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Top 50 Marvel Characters #10-6

The countdown continues…

10. Cyclops – 604 points (13 first place votes)


Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Scott Summers was an original member of the X-Men. His ability to blast concussive beams from his eyes (controlled only by his ruby quartz glasses) made him a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Scott was the leader of the X-Men, and when the team was replaced by an All-New, All-Different group of X-Men, Scott stayed behind to be the leader and elder statesman, as it were, to the new group.

Scott had been dating his teammate, Jean Grey, and the two stayed together even as she left the team. She soon returned, but (unknowing to Scott) soon was replaced by a cosmic being that looked like Jean. The cosmic being eventually went nuts, and killed itself rather than continuing to kill others. Scott was distraught, and left the X-Men.

cyclops 1.jpg

The retired Cyclops met a woman who looked just like Jean, and the two married and had a child. However, when the REAL Jean returned, Scott quickly went to rejoin her. His wife was then revealed to be an evil clone of Jean.

Scott formed a new team called X-Factor, made up of the original X-Men. Eventually, X-Factor merged back into the X-Men, where Scott was once again leader of the X-Men. Scott and Jean married.

Over time, their marriage became more of a close friendship than anything, so when Emma Frost joined the X-Men, Scott was drawn to her, and the two began having a psychic affair. Jean found out about it and Scott broke it off, but when Jean was killed, he reunited with Emma, in a more conventional relationship.

He and Emma are currently the co-headmasters of the Xavier Institute.

Here’s why my pal, Matt Bib, picked Scott #1…

Cyclops is a character that I’ve always identified with.

What makes Cyclops such a great character is that his greatest flaw is that he believes that his self-imposed responsibilities outweigh his own personal needs. Scott Summers carries the weight of the mutant world on his shoulders. He feels himself responsible for not just his family and
the X-Men, but for the legitimacy and pursuit of Xavier’s dream. Over the years Scott has actually come to believe in the dream more than the man who created it.

Scott has always denied his feelings and wants in favor of protecting others and fulfilling his duties. He was repressed boy, hiding behind a visor. He held himself to impossible standards, constantly striving for perfection and control and ideals that nobody could hope to achieve. And
while his loyalty was absolute and his determination unwavering, his world was black and white.

Fortunately for him he met someone who loved him, despite himself. She helped him to grow and to feel and to love and to become a man who could see shades of grey. And they were happy. But unfortunately it wasn’t enough. Both of them changed. One accepted the universe. The other was tainted by evil in order to save the future. And they outgrew each other. But their love remained. So much so that Jean let him go, wanting his happiness most of all.

In the end, through all he’s been through…the loss of his childhood…two wives…a son…a mother and a father…the decimation of his people…betrayal by a mentor…Cyclops has remained strong and true because he’s had to. For the mutants. For Xavier’s dream. But now he does so just as much for himself. For his own happiness. For his own dream.

Thanks, Matt!

9. Thor – 605 points (12 first place votes)


Created by Stan Lee, his brother Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby, Thor is the Norse god of thunder, who was banished to Earth by his father to teach him humility, trapped in the frail human form of Dr. Donald Blake.

However, soon, Blake found an enchanted cane which allowed him to transform into Thor, and Thor was a hero on Earth, using his god-like powers and his powerful magic hammer, Mjolnir, to fight the good fight.

thor 1.jpg

Thor often visited his home in Asgard, and had adventures there, as well, mostly due to his evil half-brother, Loki.

Story continues below

Thor was a founding member of the Avengers, where he served for many years.

More recently, Thor and all of Asgard were destroyed. Thor has just now returned from the dead, and he is currently trying to find the rest of Asgard, as well.

Here is why Josh picked him #1…

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Greek, Roman and Norse mythology. Several critics have claimed that comics are the mythology of 20th century America but Stan Lee took that literally when he created Thor as a superhero character. Unlike the other characters in the Marvel Universe, Thor fully embraces the epic scale of comics in a way that is usually reserved for DC comics (the Fantastic Four also come close). Although Thor was originally infused with the romantic entanglement with Jane Foster, the series really took off when the character was cut loose of his Earthly drama and allowed to play out epic action on a massive scale.

Thor is my favorite concept in the Marvel universe because writers can tell super-hero stories just like Iron Man and Captain America but also adventure stories, science fiction, fantasy and action equally well. For full disclosure, the Walt Simonson run is the run that got me into Thor when I was just a wee lad and it still holds up as my favorite Marvel comics run of all time (although Miller’s DD is close). I keep thinking that if Marvel movies wants a Lord of the Rings style franchise, this is the storyline that needs adapting. In all the discussion of the Simonson
run I never see people mention the thing he did best, make mythological villains into super-villains. Malekith, Kurse, the Midgard Serpent, Hela and Surtur were exactly of the scale of destruction and evil that a larger than life character like the Thunder God requires. Of course, other writers have handled the big guy really well (I recall a great arc from the late 70s (255 to 263) wherein Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three went on a cosmic odyssey that was a fun
read. Also, the 80s war against the Egyptian Gods with the Black Knight as guest-star was pure comic book fun at its finest.

Yes, he speaks in a faux-Shakespeare way and yes, he does have hippy hair; but if you want earth-shaking action and larger than life characters to entertain your ass, he is the Marvel guy who can give you the most bang for your buck.

