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YouTube Can Be Good – 10/23

Here are some comic-related YouTube pieces, including an inspired piece of history courtesy of Bob Layton.

First off, I know people liked seeing it the first time around, and now that it is in theaters, it has popped up on YouTube agian.

So here is the Iron Man movie trailer.

It only looks AWESOME.

Next, courtesy of Bob Layton, (whose awesome website, BobLayton.com, can be found here), here is a Marvel roast of Jim Shooter from back in 1984.

John Byrne, Mark Gruenwald, Mike Carlin, Butch Guice, Dave Simons and Tom DeFalco are in there!

Pretty darn awesome, no?

If you have any other cool comic-related YouTube clips out there, let me know!


Wow, total flashback. First of all, yes…that Iron Man trailer does the job. I am anxiously awaiting this movie on opening weekend (which means something, as I have yet to see X3, Spidey 3 or FF2 at all).

The roast was great and very nostalgic. I never realized how much Gru looked like Bruce Campbell at times. Gru, you are missed.

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That roast is great, thanks!

What movie(s) is the Iron Man trailer showing with?

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