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Top 100 DC Characters #96-100

And we’re done!

96. Stargirl – 63 points


97 (tie). Deadman – 62 points (1 first place vote)


97 (tie). Mr. Mxyzptlk – 62 points


99 (tie). Hawkgirl – 61 points (1 first place vote)


99 (tie). Metamorpho – 61 points


If anyone wants to e-mail me reasons why you voted for these people, feel free to do so at bcronin@comicbookresources.com


Hey, there’s Mxyzptlk. Nice to see him. Great to see Stargirl too.

Isn’t Mxyzptlk unaffected by the physical laws of “our” dimension? What exactly prevents him from speaking underwater, since he appears to be breathing just fine?

I’ve been waiting on Deadman since the start as he was in my top 10 (I think…it all seems so long ago). Glad he scraped in past the finishing post at last. I wasn’t sure about him making the top 100 at all as he’s always had a limited following often just cropping up as a supporting character and due to the lack of interaction with other characters who often don’t even know he’s there – part of his appeal to me really, I love the way he manages to affect outcomes without anybody knowing.

I’m glad it wa Boston Brand who made it as I really didn’t like the rethought Deadman who had the recent run on Vertigo. Boston is a far more likeable character and has been sorely underused in the past….He would make an awesome addition to the Shadowpact team; even if they were unaware of his presence although they would probably have someone around who could sense/see or interact with him. I’d love to see a Deadman possessed Detective Chimp!

Alas, poor Ampersand…

I totally forgot Deadman I love Boston, I can’t believe I totally blanked on voting for him….

Did Poison Ivy make the list?

None of the Flash rogues?

Black Lutefisk (and not Mr. Mind)

October 24, 2007 at 2:09 pm

Curses! Can’t you brainless goombahs grasp a true possessor of superior strength and wisdom when you see one! The horror…the horror.

PB: Fifth dimensional speech is water-soluble.

Stargirl’s bottom half looks really strange. Like he used an overweight model, but in the process of trying to reduce the hips and thighs, lost the scale and couldn’t really recover it.

Glad that Metamorpho could make it…

No Ray? No Damage? No Triumph?

No Eradicator? No Cyborg Superman?

No SPOILER!!!!!?????

The most shocking ommission is Enemy Ace.

Well, I think we can see why Hawkgirl got canceled.

This also makes me wonder how well the Metamorpho Year 1 book will do.

Well from my top 10 it seems a few missed the top 100–I can’t say I’m surprised, but missing were:
Nuklon (Albert Rothstein)-A much better name than Atom Smasher.
G’nort (figured he’d miss)
Scarlet Skier(figured he’d miss)

Ben, seriously, at this point can you just reveal Grant Morrison’s point total?

Pretty please?

Is there any chance we could see some sort of “Others receiving votes” rundown?

There’s always a chance for most anything, Sue!

So long as you don’t call me Ben. ;)

I think I’m missing something. I see 96, 2 97’s, and 2 99’s. Where’s 98 and 100?

I think I’m missing something. I see 96, 2 97’s, and 2 99’s. Where’s 98 and 100?

Is that a serious question? If so, I’ll explain it – just checking first. :)

Actually yes.

I was expecting ties to count as one and not displace the others.

But that’s how ties operate.

You don’t come in second place if 100 people are ahead of you, but happen to all be tied.

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