And here is why Alex Miller had him tops…

When I was a kid I read two books without fail, The Avengers and X-Men. There was something about Thor’s mysticism that appealed to me. I’ve always enjoyed mythology, and the loose mythology tied into Thor’s character was compelling. I left comics for a little over 10 years, early 90’s to around 2002, and when I got back in I found that Thor’s stories appealed to me even more than before. This was before Disassembled. I went back and read the Walt Simsonson run and was blown away by the depth he brought to the character. It wasn’t that Thor needed a great rogues gallery which is since he doesn’t really have one. But how many characters in the Marvel Universe can withdraw from Earth to a different dimension? Thor can have entire adventures that don’t impact any other books. He can have battles in space, in Asgard or on Earth. That’s entirely unique to Thor.

Mike Oeming’s Disassembled run was, to me, the best arc of any of the Disassembled comic books. My expectations were extremely high for Ragnarok since I had read as much Thor as I could leading up to it, and he owned it. He even had me on board for the Beta Ray Bill mini-series.

Even the whole Clor thing didn’t dissuade my love of Thor. When his book launched I did have some trepidation as I wanted Mike Oeming to write it. I felt he had earned the spot. The first two issues didn’t blow me away, but the third issue more than made up for it.

Hell…my dog’s name is Thor Odinson.

Story continues below

Thanks, Josh and Alex!

8. Hawkeye – 676 points (17 first place votes)


Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck, Hawkeye showed up originally a villain, but Clint Barton was basically an accidental villain, as he was so caught up in his love for the Russian spy, Black Widow, that he was in the dark that she was making him do some pretty bad things.

Luckily, Iron Man, who was Hawkeye’s foe, realized Hawkeye was really a good guy, and that he should use his archery skills for good, so he sponsored Hawkeye as a member of the Avengers.

Hawkeye served the team with distinction for many years (for a time, as the size-changing Goliath), as he went from having an antagonistic relationship with Captain America to a strong friendship with the man.

hawkeye 1.jpg

At one point, Hawkeye was even given the opportunity to head up a NEW team of Avengers, on the West Coast of the United States. It was around this time that Hawkeye married the heroine, Bobbi Morse, Mockingbird.

Sadly, after a number of years together with the West Coast Avengers, Bobbi was murdered by the villain Mephisto.

Hawkeye had some dark days after that, but he recovered, and returned to his normal self. Sadly, he was then killed during Avengers Disassembled. Luckily, he returned during House of M.

After returning from the dead (where he was killed AND resurrected by his former teammate, the Scarlet Witch), Clint had no interest in taking up the superhero game again, even though Iron Man almost convinced him to become the new Captain America. Instead, Clint joined up with a renegade group of Avengers, and took up the now available identity of Ronin.

Here is why H, of the great comic blog, The Comic Treadmill, picked him #1…

His early days in the Avengers made me a fanatic for life. Hawkeye was the cynic who wouldn’t let anyone push him around. He had a smart mouth and a big ego that showed he wasn’t perfect, but his flaws didn’t blind him to recognizing a person’s true merits (the arc where he went from Cap hater to Cap loyalist was fantastic reading) or stop him from doing what a hero needed to do. Once you earned his respect, he was fervently loyal (a favor I’m returning by ranking him #1). And he was a non-powered guy who always held his own with the elite. Never a hostage or liability, but always a factor in defeating the bad guy. And displaying his unsolicited sparkling wit throughout. A hero it was always fun to read about.

Hawkeye is the team player with a smart mouth, but who can always be counted to watch your back and risk all in the name of heroism. Who couldn’t admire a guy like that?

And here is why poster Mutt picked him #1…

Clint Barton became a superhero for the only reason that ever made sense to me: He was trying to get laid. I could relate to Hawkeye in ways I couldn’t relate to the other Marvels. He wasn’t a doctor or scientist or mutant. He was a performer. A carny. A professional wise-ass. Brash, cocky, dreaming of stardom and used to seeing the world in “Me vs. The Rubes” terms. No wonder the Black Widow found it so easy to seduce him into taking on Iron Man for her. The results were predictable, but he took on Iron Man! With a bow and arrow! For a girl! That’s romantic foolishness worthy of Cyrano.

Iron Man was impressed enough to draft him into Cap’s Kooky Quartet; a move I hated at the time. But Hawkeye became my window into the world of superteams. No powers. Big ego. Clumsy with women, but never shy. Bucking authority, but always getting the job done. He became The Avenger for me. The team isn’t complete without him. In fact, no superteam is complete without a Hawkeye. He defined the role. The Watchmen may have been based on Charlton characters, but you can’t tell me that The Comedian wasn’t a Hawkeye. And Hawkeye was a professional superhero, with no secret identity or day job, a decade before that would start to become a standard model at Marvel. I could never be Thor, but I could train to be Hawkeye.

Story continues below

Hawkeye never has his own title, but he never goes away. He’s always there, fighting alongside the big guns in his garish, showman’s costume. Sure, he’s egotistical. Sure, he screws up. Sure, he’s a horndog. But he’s trying. He works hard to be a hero. When he tried on Cap’s uniform I almost shed a tear.

