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365 Reasons to Love Comics #291

Man, when this baddie sits around a planet, he sits around a planet. (Learn Spanish: “Archivo!”)


291. Galactus

Galactus 1.jpg

Sorry, gang, quick one tonight. Don’t worry; while I may be concise (and who knows, I could end up being ridiculously verbose in the end– these things tend to happen), I shall be especially insightful. Maybe.

Galactus is the most terrifying being in the galaxy. Also? He wears a skirt. Why? Because giant Jack-Kirby-created terrors from space have to wear skirts. It’s the law.

I’m sure you all know about the Big G, but for formality’s sake– Galactus is a big ol’ dude with a tall helmet who goes around eating planets, usually guided by a herald. He keeps trying to eat Earth, but the Fantastic Four and friends keep pushing him away. Because of this, Galactus suffers from diminishing returns, though some writers find clever spins– such as having Galactus battle Ego, the Living Planet!

Basically, the idea behind the original Galactus story– probably Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s biggest and best story in the Fantastic Four, and smack dab in the middle of their run– was “the FF fight God.” Of course, this is the Marvel Universe, so it’s God that’s the villain, and his fallen angel, Lucifer– in this case, the Silver Surfer– that’s the good guy. It’s a huge, cosmic, mythological extravaganza– exactly the kind of thing Jack Kirby always brought us.

Galactus 2.jpgGalactus 3.jpgGalactus 4.jpg

Nothing can beat classic Galactus. Sure, audiences in this day and age might think he looks silly, but that’s because he does. He’s friggin’ Galactus, though, so he can pull the look off. Later generations have tried to reinvent him– I’m thinking Gah Lak Tus and Stormcloudus here– and they haven’t nearly managed to capture the power and grandeur and ball-out craziness of the one true Galactus.

For more on G-Dawg, there’s Marvel itself. And for an extra spot of fun, read this Jack Chick tract about Galactus.


Favourite Galactus story: Galactus vs. the homeworld of the Dire Wraiths, returning to his ship afterwards in tatters, his pointy hat broken.

Favourite Galactus story: The Assistant editor’s month issue Marvel Team Up where Aunt May becomes his herald.

Second favourite Galactus story: Galactypus in the Fantastic Fur backup story from “Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham #12″



October 18, 2007 at 11:03 pm

I see Galactus as a reason not to love comics – an idea that was great forty years ago, that has now been done to death by hacks with no ideas of their own.

That’s not Galactus’ fault. A man’s gotta eat, you know?


I’ve noticed that you have a clear distain for anything old. Whassupwitdat? The classics endure for a reason.

On a different note, G-dawg gets overused. He’s a planetary threat and a galactic power, not a throw away villian for Dazzler. While he HAS been written badly, he’s a great character, and a great reason to love comics.

The only 2 Galactus stories worth bothering with? Lee & Kirby’s original, and Waid & ‘Ringo’s arc where Johnny Storm becomes his new herald.

Although that episode of the old FF ‘toon where Ghost Rider shows up and forces him to confront all the souls he’s eaten was pretty good, in a goofy way.

Favourite Galactus story: the ‘Alone Together’ episode of The Tick animated series.

I’d still put the Galactus story pictured above as my favorite of all time. Byrne’s classic Galactus beatdown. The guy’s basically dying and it still takes every major hero in the MU to take him down. Loved that.

They should have another Marvel-DC crossover just so that Galactus can try & eat Mogo.

I was thinking the same thing as John Trumbill.

I’ve noticed that you have a clear distain for anything old. Whassupwitdat? The classics endure for a reason.

No, you haven’t. Mainly because he hasn’t indicated as much.

I think he has a clear disdain for repetitiveness and laziness, though. I’m sure he’ll come and clear up his own position soon enough, though.

Also, the classics endure for a few reasons. Sometimes, it’s due to familiarity and a refusal of progression. Take the fact that the Eagles still play sold out shows. Here’s a band that has always sucked, and yet was embraced by a certain group of people, and now they’re middle-aged, but still hold on to that awful music of yesteryear.

Or Aerosmith. The epitomy of “old people think this is rock music”. They suck, and yet they’re still playing shows and will probably have a new record out in the next five years.

Nostalgia’s a powerful force, and not always for good.

Hilarious Jack Chick parody! Have you seen the short films based on actual Chick Tracts? There are a few on youtube and like 9 over at http://www.316now.com. “Titanic” and “Bewitched” and “Angels” (my favorite – about Satan’s influence on rock music) and a bunch more. I think you will get a kick out of it.

Of course, sorry to have misunderstood your position. It’s not “old things suck”, it’s “old things suck if they are also popular with the masses”.

Thanks for clarifying.

I’ve gotta ask, what’s up with the summer outfit on the Thor cover?

Of course, sorry to have misunderstood your position. It’s not “old things suck”, it’s “old things suck if they are also popular with the masses”.

Don’t be so pissy, John. First of all, are you Avengers63? Second of all, if you are, then you misunderstand both my AND Funky’s positions.

That’s not what I said, and you know it. You just can’t argue with what I said, so you’re changing the sentiment to match what you want to argue against.

My position is “things aren’t good, just because they’re established”.

The important difference being that I’m refusing the supposed inherent quality of old things, not denying quality BECAUSE of age.

I had recently coined the term “suckstalgia” to describe nostalgia for old things which suck. Here’s my timestamp on the phrase, no royalties required.

But all that said, Galactus most emphatically does NOT suck: if anything, he consumes.

Aside: Most of the Galactus stories I’ve read involve him getting beaten… Is Galactus the cosmic jabroni?

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