gonna be in the top ten I certainly didn’t see either one of those two outcomes coming. I expect Spidey, Wolvie, Hulk, Thor, Daredevil, Doom, Cap, Ben and Hawkeye in there. The tenth……. Osborn? Scott? Loki? Really don’t know.”

Same here. But i think he’ll make the top 10 (and i hope so, since he was my #1). I’m guessing Spidey, Wolvie, Doom, Cap. America, Daredevil, Hulk Thor and The Thing are sure bets. The other two spots i’m guessing are his and Hawkeye’s, unless a villain like Green Goblin, Sinister or Kingpin makes it, but i don’t think so.

Also, is a big surprise for me Iron Man being out of the top 10. I guess this is a Civil War effect.

Of all the classic heroes, Iron Man seems to have the least popularity. He doesn’t have a truly great classic run for older fans to love like all the other big names do. He’s kind of the bottom of the first-stringers in a sense.

But he’s always had a fanbase of people who love the character and I think Civil War putting the spotlight on him helped a lot.

Wow, Frog Thor and John Doe the Nth and Lockjaw must have all made Top 10 slots. I’m so excited! This is going to be the best list ever!!

That Dr. Strange cover is everything I want in a Dr. Strange cover, except you can’t see his mustache very well.

If those snaky octo-dile arms grabbing at him were a giant mustache like on the Tick I would buy the art to that.

“Thank you for not mentioning Magneto/Xorn because that period deserves to be forgotten as soon as possible. Magneto picks the’weakest’ students to be his followers after pretending to teach peace all while wearing an iron mask, then goes mad on drugs. That’s not he same Magneto that was rated so highly here.”

I don’t think you followed the story very well. You seem to have fundamentally misunderstood it.

As for Ironman’s placing… Three years ago I bet he would have been around 15 or 16. Yeah he is one of Marvel’s heavy hitters, but for most of his existence he has been an also-ran just sort of hanging out. Good runs here and there but mostly kinda dull and forgotten.

Omega Alpha, your list seems pretty likely. Considering the apparent sympathy vote Blue Beetle and the Question got over on the DC list, Hawkeye seems like a lock.

I really expected one of the ‘elite’ Spidey villains to show up by now, but I suppose Jameson counts.

Hmmm, still only 2 of my top 10 have appeared…
Well, I’m positive 1 more of them will be in the top 10, and quite sure a second or third will be. More than that and it’s a bonus–I didn’t think some of them would be in the top 10, but thought they had a chance at top 50.

But then I picked them because I like them.

For the Record–the 2 of my picks to appear are JJJ & Luke Cage,(at #7 & 10.)

That was me above BTW…

I put Beetle & the Question on my DC list–and it wasn’t a sympathy vote. They would have been on my list for years.

I refuse to believe Ghost Rider didnt make the list at all so maybe he managed to sneak into the top ten.

Also what about Angel? I doubt he will be in the top 10 but not even making the top 50?

I don’t think there’s been anything to indicate that Morrison “loathed” Magneto. If he did, he wouldn’t have used him at all. If anything, Morrison’s run was designed to give Magneto a swan song.

Roughly about 10 years ago (around the time of Heroes Return if I remember correctly), Marvel conducted a reader poll asking fans to submit their 10 favorite Marvel heroes and 10 favorite villains. I don’t remember the results but do recall my voting at the time and it’s interesting to me how much more current storylines effected my placings than it did with my DC list, which has been pretty steady over the years (especially where my top 3 are concerned). If someone were to find that listing it might make for an interesting comparison.

Iron Man’s placing has come as a bit of surprise personally, but it’s pretty indicative of how much he’s become a “love him or hate him” character. Given the make-up of the rest of the list I think we might be in for another unexpected character showing, like Spider-Woman, The Sentry (ugh, please please no), or Spider-Girl, all of whom have pretty strong net followings at the moment.

I wouldn’t quibble too much with the other choices here, but Nightcrawler shouldn’t even be in the top 50, let alone #12.

What I meant was that their deaths might’ve helped BB and Question rank a few spots higher than they would’ve, just like his ‘death’ could put Hawkeye into the top 10.

I can’t believe Nightcrawler beat Magneto (or for that matter, the Beast!). I love the guy but I dunno…

I had a feeling Iron Man would just barely get bumped out of the top 10.

Surprised that Deadpool made this list but, it appears, Cable will be nowhere to be seen.

Looks like I’ll probably end with 6 picks on the list. Not much love for Wonder Man or Hank Pym or Cannonball or Warlock from New Mutants!

And maybe that’s as it should be.

Top ten will be: Spidey, Wolvie, Daredevil, Cap, Hulk, Thing, Hawkeye, Doom, Thor and Cyclops.