(Hawkeye is also at the center of what for me is still the coolest moment in Marvel history. During the Kree-Skrull War, a ship is headed towards Earth with a bomb capable of destroying the planet. The Avengers can’t get to it. Captain America calls on Clint Barton, who is in his Goliath identity at the time and has been waiting in a Quinjet because he’s stuck without growth serum or his bow. He’s just a man. In a short, but stunning sequence, the veiled words and perfect facial expressions make it clear these two men understand that this is a suicide mission with the Earth at stake. Clint calmy agrees. And Cap never gives it another thought. He sent Clint Barton. Problem solved. Rick Jones and the Avengers may have won the war, but they wouldn’t have had a planet to come home to if it weren’t for Hawkeye. And we don’t even find out he’s alive for a couple of issues.)

Avenger. Defender. Thunderbolt. Hero.

Hawkeye took on Iron Man with a bow and arrow for a girl.

Now he’s a morose, tubby ninja.


Thanks, H and Mutt!

7. Wolverine – 728 points (10 first place votes)


Created by Len Wein, John Romita and Herb Trimpe, Wolverine was originally a foe for the Hulk. But when Wein was tasked with created a new group of international X-Men, he quickly thought about Wolverine, who was Canadian.

He joined the X-Men, but it was not until fellow Canadian, John Byrne, took over as X-Men artist that Wolverine began to shine.

Eventually, his personality would begin to be flushed out. Wolverine was a man prone to berserker rages, but he also had a noble warrior side to him. His mutant healing powers served him well in battle, along with the nigh unbreakable metal skeleton he had (complete with claws!).

wolverine 1.jpg

Wolverine served with the X-Men for many years, and is currently both a member of the Avengers AND the X-Men.

Here is why Peter Nilson had Wolverine #1…

To some Wolverine is a overblown representation of machismo manhood. This coupled with overexposure has created a lot of backlash and naysayers.

Make no mistake… Wolverine is the best there is at what he does.

Most boys (men too) are drawn to Wolverine for his strength, confidence, loyalty, his ‘fight til you die’ attitude and indomitable will. As the saying goes, “Girls want him and guys want to be like him…” As young vulnerable people, these are traits that are desired to be learned and practiced. In a lot of ways he is the equivalent of the Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, and Clint Eastwood role-models of past generations.

Role-models are hard to find.

What makes Wolverine a better hero than most is that, as a character, people can relate to him as well as respect him. He’s not a millionaire, doesn’t fly, his powers are believable, and most of the time he’s not even in spandex.

His relationships make him a sympathetic character. His sulking over Jean and Scott, his tenderness with Mariko, Jubilee, and Kitty, his drinking buddy Nightcrawler, and fatherly sternness with Amiko all create an picture of a man who loves and is loved.

The qualities that are respectable are counterbalanced with weaknesses. Something we all experience and identify with. He’s a drunk and a killer. He’s anti-social. He has anger management issues. He struggles daily with the mistakes of his past. It’s this counterbalance that makes the deep and interesting dichotomy of his character.

He is the classless biker with the soul of a Samurai. He is the unforgiving killer and the protective patriarch figure. He is insanity and often the voice of reason.

There are so many interpretations of his character and they can all be taken in stride because they are all sides of the same coin. Chris Claremont and Larry Hamma laid such amazing groundwork. Wolverine has been around since 1975 and is more recognized than many superheroes.

Story continues below

On a personal note, I’ve read Wolverine since I was in Junior High. I was that kid that wanted be tougher and more confident. It seemed that every time I faced a new challenge this character spoke to me. In high school there was a lot of pressure to do drugs when my friends and I went camping on the weekend. Around that time issue #75 came out and when offered something to dull the pain caused by the loss of his adimantium he says, ‘He’ll have all the time in the world to be numb after he buys the farm’. Different scenario from my own? Yes. Did I choose not to dull the pain of adolescence by escaping though abuse? Yes. A few years later I broke up with a girl I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. In an issue that came out within days of this, there is a scene where Wolverine was standing at Silverfox’s grave and he states: “I ain’t afraid of no man or beast, and I’m not afraid to love again.” This was a kind of strength I’d never had to muster before and the concept of strength of heart was a benefit to me.

Even now as a married 30 year old father of two sons, working two jobs to make ends meet, and dealing with all the things life throws at you… It’s nice to have a overblown representation of machismo manhood around to remind me to never give up, stick to your convictions, the hardest
choice is usually right one, ‘fight ’til you die’ and do it all with a lot of heart.

Wolverine is the best there is at what he does.

Thanks, Peter!

6. The Hulk – 730 points (15 points for Joe Fixit, 9 for “Professor Hulk”) (13 first place votes)


The Incredible Hulk was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as the ultimate Jekyll and Hyde tale. Scientist Bruce Banner is caught in an explosion of the gamma bomb he created, resulting in Banner becoming a violent, destructive green-skinned monster called the Hulk when Banner is stressed or becomes angry. The Army wishes to capture the Hulk, so Banner becomes a fugitive.

That basically was the plot of the book for many years, changed only really when Banner gained control for a time, and then, when writer Peter David began a long run, having Hulk become an enforcer for a Casino boss and then later, merging the various Hulk personalities into one cohesive “Professor Hulk,” who joined a secret peacekeeping group called the Pantheon.

hulk 1.jpg

Ultimately, though, Hulk returns to, well, smashing. A few superheroes got tired of it, so they sent Hulk into outer space to settle on an uninhabited planet. That plan did not work, as the Hulk ended up on a warrior planet, which he eventually conquered. Finally content, the Hulk was married with a pregnant wife. Then the shuttle he was sent in exploded, killing his wife and most of the citizens of his capitol.

Now craving vengeance, the Hulk has returned to Earth to avenge himself upon the heroes who sent him away.

