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Top Five Misters in Comics

TOP FIVE WEEK CONTINUES (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far)!

Today, we’ll explore the top five comic book characters with the word “mister” in their names.



Mister Freeze may be the greatest example of how a cartoon version of a character can be so much better than the comic book version of said character, as the Bruce Timm/Paul Dini take on Mister Freeze in the Batman animated series was just utterly brilliant, and has since been adopted into the comics.


Mister Zsasz is one of the greatest villains created in the past twenty years, as Alan Grant came up with a brilliant “niche” (pun intended) for Zsasz – he is a murderer who cuts a notch into his body with every person he kills.

Scary, huh?

The original Mister Terrific, Terry Sloane, was an interesting character.

terrific 1.jpg

I have a real soft spot for Mister Nebula, Giffen and DeMatteis’ Galactus parody…


Mister Terrific (Michael Holt)

terrific 2.jpg

The current Mister Terrific is one of the best new superheroes developed in the past decade or so. Yet another thing we can thank John Ostrander for!

5. Mister A


This is one of Steve Ditko’s more underappreciated characters (so much so that I forgot about him initially!).

4. Mister Mind


It’s a worm who is a supervillain!

That is awesome!

3. Mister Mxyzptlk


Mxy has been a fun thorn in Superman’s side for decades now!

2. Mister Miracle


I really hope Scott Free makes it out of the Death of the New Gods okay!

1. Mister Fantastic


One of the cornerstones of the Marvel Universe.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


I can’t believe you left off Mister Fish. Nobody laughs at Mister Fish.

What about the 80’s band Mr. Mr.?

Mr. Mojo Rising? (Gotta keep on rising)

Mr. Roboto? (Domo Arigato)

Mr. Bojangles? (His dog up and died)

OK… I’ll stop. As long as nobody claims that Me. Sinister is anything other than stupid.

Nobody laughs at Mister Fish, but I laughed at your comment, Anonymous! Thanks for a good start to a new week.

the most important thing Mr. Fantastic has done was make it cool to have gray hair.

I was looking for a mister that was a little more sinister on the list, or mentions.

You left of the best Mister of all!

Mister Machine

aka Machine Man

aka Aaron Stack

I can’t agree with the current Mr. Terrific until someone actually explains him to me.

He just showed up in JSA. He’s apparently a super genius who creates special technology, even though technology cannot see him. (Must make airports fun.)

That’s pretty much it. No decent backstory, no history. About as lame as Kyle Raynor being picked as green lantern. (I confess I like Raynor, in part because he made his ring constructs interesting, but he was a nobody.)

Hooray, Top 5 lists. Please do a Top 5 hats list please.

I see that mister Sinister isn’t on their, not that I’m surprised.

I tihnk Mr. Freeze should have been #5.

No Mr Hyde?

Okay, yeah, he’s kind of lame. Sauron was a much better use of the archetype, at least until Karl Lykos suddenly turned evil.

I’m no fan of Mr. Fantastic, but I do hope that I get the greying at the temples as I get older. That’s incredibly pimp. Also, the Batman: TAS Mr. Freeze is the best character on the list. Heart of Ice is a masterpiece.


I don’t think the original Mr. Terrific belongs on there. Beyond a great origin story (genius, polymath and star athlete bored with life contemplates suicide before becoming a Superhero) the most interesting thing the character did was be the corpse for a JLA/JSA crossover.

I do thoroughly agree with the new Mr. Terrific. One of my favourite new characters and probably my favourite member of the new JSA

Richard Gere should have played mister terrific, and everyone would have understood where doctor dooms hatred of reed came from.

No Mister X or Mr. Monster??

I cannot for the life of me figure out why so many people think the new Mr. Terrific is cool.

Yes…Mr. Monster!

One of my favorites would be Guy Smith, a.k.a. Mister Sensitive, from X-Statix.

The scene from FF#1 where Mr. Fantastic names himself is one of the greatest moments of superdickery ever. Right after Ben Grimm laments how ugly he is and why he should be called the Thing, Reed just blurts out, “Ok, and I’ll be Mr. Fantastic!” I’ve also always found it funny that despite his multiple doctorates, Reed still called himself “Mr.” instead of “Dr.” (like Vic Von Doom did).

