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Everybody’s Somebody’s Baby – Day Two

Okay, so we had the Top 100 Marvel and DC Characters List. I even went a little further, and showed you the NEXT hundred on the list. But what about those characters that were less supported? THEY have their fans, too, right? So this week, each day I’m going to take a look at some characters who made only ONE ballot – but were chosen FIRST on that ballot.


Crimson Fox – 10 points (1 first place vote)


Vivian and Constance D’Aramis were sisters who came up with the clever plan of BOTH being a superhero, the Crimson Fox, so that the other sister could run the family’s business. They would take turns being the superhero.

The Foxes joined Justice League Europe, becoming (as a Paris-based hero) the first actual European hero on the team (not counting Rocket Red as European).


The sisters each independently developed romantic feelings for their teammate, Metamorpho.


Vivian was tragically killed in battle.


Even MORE tragically, Constance joined her soon after, in the pages of Starman.


The Crimson Fox was also involved in two, count ‘em, TWO Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed! First, regarding the motives behind her death in Starman, and second, regarding how DC was persuaded to change her name because of the similarity to the character, Red Fox.

More recently, a NEW Crimson Fox has appeared.


Here is why an Anonymous poster picked Crimson Fox #1 on his list…

I guess the reason I like the Foxes the best is that they’re of the exact kind of character who could only exist in comics. French twins who fake their own deaths on a regular basis and don a brown catsuit and hood (replete with head-whip) to save Paris from super-criminals, all the while running their own multi-billion dollar corporation and having constant torrid affairs with other heroes–what’s not to love?

But I think the story that really sold me on them was the “Deconstructo” arc in JLE, when the team went up against a nihilist artist who wanted to turn the world into the chaotic, absurdist world he thought it really was. It wasn’t a very good story itself, as I recall–but then, few of the JLE ones were–but I remember that the writer specifically positioned the Fox as the villain’s ideological opposite. She was sick of her home nation’s presently cynical atmosphere and wanted to embody the true joie de vivre of its history. She wanted the spark of spirit back in Paris, and she felt like she was just the one to bring it.

I think Geoff Johns understood that when he reintroduced the Fox last year in Green Lantern. There, she announces that she is the “Passion of France,” (or “Passion of Paris,” I can’t remember which), and I think that is a perfect summation of what she stands for. She’s full of liberty and fun and sensuality. And she’s also ridiculous, and overburdened with a ludicrous backstory, but then that’s half the fun.

That’s really it.

Thanks, Anonymous!!


I was reading JL* at this time. I don’t have anything against the character(s), but I always thought the huge head-dress was just plain dumb.

On a separate note, on the cover of JLE 42, why are PG’s hooties bigger than WW’s? Isn’t that against some kind of comic book law?

Whatchoo talkin’ about, avengers63? Strict comic-book law states that Power Girl’s breasts are always biggest. Wasn’t there a Comic Book Urban Legends about how this happened?

Was Green Lantern the villain in that story above? He looks frickin’ EVIL.

Paraphrasing the Hulk, Power Girl’s Rack is BIGGEST ONE THERE IS!

Crimson Fox. Definitely two of the more interesting characters in the JLE. Also possibly the ones who suffered the most when Gerard Jones took over (although what he did to Power Girl is probably worse). Vivian’s death was especially terrible. She apparently died, only to turn up alive and well several months later… and then she was killed off in that issue. And this was around when Constance started growling at things and running around the woods naked. Oi.

I wouldn’t have really thought to vote for her, but I was fond of the character in the JLE days. Really, looking at her history seems to sum up DC’s short-sighted “shock value” ways, nowadays…kill her, make her ‘dark’, kill her again, then bring her back as an entirely different character with the same name. Only, y’know, ‘dark’.

Was Green Lantern the villain in that story above? He looks frickin’ EVIL.

I think there was brainwashing involved in that story – so that was how the heroes (like Crimson Fox) probably were SEEING Green Lantern.

I like the idea of time-sharing a superhero identity. If Max Lord hadn’t been killed off the way he was, you’d think he’d have the idea to “create” a superhero and let bored rich people pay to be hero for a day. Hey, I can think of a recent story with Max Lord which was worse!

Why wouldn’t you count Rocket Red as European? I mean, sure, Russia isn’t in the EU, but it’s been considered part of Europe at least since Peter the Great.

Why wouldn’t you count Rocket Red as European?

It’s one of the oldest rules of language.

“If European, then you don’t need to be Russian anymore.”

(Read phonetically)

Yay for the Crimson Fox. Yeah,she’s a favorite of mine as well. I’d like to see more of her.

Shouldn’t this really be only 5 points for each one?

And she might get an action figure in the JLU toyline — she had about as much screen time as Starman and Nemesis, and they got figures.

Have a good day.
John Cage

The Crimson Fox, is the best, the sexiest and one of the most beautiful girls in comics, she (they) have to be seen in more histories, and rejoin the JLA

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