Here’s why my buddy, Mike Gillis, picked the Hulk #1…

I love the Incredible Hulk because he has a versatility that no other major comic book character can match. He’s been a monster, a superhero, an Avenger, a Defender, kind, cruel, a Las Vegas legbreaker, a gladiator, a dystopian dictator, a scientist, a fugitive, a king, brilliant, childlike, cunning, mindless, green, grey… you name it.

And underneath it all, there’s one unifying theme: the duality of man and monster. That both the Hulk and his human counterpart, Dr. Bruce Banner aren’t trying to save the world or fight crime, they both just want to be left alone and live a normal life. But the tragedy is that their shared existence makes that impossible for both.

And that’s what makes Hulk unique. In a world of superheroes, he’s the outcast; the monster.

Here is why Adam L. picked him #1…

Contrary to popular belief, I am not a walking behemoth teeming with raw power. I am also not 8 feet tall, near unstoppable and green. But I still have a number of traits in common with Hulk, and those reasons are what led me to choose the incredible Hulk as my #1.

Story continues below

The Hulk is Marvel’s ‘ Jekyll & Hyde’, with the weak Bruce Banner transformed into his worst nightmare when he becomes angry. As outdated as that is becoming, I can still relate to it. I know what it is like to be taunted and jeered, and I know how much that hurts. So I can understand why the Hulk seeks revenge. But even after he has been attacked, for no more reason than being different, all he wants is to be left alone.

The first comic I ever bought was towards Peter David’s run on the Hulk, and I still collect ‘Incredible Hulk’ to this day. He has a wide supporting cast (Rick Jones, Doc Samson, Betty Banner, Thunderbolt Ross, She-Hulk), some fantastic villains (Abomination, The Leader, Bi-Beast), fantastical adventures (Planet Hulk, Mr Fix-It, the merging of the minds) but it all boils down to one man struggling with himself. And that is what keeps me coming back.

Finally, here is why JR had him #1….

The Hulk has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid watching the old Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno television series along with the old Stan Lee narrated Saturday morning cartoon. There’s just something immediately appealing about the notion of being able to let loose and gain a great level of strength from that. But of course, there’s also the underlying awareness of the kind of damage that can happen when someone does let loose as well.

I think that inherent duality, along with his versatility as a character is what’s kept The Hulk interesting to me over the years. He’s been gray, green, intelligent, childish, gentle, brutish, hero, monster, desert roamer, space traveler, dimension hopper, gladiator, emperor, and a number of various other things over the years that creators have found a way to make work by keeping that core, internalized conflict, even when the natures examined or in conflict are rarely the same.

That and it’s just fun to watch the big monster smash stuff. Go get ‘em Hulk!

Thanks to Mike, Adam and JR!

The top five begins tomorrow!!


Huh, all 3 of us gave a pretty similar reasoning on why we voted for The Hulk, that’s interesting.

Great to see Scott in the top 10. He was my number one choice. Logan not in the top 5? Don’t like the character, but I don’t dislike him either, but I really expected him to place higher.

Sweet! Ben makes the top five!

Everybody finished right where I expected except Wolverine, who I was pretty certain would be in the top 5.

The Hulk didnt make the top 5??
That and Wolvie are the surprises for me in this selection But the top 5 is interesting all of a sudden. Knowing that my top pick ( not saying who) is in the top 5) means that I’m confident on Captain America, Spider-man and the Thing making the cut leaving a battle between Dr Doom, Ghost Rider, and maybe Professor X Scarlet Witch or Hercules for the final place.
This also confirms my belief that I was the only person to vote for Devil-Slayer, Man-Wolf and Simon Garth in my top 10 list.

Here’s what Wolverine had to say to Cyclops about their respective places on the list…

Never realised that Hawkeye was so popular. He has the most first place votes so far.
Top 5 will likely be Spidey, Daredevil, Cap, Thing… and … Dr Doom?

DJED, that strikes me as the most likely top 5 but I’m suddenly wondering whether or not there’s been a huge run of support for Jessica Drew, or whether nobody does like her at all?
I suspect the latter, and now regret not including her.

The one other little personal note about Logan was that he was the first mainstream hero from the Pacific Northwest, and from Canada. For years everybody came from NY, so seeing somebody (and somebody so cool. at that) come from my neighborhood was awesome

I’m surprised he didn’t make the top five.

Wow, Wolverine #7? I think most everybody would have guessed top two for him. Is this backlash from his constant overexposure, or does everybody see now that he’s kind of a one-trick pony?

I hate Cyclops so much.

I actually think Wolverine is a great, though way overexposed character. (I try not to hold overexposure against characters; not their fault)

He’d totally have been in my top 20 if Brian had let us turn in more votes.

In fact, Magneto was the only X-character to grace my 10. I’d have had 6 more X-characters if we’d have been allowed 20 votes. Ah well. They seem to have plenty of fans.

Djed is right about the top 5, with certainty. Order will be interesting. I know 2 of those characters got votes from me…

Hawkeye in the top ten? I wouldn’t have even expected him to make the top 50.

Wolverine rating so low is a surprise. Cyclops rating so highly isn’t a surprise, but it is an enigma

Ugh. OK, can after all handle Cyclops this high up based on his importance to the Marvel U…but does it have to be on the ‘poor guy, he’s been through so damn much ticket?