Other Top 5 suggestions:

Top 5 Captains; Top 5 Robots; Top 5 Punches! (Batman punches Guy; Superboy-Prime punches DC Universe; etc…)

Tom from West Chester

October 22, 2007 at 1:23 pm

The lack of at least an honorable mention for Mr. T of Mr. T and the T-Force fame is a huge oversight. How do you leave off one of the least necessary licensed comic properties ever? It’s hard to not make a tired “I pity the fool” reference here.

If you allow foreign lanugages, Monsieur Mallah ought to have gotten at least an honorable mention.

Mr. E should also be at least an honorable mention.

Hey wait, you added him! That is both no fair and awesome.

“That’s pretty much it. No decent backstory, no history. About as lame as Kyle Raynor being picked as green lantern. (I confess I like Raynor, in part because he made his ring constructs interesting, but he was a nobody.”

so was hal jordan. he was just an airplane test pilot just like Kyle was just a cartoonist.

Cat Skyfire said:
“He just showed up in JSA. He’s apparently a super genius who creates special technology, even though technology cannot see him. (Must make airports fun.)”

He didn’t just “show up,” he was created by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake back in their excellent Spectre series in the mid-90’s and was given a full back story and development as a character. His background and motivations were laid out in detail. He took the name of Mr. Terrific in honor of the original, who was an inspiration to him.

In my opinion, he is BAD ASS. He is many of the things Batman is, such as intelligent, skilled in many disciplines, and a great strategist, without being as heralded for it.

The fact that two great titles, JSA and Checkmate, have found valid ways to use him is testament to how viable and interesting a character he is in the right hands.

Cat, the current Mr. Terrific has a back story, he didn’t just show up in the JSA… dispite it seeming that wasy in JSA 11.

You know what he is, a genius. You probably know that he built up a cyberware company and later sold it to Wayne Enterprises for heaps of cash.

But why is he Mr. Terrific?

That’s easy. The Spectre. The old one, Jim Corrigan.

Holt had it all, enough money he’d never have to work, and a wife, who was everything to him. She gave meaning to everything he ever did. And then a car accident killed her, and their unborn child.

You know how it goes. Depression, “why keep on living” … finally he stood on the edge, contemplating suicide. He blamed himself because they had an argument before his life left for church, the argument made her late, and put her in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As he stood there, some punks tried to mug him, when the Spectre came and scared them off.

He told Holt the story of Mr. Terrific, how he was in the same situation, and how he decided to become a better hero for the kids than the gangsters they tried to be like.

The Spectre told Holt that while anyone who passes away cannot simply be replaced, they leave a void that must be filled. The void left by Mr. Terrific wasn’t one that was filled by Superman, Batman or even the Spectre, because Mr Terrific worked at the street level, giving them a better role model than the gangsters out there, and that perhaps, by filling the void left by the former Mr. Terrific, Holt could fill the void left by his wife’s passing.

not the best backstory, but hey, it’s comics.

The great thing about Mister Terrific is that he doesn’t become a one note character. Yeah he has super tech like his t-shperes but his real weapon is his mind. If you read him in Checkmate he plays the strategy part well; you forget he’s a superhero and just focus on what a smart, cool, calculating person he is.

I agree with the inclusion of the original Mr. Terrific, Terry Sloan. He was like Doc Savage with a mask and a magnificently hokey Golden Age costume. Or he would have been had the Golden Age writers explored his character better. Since they didn’t I think DC should do a run of “untold” Terry Sloan stories.

I’m with Andrew Collins.
Mister X and Mister Monster both got totally shafted on this one.

“not the best backstory, but hey, it’s comics.”

not the best? its amazing! that summary just got me interested in the character!

Mr Nebula would have been in my top 5–hands down–probably at number 2 behind Mr Miracle

I think the new Mr. Terrific is a great character. Now if he would just get rid of the stupid T on his face.

I pity the fools who did not recognize the greatest of the misters

Mr. T


I think the new Mr. Terrific is a great character. Now if he would just get rid of the stupid T on his face.

What’s the deal with that? Paint? Latex? Tattoo?

It’s some sort of cybernetic fabric; it renders him invisible to technology while he’s wearing it.

The Man With No Name

December 21, 2015 at 12:11 pm

Mr. Fantastic flat out sucks, yet I somehow knew he’d find his way to this list. As for whoever said Mr. Sinister sucks, I renounce thee! I love the dialogue and feud between him and Apocalypse.

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