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This Artist Is Good – Kurt Mitchell

My buddy Kurt Mitchell recently scanned some of the various comic sketches he has done over the years, and I thought it would be fun to share them with you all, as Kurt does some very strong work (almost all the sketches are in ballpoint pen, which makes the quality that much more impressive).









Joker, Catwoman & Riddler.jpg

Magneto & Toad.jpg

Spider-Man Vs Vulture.jpg

Hulk Vs Thor.jpg


Pretty neat stuff, no?

Check here for even more work from Kurt.


That is pretty good stuff. I wish my ballpoint doodlings were in that league

You should mention the most amazing part of Kurt’s talent. You know, the fact that he doesn’t use his hands.

You should mention the most amazing part of Kurt’s talent. You know, the fact that he doesn’t use his hands.

I sorta wanted the work to stand on its own, but yes, that is quite amazing.

Sorry if I blew it. The work does stand on it’s own, absolutely, but I think it’s worth pointing out, in this era of lightboxers and other shortcuts, that someone like Kurt is doing it the hard way, and looking just as good, if not better.


October 3, 2007 at 5:45 pm

I was looking at this on the boards the other day.

It’s really quite good.

You should mention the most amazing part of Kurt’s talent. You know, the fact that he doesn’t use his hands.


He draws with his feet?

Regardless of what he uses, those are some mighty fine sketches. He has a great, silver age style.

Actually, I draw holding the pen in my teeth. I was delighted that Brian didn’t mention that fact and I forgive Dan for bringing it up. He’s just a young’n, after all, and don’t know any better. :D

Very classy silver age-y looking artwork. The three dimensional construction of the characters is just so tight and neat. I think that’s my favourite thing about old school drawing styles like this. There’s a really substantial feeling to the characters that makes them dynamic.

I dig his Batman and the Vulture/Spidey pic.

My favorite is the old-school Batman at the bottom.

Love that Batman. I wish I could see this wonderful colored Hourman drawing Kurt did again…I had it as my desktop for several months. I think I lost my copy of it in a computer crash, though.

I’ll try to post the Hourman pic on my art thread in the next couple of days.

whee! thank you!

I tried to get Kurt to draw with his feet. He said “NO”. I owe so much of my drawing talent to the direction of this man.

Roquefort Raider

April 30, 2008 at 10:39 am

Kurt is really excellent. His style is classic without looking dated; it has all that was good in silver age art. I really like the nefarious trio up there as well as the Thor vs Hulk piece; both make me want to read the comic they’re from (if such comics existed)!

Garbage. most were swiped.

It’s fine by me if you don’t like my work, Mel, but it’s not true that the posted drawings are swipes. Only the shot of Magneto and the Toad is based on someone else’s work (a Kirby panel from X-Men #4) but even that is a reinterpretation rather than a swipe a la Rich Buckler.

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