Otherwise, am pleased and/or kind of amused at the Top Ten thus far. Amid all the Cosmic Significance, it’s nice to see a few of the goofballs made good.

Hawkeye is a NINJA?????

Oh well, he’ll snap out of it…

I’m just over the moon that Thor made the top ten – even if just barely. After so many years of Marvel Editorial explaining in great length that nobody liked the character (and, um, isn’t that just a little self-defeating? I thought their job was to, you know, kinda…SELL their stuff, not knock it…? /end editorial) even I was starting to believe it. And with more first place votes than the Canuck! It’s a good day to be a Thor fan…

It would be interesting to see who only got one vote… like my Spidey 2099 vote?

Cyclops got more first place than Wolverine? It’s time to face facts, true believers.

We’re all Skrulls.

Oh, and Marvel? Can we have Hawkeye back now? Please? With a bow and arrow? In his real costume? With his mouth showing? And a freaking smile on it?

There is nothing in this selection that doesn’t make me happy. I didn’t vote for Wolverine, but if this was ten years ago I would have (doubly so because ten years ago I was a shallow little fanboy who thought stabbing stuff was cool…), and I think he does deserve a high score.

I did vote for Cyclops (he was my number two), and I really didn’t expect him to do this well.

Hulk and Thor definitely deserve those places, and I understand Hawkeye is to Avengers fans what Wolverine is to X-geeks.

So this leaves, what, Daredevil, Spidey, Cap and the Thing. And the surprise top five placement goes to… Ghost Rider?

Mutt, I hope Marvel is listening to ya…. A NINJA????? Hawkeye learned archery from a guy with a trick sword!!!
How does that make him a NINJA?

I never really thought of Cyclops as popular.

I have nothing against him myself, but he just never really stands out from the pack.

About the Wolverine thing…I think this is just a bit of backlash. I don’t have a problem with the character per se; I don’t think I know anyone who does, actually. It’s just that the whole “Cult of Wolvie” has gotten so tired. Yes, yes, the giggedy-gigg who is the hooptie at what he does and what he does is all up in your face. We get it. Can we move on now?

I love the Cyclops love!

I think he’s got one of the best childhoods/backstories in comics.

Dad’s a space pirate. Every person who tried to adopt him was dissuaded by Sinister. Is so blindly loyal to the dream because Xavier was his first real father figure.

He’s such a great, flawed character.

Thor was my #8 and Wolverine #7.
A lot of my choices include “art” appeal. Characters that are enjoyable to draw, and both Thor and Wolverine have that in spades.
Thor allows for larger than life sequences, amazing settings, and grand and kingly posturing. Wolverine gives you everything from feral madness, to martial arts, to cigar-chomping noir– there’s more to him than “stabbing stuff”.

I drew Hawkeye for a couple of years on Thunderbolts and I always looked forward to the pages in which he was to appear.

All five of these characters would be in my top 20.

Couldn’t you get one of Cyclops’ good costumes for pictures? The 80s or the ultimate one looked better…

Surprised that Wolverine is #7. I think that overall, he deserves top 3 (Along with Spidey and Doom). Of the characters who will be in the Top 5, I would argue that one barely deserves Top 10, and I am surprised that two of the others made it to the top 5 over Wolverine and Hulk.

I would like to thank Brian for putting all the crazy amount of work into this for our enjoyment. Great job, man!

Wolverine is 7. wow. though he’s still twice as popular as the punisher. :)

more of my numerical analysis is over on the DC list.

Ha! Cyclops had more first place votes than Wolverine! Eat it Logan!

It pleases me greatly to see Cyclops in the top ten.

Despite how tired I am of Wolverine and his extreme overexposure, I’m just as surprised as everyone else that he’s not in the top 5.

I had Thor at #2, so I obviouslt feel he should have gone in the top 5 as well, but I’m not displeased at his spot. His placement was probably hurt with his lack of a series for the last few years.

And this draws my listings to an end. Brian apparently wouldn’t take the Ultimates as a single entry despite their not appearing in solo titles. I’m not mad, though. His list, his rules. My other hopeful, Ka-Zar, didn’t even crack the top 50. Not that I expected him to, but still…


September 25, 2007 at 6:51 am

Cyclops was (almost) always my favorite X-man, since my first X-posure to the team waaaay back in “Uncanny” X-men # 113.
(Nightcrawler was a fave for a short while afterwards, but Cyclops rallied and won me back).

I truly didn’t think he’d be so high on the list.


And Wolverine not in top 5… VERY promising.


I voted for Hawkeye as my number one, I’ve been a fan of his for years now (I loved Tom DeFalco’s run on ‘Solo Avengers’. “This bow is a work of art that should never be used like a common baseball bat. But I guess it’ll do in a pinch.”) I’m thrilled to see that many agree with me; Hawkeye just rocks.

Hawkeye Moment of the Day: Imus Champion, billionaire, hires Hawkeye to teach him archery. Once he’s learned, he decides to demonstrate his skill by tying Hawkeye to a bomb, which he will detonate with a precisely placed, challenging shot from a distance with his bow, in order to destabilize the San Andreas Fault and shift California into the sea. (Imus Champion, as you might have guessed, never goes for the simple solution to a problem.)

The Avengers show up, there’s a huge battle, and Hawkeye manages to get free and grab his own bow just as Champion draws back his. From the same distance that Champion considered “a challenging shot” to hit the bomb, Hawkeye draws, fires, and hits Champion’s bowstring, ruining his shot. Because he’s just that good.

