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9/24 – Random Mouse Says…

This is a really strange parody cover.


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What was the original cover? For once, I don’t recognize it.

They’re poking fun of the Calvin Klein ads, aren’t they?

Yeah, I believe they’re Calvin Klein ads. They COULD have been a different company, but I’m pretty sure it’s Klein.

Thank goodness they didn’t parody the LATE 90s Calvin Klein ads! You know, the ones that got Klein into all sorts of trouble due to being majorly creepy.

I’m both intrigued and disturbed by the set of abs on Reggie.

Yeah, that (and Jughead’s pointing) is probably the oddest aspect of the cover.

Dude, that’s not a mouse: it’s a rat.

i think the weirdest thing about it is that Jughead appears to be wearing a sports bra.

Yeah, I believe they’re Calvin Klein ads. They COULD have been a different company, but I’m pretty sure it’s Klein.

That’s a definite riff off the Klein ads – I think I remember the specific original. It’s kind of adorable, really; especially when you consider how shocking! the originals were at the time. Although, yes, Jughead’s costume is now WAY too far out of context.

Thank you! I’ve had this in my “Separated at Birth” folder for over a year trying to find a matching original and pinpoint what the source was. I thought it was a New Kids on the Block or some such boy band parody and could never locate the source. But this is even weirder. Thanks so much for filling in the blanks, and now I can delete that disturbing image file as you’ve done it.

I always thought the 90210 intro was one long Calvin Klein ad.

I agree with Jack Fear, plus ‘Random Rat’ gets you alliteration points.

It’s a shame someone not only stole Reggie’s shirt, but they took his nipples too.

Random Mouse?

See, THIS is why we need a WE3 sequel. So we can have better critters for these pieces than “Random Mouse.” Like Languorous Llama.

I’ll say! What happened to Betty’s boobs?!

I know that Veronica is supposed to look like she’s being bitchy and ambiguous, but to me she looks like she’s strung out on goofballs.

I want an Archie cover version of the hands-on-boobs Gen13.

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