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How about those play at home folks?

Check out what some NON-finalists for Comic Book Idol 3 have cooked up for their take on the assignment for the second round of Comic Book Idol 3! See their pages here.


On the round one play at home comment section, lots of commentors were blowing smoke up the artists keisters telling them tha their work was as good as the contestants, when it was nowhere near as good.

For this challenge, though, many of the play at home folks HAVE actually bested some of the contestants.

It seems like a lot of comic artists have real difficulty drawgin girls that look like girls, and not women. Most of the females in there look like they’re in their twenties, not high school.

Dan (other Dan)

October 24, 2007 at 3:39 pm

Yeah, but hanging around the high school for photo referencing can get complicated. “No, I just want to draw them for the internet,” probably doesn’t convince anyone, either.

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