But i think [Cyclops will] make the top 10 (and i hope so, since he was my #1). I’m guessing Spidey, Wolvie, Doom, Cap. America, Daredevil, Hulk Thor and The Thing are sure bets. The other two spots i’m guessing are his and Hawkeye’s, unless a villain like Green Goblin, Sinister or Kingpin makes it, but i don’t think so.

I’m thinking Ghost Rider in one of those slots, myself. Not that he’s a better character, exactly, just more iconic-like. Mind you, the chances of either GR or Hawkeye ranking above this crew seem a little iffy.

I wouldn’t quibble too much with the other choices here, but Nightcrawler shouldn’t even be in the top 50, let alone #12.

Oh, I don’t know so much. He may not be one of the cosmically significant X-people, but he’s definitely one of the most likeable, and usually intelligently written enough to take advantage of it.

In my experience, with the exception of Storm and sometimes Jean, the upper X-chelon tend to be pretty boring as relatable people. The gang dancing about on the fringes – ie, most of the ones who’ve placed in this list – are much more fun.

Wonder Man is one of the ones on my list I’m not expecting to see int he top 10

Yeah, I think Batroc is ze toast as well.

Morrison on Magneto:

[i]What people often forget, of course, is that Magneto, unlike the lovely Sir Ian McKellen, is a mad old terrorist twat. No matter how he justifies his stupid, brutal behaviour, or how anyone else tries to justify it, in the end he’s just an old bastard with daft, old ideas based on violence and coercion. I really wanted to make that clear at this time.[/i]

Yes, that’s exactly how Magneto was…in 1963. I swear, for everyone who goes on about how revolutionary and innovative Morrison is, I’ve never seen a writer stuck more in the Silver Age. He brings back the Multiverse, he writes All-Star Superman as though the ghost of Mort Weisinger was standing over his shoulder, his every script is liberally sprinkled with Silver Age references, and now this line. (Which is, I realize, not how it happened in chronological order, but…)

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

September 22, 2007 at 4:25 pm

Two more of my favorites: my #2 (Ironman) and #8 (Dr Strange).

I figure that two more favorites of mine will appear in the Top Ten. That works out to 60% of my favs making the Top Fifty.

Not bad. And I really didn’t think Banshee, Valkyrie, Thundra, or Medusa would make the list, anyway.

But Val really shoulda …

soo it’s gotta be down to Spider-man and Wolverine for number 1 spot.

I’m pretty much resigned to Wolverine being in the top three, but I really hope he’s not number one. Spidey would be nice, or Cap, or even the longer shots that are Thor, Daredevil and the Thing.

I wonder if Elektra’s going to make it.

Spidey or Cap, it’s hard to tell which will come in first, but I’m fair certain it’ll be one or the other. Wolverine…it’ll be interesting to see how much of a backlash he’s inspired. Just on his merits as a character, he ranks somewhere in the 20’s, for me.

Looking at the rankings so far, I’d guess most of the people taking the poll were twenty years younger than me. I really don’t know how much they have emotionally invested in Wolverine, the way I’m invested in the guys from the 60s. My #1 hasn’t changed for decades, despite his never having had his own ongoing title, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be in the top ten. I wouldn’t be shocked if Spidey and Wolverine were not the top two.

“I’m thinking Ghost Rider in one of those slots, myself. Not that he’s a better character, exactly, just more iconic-like. Mind you, the chances of either GR or Hawkeye ranking above this crew seem a little iffy.”

I doubt so. How many people do you see discussing Ghost Rider nowdays? He’s not even A-list anymore, if he ever was.

“Also what about Angel? I doubt he will be in the top 10 but not even making the top 50?”

Angel did not made even the top 20 among the X-men…

In addition to Dr. Strange at #1, Silver Surfer was #4 on my list. Some of John Buscema’s best work was on the Surfer. Jon Muth did beautiful work on the character, as did Ron Garney. The Surfer brings out strong stuff from artists. I also think he stole the last FF movie.

Regarding, Ghost Rider, he was very close to being in my top ten and I’d like to see him make this list, too. He really is an unusual character.

About drawing Dr. Strange, yeah, 83 was a fill-in issue, from a long time ago. Buckingham had redesigned the costume. My work in it is poor. Drawn too fast with too little skill.
Someday I’ll take another shot.

Heroes for Hire be damned, Dr. Strange is all about the tentacle rape.

/ “Not bad. And I really didn’t think Banshee, Valkyrie, Thundra, or Medusa would make the list, anyway.

But Val really shoulda …” /

Hey,another Valkyrie fan and voter! I agree,she ought to be somewhere here,character quality wise.Too bad Marvel goes significant periods essentially setting her aside.I’ve liked almost every appearence I’ve read of hers.Which is just about all of em.Hopefully,she gets some quality book coverage in the near future.

