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10/25 – Curious Cat Asks…

SPOILER WARNING!!! In the latest issue of Thunderbolts, does Robbie Baldwin actually cut himself and blast Doc Samson, or is Doc Samson fantasizing about making a breakthrough with Robbie?



Thanks to Jake for the suggestion!

Tom Fitzpatrick

October 25, 2007 at 3:38 am

You had better be careful these days.

After all, curiousity is, supposedly, what killed the cat!


Haven’t read it yet. I’ll chime in tomorrow morning.

I don’t think so. The “fantasy” sequences were tinted green, and the final scene with Robbie wasn’t.

I think it was a genuine breakthrough. Seems a little quick to me… Therapy takes time. I suppose super-therapy is faster.

The “fantasy” sequences were quite clearly about Samson doing something he couldn’t do due to protocols, bureaucracy, etc, beat the crap out of the people who deserve it. A breakthrough is not, and in fact if it was a fantasy, it would have made his presence on the issue useless. Plus, what ED said.

Destroying the whole area would be something you wouldn’t be able to do with protocol, would it?

And as someone else mentioned, breakthroughs usually do not happen so quickly, so is it that he is useless, or that he hasn’t had a breakthrough yet?

Then again, I certainly would prefer it TO be real, and I think it would be confusing if it was NOT real (from a storytelling perspective), but I think it’s definitely a possibility that it was not real.

I take it that we were getting the fantasy sequences because of the mind-readers later introduced?

Is it just me, or are they overstating Doc’s power levels a bit? I mean, yeah, he’s gone toe to toe with the Hulk, but not THE HULK, if you know what I mean. Also, he had short hair in this issue (no ponytail), so doesn’t that deplete his powers?

I like how Ellis seems to be intimating that Samson, perhaps the most stable and even-keeled of all the superheroes (with the death of Steve Rogers) has his own personal demons to deal with.

I did not get the feel that it was a fantasy sequence. What I don’t understand is why it was tinted a little green around the edges. That gave the impression that it might be a daydream, but the non-tinted aftermath confirms that it was real.

I don’t konw that it was a real breakthrough. It’ll most likely become one, but realistically, it doesn’t have to be. Robbie has always been a joke hero, and he knows it. Maybe now that he’s being taken seriously as a legitimate powerhouse, he’ shaving the need to show off. Remember that he is an extremely unstable teenager in a world of adults. In the case of the T-Bolts, mostly unstable adults. Now that he can go toe-to-toe with the heavyweights, maybe he’s having the need to display his power, kinda like a lion’s roar or a gorilla beating his chest. It could be that Samson was starting to piss him off, so he was showing him what he could really do as a way of saying “back off”. Or maybe he can’t work through his emotions and just needs to break stuff. There are lots of explanations for the display. I really hope it WASN’T a breakthrough.

Tornado Ninja Fan #1

October 26, 2007 at 11:47 am

I agree with ED. Both fantasy sequences were tinted green and simple power fantasies, while the breaktrough sequence had light blue borders and Samson was just standing around.

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