I cant believe Brian Vaughan wrote that cyclops mini-series. I remember it being such crap. That was the one with him in the savage land, right?

Wow, reading those “where are they now” recaps at the end of each entry reminds me why I read very few Marvel titles (don’t worry, it’s the same reason I don’t read very many DC titles either).

I didn’t used to like Cyclops, but I found that whenever there was an X-book without him in it, it felt like there was something missing. Cyclops kind of IS the X-men for me, he’s the one who personifies their goals and the personality of the team. He just keeps on helping people dutifully despite nobody particularly liking him. Plus he has a cool visor.

Haha, Wolverine at 7. I used to think he was cool, but he’s so overexposed now that I’m just sick of him. I have Logan fatigue. Seems I’m not the only one.

Hmm, well, I’m guessing Spidey and Cap in the top 5. Maybe Spidey at number 1 even.

I wonder where Conan would have placed had he been allowed in the votes? His was one of my favorite Marvel comics for years and years.

Final 5: “Spidey, Daredevil, Cap, Thing… and … Dr Doom?”

Yeah, this sounds likely. I think Spider-Man, Captain America, Ben Grimm, and Doctor Doom (not necessarily in that order) are shoo-ins, and Daredevil does seem likeliest for the fifth spot… though neither a wildcard surprise nor DD getting “passed over” would come as total surprises to me.

Cyke in the top 10, great! I told you.

Wolverine not making the top 5 is not a huge surprise to me. He actually ended up in a higher position than he did on the favorite X-men poll (he finished 8th there). But i thought Hulk would make the top 5. Guess that this “he’s a killer/he’s not a killer” thing took some votes out of him.

While I’m not surprised he made the top 10, the difference between Hawkeye and Thor and Iron Man is way higher than i expected.

The top 5 is Spider-Man (#1) and in any order Daredevil, Cap. America, Doom and the Thing. There is no way of those 5 not making it. Which means i am right about Ghost Rider being out of the list too.

I think that that the final ranking will be

1) Spidey
2) Dr. Doom
3) Cap. America
4) Daredevil
5) The Thing

Doom ranks so high because seemingly every single poster at CBR loves him. Great to see that Bendis and Brubaker’s work make Daredevil popular enough to make this list.

Wow, we could see an X-free top five unless Prof X makes an appearence. Who would have thought it?


September 25, 2007 at 7:56 am

Think everyone is missing the true darkhorse of the top five. Ms.Jubilation Lee she’s gonna beat out DD for the #5 spot.I have no doubt (and I’m not just saying that ‘cuz of my mad Jubilee love).She’s the best at what she does and what she does is go to the mall :D

I had Cyclops at #6 on my list. Nice to see his getting some love. It almost makes up for how crappy they treated the character in (ugh!) X-Men 3: The Last Stand.

I still think Dakota North stands a chance.

I’ve always been bored to tears by the original X-Men but I didn’t actively hate Cyclops until he met Madeleine Pryor. What a shallow, self-centered prick he’s turned out to be since then.

#10. Jee-zus…

I’m surprised that Ghost Rider didn’t make the list, as well as Cable, even though I didn’t vote for either. I thought they were pretty popular.

But one character I did vote for that I thought for sure would be on the list is Beta Ray Bill. It’s Thor with a horse skull for a head and he was created by Walt Simonson. How could people not like that?

Oh, and my #1 pick has the most #1 votes so far. Go Hawkeye!

Yeah…There are some very compelling arguments made here for Cyclops as a great flawed classic hero, but that “hero’s reward” aspect just drives me nuts. Especially with comic-book logic applied.

Killing the guy’s One True Love is an acceptable arc enough; but this need to give him a woman, any woman, a clone of his original woman, no whoops the original’s back, no wait he’s having an affair with a hotter woman…well, ‘ugh’ still covers it nicely.

And these are the people, nota bene, that Marvel is trying to push as their powerful, significant female characters. But – as far as I can tell – not one of them has called Cyclops on this behaviour, brought him to account for it. Yeah, right, fanboy writers.

Wolverine…I’m a little surprised, but not much. He seems to have settled to his level as a character, which just isn’t Top Five.

Also, no Elektra? No Black Widow, no Professor X, no Ghost Rider? Besides Black Widow, I thought these were all shoe-ins for top 30, easy.

Agreed, Eric. Black Widow and Ghost Rider both deserved spots (IMO, of course, as did the Man-Thing) over some of the others that actually placed. But the majority spoke, so we can’t be TOO bitter, lol.

The question is, which ghost rider? Johny Blaze fighting against the demon who shares his body? Danny Ketch as a street level fighter? The power-hungry Noble Kale that conquered Hell? Or the tortured soul/blood-thirsty killer that recently appeared? Cause I’ll admit, I voted for Johny Blaze but I haven’t enjoyed the character for a long time. Since the end of the Blaze/Spirits of Vengeance era actually. The concept of a human being who wanted to move on from the supernatural and reunite with his family is a powerful theme, especially when his only edge consisted of a powerful shotgun and motorcycle powered by the mystical forces still trapped in his gun. That Blaze, I loved. He was hard-drinking and hard-loving, but very believable man.
I liked Ketch until they off him and Blaze’s series. After that I pretty much just walked away from Marvel for a long time. When I checked out the new Ghost Rider series, I just wasn’t impressed or interested. The heart of Ghost Rider was always Blaze and his spirit. I just don’t feel that with the new series.