I’m pleased to see my slight fears about Dr.Strange were unwarrented.

Just curious, how many people here gave votes influenced by recent events and how many from overall nostalgic fondness?

If I went by what Marvel’s been like in the last twenty years, I probably wouldn’t even have had Wolverine on my list, but I based my favorite vote on which characters, in their heyday, had me most excited about comics and specifically their adventures (so I voted for Wolverine, who I loved from 1979-82, before he got too sensei-ish not to mention unkillable).

I found DC much later in life so most of my votes come from my Golden DC Age, with Swamp Thing, Rorschach, Constantine, etc.

Given the low number of Ultimate votes, I guess most people are voting with “classic” nostalgic versions in mind.

Wow! Four people from my list (Surfer, Magneto, Strange and Iron Man) in this one batch! Pretty sweet.

Ghost Rider was my # 1 choice – while I’ll be pleasantly surprised to see him crack the Top 10, him not making the list at ALL will shock the hell out of me (especially with people like Ms. Marvel, Gambit, and Nova making it).

I doubt so. How many people do you see discussing Ghost Rider nowdays? He’s not even A-list anymore, if he ever was.

Major movie release this summer. Starring Nic Cage. Granted, the Nic Cage part was more exciting than the movie part, but still.

Hey! Grant Morrison is awesome. I wouldn’t be pissing away my hard earned money on comics if it wasn’t for New X-men. Though his Magneto was old school crazy. Hey if the Scarlet Witch, Pheonix can be mind altered(like Magneto)/made crazy/transform/whatever, why can’t Magneto?. And his other work’s such as The Filth and The invisibles is probably why he’s called revolutionary.

Anyway I hope Cyclops makes it to the top ten. For some reason I think he won’t…

Yes, that’s exactly how Magneto was…in 1963.

And plenty of other times since then. You must have missed that whole period in the nineties where he ripped out Wolverine’s skeleton, took posession of a whole island country through terrorist means, and was able to drive Professor X to become a supervillain and attempt to kill most of Marvel’s main heroes, simply by being a bad influence on the Professor’s psyche.

If you look up Magneot on wikipedia, you’ll get a pretty clear picture of just how much of a bastard Magneto has been. Yes, he reformed at one point. And then he went back to his old ways. They gave him a better motivation for his actions, but he still behaves like a supervillain.

I wouldn’t quibble too much with the other choices here, but Nightcrawler shouldn’t even be in the top 50, let alone #12.

I’ll jump up to defend him: Nightcrawler’s easily my favorite comic character ever, even if there’s not a ton of truly great stories with him. He’s got a pretty unique design, that is recognizable even by silhouette, and is usually more upbeat and fun than the rest of the X-batch. In fact, I’m less an X-Men fan, than I am a Nightcrawler fan.

I miss way back in the day, when Nightcrawler got more guest star spots: I love that he’s in an issue reprinted in Essential Punisher volume 1, that’s what the Marvel Universe is all about.

Now, I’m trying to remember if I voted for Deadpool…I really should have.

I like Nightcrawler, and I’m not at all surprised he ranked so high. I always loved him when he appeared in the animated series, and he completely stole the second movie. Of course, once I actually went back and read the first few years worth of X-books he featured in, I found I liked him there, too.

There’s something extremely appealing about somebody with a demonic appearance having such an optimistic, exuberant personality. He represents everything good about the X-Men, IMO.

[quote]Major movie release this summer. Starring Nic Cage. Granted, the Nic Cage part was more exciting than the movie part, but still. [/quote]

So what? It’s a comics forum, on a poll about comics about characters. And most people here disliked the film. Actually, not only here, since it’s rated 5.4 on IMDB, and while it did $115 on US, the budget was around $110, not counting marketing costs. Add to that that his series is written by everyone’s least favorite writer, Daniel Way.

[grin] OK, OK, I’m not nearly as invested in this as you seem to be, so we’ll drop it here. Let’s just say I’m personally rooting for anybody but Cyclops, and leave it at that.

I wish I’d have voted. If I had, my top 5 would have been:

Marathon (from Strikeforce)

When I think “Marvel” I can’t help but think “mutant.” I was a die-hard Marvel Zombie from 84-89. And, while I loved Peter David’s Spider-Man and Gruenwald’s Cap and Simpson’s Thor, the characters and character development that came from the Claremont era of X-Men is what really got me into Marvel in the first place.

I know Claremont gets dissed a lot on fan boards, but I had the fortune to come in on his X-Men run early enough that I didn’t lose the forest in the trees. I got to watch the forest spring up around me. And, that’s a level of fun that, for me, was only equalled by Peter David’s run on Hulk.

