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Comic Book Idol 3 Contest!

Here’s a new contest!

If you have not been following Comic Book Idol 3, it begins officially today, Thursday, October 11th.

Here is a list of the ten finalists, with a link to their websites.

The contest is a simple one – post in the comments section to this entry who you think the two finalists will be. Everyone who guesses correctly will be entered into a random drawing, with the winner receiving a bunch of free stuff, including autographed comics courtesy of Comic Book Idol 3’s host, J Torres!!

So make your guesses! I’ll stop accepting guesses next Wednesday, at 11am Eastern time.


Of course I don’t know, who the two finalists will be, but I can say, who I like to see on the top of the winners’ rostrum. I vote for Charles Paul Wilson III and Dan McDaid.

Charles Paul Wilson III and Jose Holder

i have a very good sense it will be Caio Oliveira & Daniel Lafrance. they both use space very well and have a very firm grasp of layouts.

good stuff.

Dan McDaid and Daniel LaFrance. I like the cuts of their respective jibs.

McDaid and Pitarra look like the top 2 to me–I hope they make it all the way.

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Jon Reed & Nicholas Pitarra are my votes.

I loved Jon Reed’s work – looks very special. Suprised that he is still in accounting (being an accountant i know the pain, pal!). Really hopes that he gets the gig.

And Nicholas Pitarra has great a approach, something about his work is nicely stylised.

Truth to tell, great stuff all around. Best of luck all around.

I’m going to go with Jon Reed and Charles Paul Wilson III.

Charles Paul Wilson III & Jon Reed take the cake easily.

When is Comic Idol 4 starting?

William Ferguson

October 12, 2007 at 7:50 am

Warren Leonhardt all the way! Oh you want two? Daniel LaFrance then! Canadians kick ass!

Jon Reed & Nicholas Pitarra

GO JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew Huerta and Jon Reed

Going purely on the strength of the pages that were posted in the Snark Freee Corner (I can’t get into all of the websites so it wouldn’t be fair to only look at some of them) I would put Daniel Lafrance first. There are a few canditates for 2nd place, but at a push I’m going to say Warren Leonhardt. Both artists have some really natural looking physical acting from their characters.

I’ve got a pair of Dan’s

Daniel Lafrance
Dan McDaid

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With the ten pages we’ve seen, my favorite two are Charles Paul Wilson III and Caio Oliveira. In my opinion, they follwed the script the closest while injecting character & personality into the scenes.

C. P. Wilson would be my choice of the two. This is due to art styles. Oliveira’s drawing is nice enough, but isn’t my prefered style. These two in the finals, maybe Torres as a close #3, but Wilson for the win based only this page.

Opinions on the others:

Andrew Huertaand & Wilfredo Torres followed the script, but the art wasn’t very interesting. They can draw well enough, but their panels aren’t well developed.

Daniel Lafrance didn’t follow the script. The last panel was omitted. He did, however, show some relation between the two characters without being cheesy or gratuitous.

Dan McDaid, Jon Reed, Jose Holder, and Warren Leonhardt made the girl’s appearance into a peepshow. Near-nudity for the sake of doing it is never a good choice.

Nicholas Pitarra failed on both counts. He left off the final panel AND had as neat a full-frontal nudity shot as you can get away with. To boot, the girl wasn’t covering herself, she was cupping her breast in an offer to the guy. Very poor choice.

I’ll go with Charles Paul Wilson III and Warren Leonhardt.

So, Brian, looks like we have a couple of correct guesses. When is the drawing? :)

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