There was a time when Ghost Rider was one of Marvel’s top dogs. In the underoos/slurpee cup/house ads type drawings, he was always there, right next to Hulk, Cap and Spidey. Goes to show the power of a great visual design.

Man Thing? Don’t you have to have a character to be a character?

I became a Cyclops fan due to something subtle in the 80s Marvel comics that I now wonder if it was intentional or not.

I first noticed it in Secret Wars. The heroes were making a battle plan. The three planners were Mr. Fantastic, Captain America, and Cyclops. Why Cyclops?

The three team leaders were Mr. Fantastic, Wasp, and Storm. Wasp had deferred leadership to Cap because she felt that the non-Avengers (and I got the impression that the non-Avengers-fan readers) might question her abilities.

But, in that case, wouldn’t you want intelligence in your planning? Hulk had Dr. Banner’s brain at the time, and Professor X was there. And, no one know that wasn’t Tony in the Iron Man suit.

Nope, they went for Cyclops. I wondered why.

I wasn’t a huge X-Men fan at the time. I mostly knew them from the Savage Land story and their various guest appearances in Spider-Man. And, Cyclops wasn’t in any of those stories. So, I picked up a bunch of X-Men back issues. I wanted to know more about this person whom Richards and Cap obviously respected.

I found a man who was quiet, more of a background character really. But, he was usually the leader of the X-men. And, except for the loner, Wolverine, the others always trusted his judgement and executed his plans without question.

Around this time, I was also a fan of Strikeforce. Their leader, Vyking, had the power to sense where they and their enemy were. No offensive or defensive powers. Just location.

I also liked Misfits of Science. And, in the first season their leader was the one of them without any powers. He was just smart. (In the second season, he was comedy relief, and I didn’t like him as much.)

So, I realized that I liked Cyclops because he was a background person who took information into his head and quietly decided what was best and then took that decision and executed it. And, executed it correctly and competantly often enough that Captain America asked for his tactical advice. That was, to me when I was 15, the epitome of cool.

Now, a few months ago, I had surgery and while recovering read a bunch of trade paperbacks, one of which was Secret Wars. Now, I think that Cyclops was at the planning table with Reed and Cap because he hadn’t been seen for a while, and Shooter was trying to give everyone equal time. I’d just read a whole lot of characterization into the three of them based on what could have been a purely graphic decision.

Cyclops is still my #1 pick, though.


Shocked but delighted to Cyke at number 10. He’s always been my favourite X-Man and for years was my favourite overall (he’s only been over taken by Daredevil in recent years).

Great stuff for Thor.Granted,I would have liked him even higher.But given his lack of a regular series for the last few years,it’s nice to see him still in the Top 10.

Too bad his step brother Loki didn’t make,but what can you do? Lack of recent coverage may have tolled on a top villain.Though,for both and the cast in general,good things seem on the way.

I’m fine with an X-free Top 5.Can’t say I feel Wolverine has enough substance in recent times to merit higher.I liked him very much under Clairmont.But his recent material tends to feel too cliched,for me.

As for 6-10, I’m disappointed but not surprised to see Wolverine as high as he is. I am, however, disappointed AND surprised to see Whiney Summers get the 10 spot. If he would have bowed out immediately after Uncanny 201, he’d still be okay in my book, but he didn’t. And he just grew worse and worse as a character. Sigh.

My guess for the top 5:

1) Spidey
2) Daredevil
3) The Thing
4) Frog Thor
5) Cap. America

Doom never really seemed like all that engaging a character. He was a robot half the time. I did, however, enjoy Simonson’s work with him in his FF run.

p.s., I’m kicking myself for finally having prepared my votes and then realizing that I had missed the deadline by a day. With my votes, Frog Thor may have even beat out the Thing.

My personal favourite Scott Summers moment: He built an exploding robot of his girlfriend, just so Gambit would learn a vital lesson about respecting the personal bubble. Of course, it didn’t seem to take, but it was a valiant (and wonderfully elaborate) effort.

Also, there was that time he picked a fight with Wolverine by throwing a drink in his face and insulting his manhood. And then kicked his arse with a combination of judo and psychological warfare.

I suspect the top 5 will be Spidey, the Thing, Daredevil, Captain America and Doctor Doom – maybe even in that order.

I’ll join in the prognosticatory fun:

1.Captain America
3.The Thing
5.Ghost Rider (just to tick Omega Alpha off. :) Otherwise, I’m pretty sure it’ll be either Doom or Professor X.)

I’m betting on Cap and Spidey in the top two spots as well. Cap might just take #1, thanks at least in part to the “sympathy” vote. And the fact he rocks.

I was just happy to be asked to write why Hulk was my number one (I’m Adam L BTW)

Is the Thing really that popular that he has beaten Wolverine, Hulk, Iron Man and Hawkeye? I had no idea he was that popular…. For me he ranks well below a lot of characters that have already made it….

Hard to believe that not only did Wolverine not make the top 5, but it looks like no X-characters made it at all (unlees Prof. X somehow slips in.)

I’d figured Logan as #1–I’m estatic the Hulk beat him. Dr. Doom is my only choice still in the running.

IIRC, Xavier didn’t even made the top 20 on the X-men, i would be surprised if he made the list at all. The top 5 characters will be Spidey, The Thing, Doom, Cap. America and Daredevil, not much room for surprises.