Anyway, we’ve seen Shadowcat. And, I’m really really hoping Cyclops makes the top 10, because I’d be disapointed if he didn’t even make the top 50. But, I don’t expect Tattletale or Cypher to make the list. Which is kinda sad when you compare their roles in Marvel to the roles that characters like Blue Beetle and Starman had in the DCU, and they made the list.

I think that Marvel’s list has a lot of glitz and glamour characters, but that DC’s list is showing more heart and story-important characters at this point. Not saying that’s a good or bad thing in general.

But, in my opinion, DC today has become more about story and less about popular marketable characters; while Marvel today has become more about popular marketable characters and less about story. This is interesting to me because 20 years ago, I’d have said the same thing, only opposite.


It can be easy to forget now, thirty years or so later, the time when Claremont (especially with Byrne, but also Cockrum and even Romita Jr)provided years of unprecedented growth and innovation. From 1976 to at least 1984 there was no book that I so looked forward to, and no book that delivered the goods so consistently.
The first decade of his X-men run almost felt like classic Kirby and Lee, with new characters and concepts every month.
That being said,I’m having a lot of trouble seeing Kurt Wagner three spots ahead of the Surfer.(?)

Maybe if the Surfer had been used effectively in the last few years……

Yeah, I knew I should have saved my list before sending it off, darn it.

I’m pretty sure I did vote for Kurt. He’s got a great spirit and that whole deeply religious Catholic morality contrasted with his demonic appearance and all is just great. I knew he couldn’t carry his own book, just like the Vision, another of my favorites I voted for, but they’re great supporting characters and classic in the Marvel style.

Here here for another Valkyrie vote ! She definitely did get my vote. I think she and Black Knight are the two most underutilized characters Marvel has. Tons of potential and a stomping great female character to boot.

Iron Man just fell shy of making my list IIRC, but would have come very close. His shades of grey is fascinating and the fact that he’s a bazillionnaire sorta Bill Gates in armor with a monkey on his back is great. One of my fav IM stories is when he squares off against Doom in # 149-150. Those two are natural opponents. We should more throwdown between them.

No way Cyclops is in the top 10. Not that I don’t like him, but if he hasn’t made the list so far then he’s toast.

Not sure about Ghost Rider.

My bet says Wolvie will be # 1.

What? Wolverine as #1? Is there anyone that REALLY thinks Spider-Man is not going to win this by a mile?

I think the Annhilation Silver Surfer mini was rather excellent.

I’m rather interested by the direction they went in.

Obviously Spider-Man will be #1.

Wolverine may be #2. Or he may be #5.

I will be stunned if Spider-Man isn’t number one.
C’mon, he does whatever a spider can!

I’m kinda hoping for Ben Grimm as number two (though Thor was my personal number one)but am pretty much resigned to Wolverine in the second slot.
And I gotta say, part of me wants Scott Summers to miss out the top fifty altogether. My nineteen-year-old self still blames him for Jean’s death.

(maybe that’s the whiskey talking….)

The Dane said. . .>

Lol – just like Azrael and the Eradicator making #1 and #2 on the DC list!

I went heavily with where I’m at right at the moment, especially with the Marvel list, more than my overall favorite characters from forever (though most of the characters remain the same, their order would change). So, lots of X, not a lot of other stuff, because X is what I’m really enjoying now. I struggled about putting Nova and Silver Surfer on the list, and I thought about diversifying more, but I really only feel 100% positive about the X over the last years, so I went with an X dominated list, and I decided not to list three characters from one title, so no Madrox (but he was just next with the other two). There’s some spot jockeying, where for instance Wolverine is my favorite character over the time I’ve been reading comics, but I’m very unhappy/bored with what they’ve been doing with him the last so many years, so he drops to #6. Wolfsbane, Rictor, and Colossus have all had exceptionally positive momentum for me, so I have them right at the top of the list. MJ is of high concern to me right now, so she’s next. And so forth..

1. Wolfsbane
2. Colossus *
3. Rictor (Julio Rictor)
4. Mary Jane Watson-Parker *
5. Shadowcat *
6. Wolverine *
7. Jubilee
8. Hawkeye (Clint Barton) *
9. Warpath (James Proudstar)
10. Psylocke

So it looks like five of mine made the list. The rest look to be longshots now.

Also, I really disappointed Iron Man managed the eleventh spot. I was hoping for a much more severe falloff.

About Xorneto…I actually think Xavier snatched Eric’s mind at the last second before decaptation, “made space” for him as Jean did with Cassandra Nova before in “Imperial”, then transfer him into a cloned body, told him to “wing it” when he resurfaced to meet the other X-Men arriving to bury his old body at Genosha, and just go from there

Xavier is one big manipulitive bastard…plus even Lex Luthor did the same thing once.

i’m not sure how to vote but I would go like this:
pheonix / jean gray
ghost rider
the hulk
the punisher
and to round it off iceman

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