I’m one of the ones who voted for Joe Fixit–it was my favorite period of the Hulk. Peter David’s tenure ahd other interesting phases. He’s the reason I voted for the hulk. ALthough, his stories needed the others before him to build up the character to play in type or against type. (There was also theat great graphic novel of him with the Thing-the nmae of which escapes me right now.)

I’m sure I’ll be seeing two more of my top 10–and so 5 of each will make this list and DC’s…

Even though he wasn’t in my top ten, I’m surprised Wolverine was not in the top five!


amazing job you people are doing with this countdown, I’m so happy that Cyclops made it to the top ten (and Wolverine din’t make it to the top five)because, beyond the romantic mess, he remains one of the most “heroic” heroes of Marvel, I think of him as the X response to Captain America, no less.

also, sad that many of my favorites didn´t seemed to make it to the top 50, no sign of Hank Pym, Scarlet Witch of the Vision.

I blame Bendis for that

but then again, I blame him for almost everything nowadays.

Vision was #42. But yeah, it’s sad the other 2 won’t make the list. I blame Bendis as well.

Related to how the respective companies’ archers were close and to how close the merman were, also Thanos and Darkseid clocked in at 24 and 24 respectively.

Deadpool kicked Deathstroke’s butt though.

I meant Darkseid was 26.

Wow. Some of these explanations are really sad.

Cyclops made it, wow. Kinda surprised and delighted. Wish I got to vote, hope this site has a top 100 poll in the future again. I’m surprised that Daredevil is so popular…I knew Mysterio was wrong, C list my arse Kevin Smith! Cheers.

Cyclops is the man!!!

WAY TO GO CYCLOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xavier’s No. 1 Boy does good.

Cyclops was always a stand out character from the beginning. Carrying the leadership weight of the X-Men….while also being a big brother for them all too look up to. That was the MAGIC from the very first time I read the X-Men……….but over the years (which would be a long time ago for me) they lost something…..and his strategic genius never seemed to be fleshed out properly…..that and they made him look like a “Prick” most of the time……which intially he was anything but. The truth is that to me, he was a more of a good natured individual who had the same superlative strategic intellect as “Michael Samuele” of the early 90’s tv show “La Femme Nikita”…….the character of Michael had these talents fleshed out in fantastic form…..but for a long while…..the same could not be said of Cyclops.

It wasn’t until the tv animated “X-Men Evolution” came out that I started to see Scott Summers portrayed as he should have been………even if in the very last episode they SHOE HORNED Wolverine to be the strategic hero ( I think that was mostly to coincide with the 2nd X Man movie…..BUT IT WAS SO DISRESPECTFULL TO FANS OF THE CHARACTER………..Rogue to was the main focal point in the plan against Apocalypse……BUT AT LEAST IT MADE PERFECT SENSE in her case. That’s the moment were I felt as though they were really shoving Wolverine’s ass in everybody’s face.

The first X-man Movie didn’t matter….because Wolverine was central to the story, and it made sense for him to be the focal point…….besides…..all the characters where pretty much respected as to their attributes, and talents….espeically Cyclops………even with the 2nd Movie…..and even though I was disgusted with the lack of Cyclops screen time…… I was not upset at Wolverine…..because again… he was still central to this particular story….it felt right to see him taking the lead screen time………..but in the 3rd Movie? COME ON!!!!…….and besides…..of all the X-Men……he’s the poorest advessary to be facing Magneto in the comic book world……he’s tailor made for Magnteo to seperate the Metal from his Wolverine flesh……….I can just hear Magnetos comments to him… “Very good Wolverine……but now that you’ve managed to heal yourself…….what are you going to do for a new Ademantium Skeleton?” Uggh…..it’s so obvious Magneto would own him.

Look, I never liked Wolverine in the Comics (but I didn’t hate him either)…..but in the first movie I found him a fascinating character…..even in the 2nd…….but now all I can say is that WOLVERINE IS WAYYYYY OVERATED……and so I’m not surprised that he ended up where did on this list. And I am happy that Cyclops is ranked high on the list…….maybe……just maybe……..DC will get a clue as to what makes a hero great.

There’s an episode of X-Men Evolution where the X-Men are stuck in a cave while they are being attacked…..(it’s the episode where they face off with Juggernaut in a climatic battle on top of a damn……one of my all time favorte Cyclops moments is in that part to boot……”You want it Raw….Then take if Raw!”…..you Cyclops fans will know what I’m talking about)….anyway, while under attack……Woverine & Cyclops argue about what to do……and after Cyclops makes his case…..everyone (except Wolverine of course) goes on to stand behind Cyclops…….that to me is the true essence of the charcters…….the leader and the maverick……a maverick who is best when he, like the other X-Men is loyal to the X-Men’s true leader.

In a nut shell, DC can either allow them to write Cyclops like he’s a stuck up Prick…..just to make Wolverine look better……or they can write him like a the esscence of cool that I always pictured him as…….and that’s as the leader of the X-Men.

Citizen Scribbler

April 30, 2008 at 10:07 am

David, you’re the one who might need a clue if you think DC is responsible for publishing tales of Cyclops and the X-Men. Was that goof the product of a lack of proofreading or were you really under the impression that Cyclops rubs shoulders with the likes of Wonder Woman and The Blue Beetle. Mind you, I think Cyclops and Geo-Force would get along famously ;)

-Citizen Scribbler

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