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Everybody’s Somebody’s Baby – Day Six

Okay, so we had the Top 100 Marvel and DC Characters List. I even went a little further, and showed you the NEXT hundred on the list. But what about those characters that were less supported? THEY have their fans, too, right? So this week, each day I’m going to take a look at some characters who made only ONE ballot – but were chosen FIRST on that ballot.


The Frog Prince – 10 points (1 first place vote)


Ambrose, the Frog Prince, was first known to readers of Fables as Flycatcher, the frog-turned-man who worked as a janitor and most folks presumed could not talk.


Our first glimpse into the fairly tortured soul of Flycatcher is when new Fabletown Sheriff, Beast, discovered that Flycatcher was working as a janitor as basically an indentured servant, as Flycatcher was constantly being forced to work off small “crimes” via community service.

Beast made the mistake of trying to correct this “injustice” by giving him a REAL job, but he quickly discovered his error.

You see, Flycatcher’s family had been murdered back in the Homelands (the magical land all the Fables came from to hide in Fabletown) before he came to Fabletown, and if took a REAL job, he’d be forced by honor to quit and go back (and surely be killed). The old sheriff, Bigby Wolf, had come up with the solution of making Flycatcher’s job a PUNISHMENT that he technically could NOT quit, so it would keep him safe and doing a job he loved.

Speaking of love, pretty much everyone in Fabletown loved Flycatcher. Most of the citizens of Fabletown needed to take advantage of the general amnesty given to citizens of Fabletown when they arrived – not so with Flycatcher.

In the Graphic Novel, 1000 Nights of Snowfall, we learn Ambrose’s tragic history.


Recently, now with his memories of his past fully returned, he has decided to go into the Homelands and fight his own private war against the evil Emperor of the Homelands.


This storyline is currently going on.


Hopefully it has a happy ending for Ambrose.

Here is why Rusty Priske picked him #1…

It is strange to say that a character so derivative is so original, but then there
is the Frog Prince.

Here is a character that sat in the background for most of the early issues of Fables, yet still managed to seem interesting. Then when he was given a full back-story…wow. A more heart-wrenching tale I have yet to see in comics. For those who think that it tops out at Roger Stern’s ‘The Boy Who Collected Spider-man’, you need to pick this up.

Then Ambrose/Flycatcher turned into a completely new character without losing the essence that made him…him.

The level of complexity in this character are pretty rare to find in ANY medium these days, not just comics.

Thanks, Rusty!!


Good call Rusty.
Got to say, I was disapointed with how many Fables characters made the top 100.

“The Boy Who Collected Spider-Man”? It was a good story, but nowhere near the top of “heart-wrenching” in terms of comics. Well, I guess if all you read is superheroes and Fables…

Yeah, it was only Bigby who made it, right?

Ambrose is definitely a worthwhile character. And Boy Blue similarly came out of nowhere to shine. And Snow’s great too.

Such a good series.

I didn’t want to say anything and figured someone else would catch it… But here we are on day 6.

The introduction is mis-worded. B.C. listed the top 50, and then showed the next 50. Not hundred.

The difference between the Frog Prince and the other characters that have thus far appeared in “Everybody’s Somebody’s Baby” is that Frog actually kicks metric tons of ass. 12 months ago you couldn’t have said that maybe, but Willingham has done an incredible job of bringing a throwaway, one-gag character to the forefront of his series and making him really compelling.

Mark, the way I myself read it was more in a 50marvel+50dc=100marvel/dc way

That’s what I was thinking too Jaap!

Ah… OK, that makes sense. Still, Top 100 DC and Marvel characters is not QUITE the same thing as Top 50 DC characters and Top 50 Marvel Characters. (And the latter is wordier, but more correct.)

So much love for Prince Ambrose. He’s really grown as a character lately… and he’s probably my favorite Fable.

That has been bugging me for a while, MarkAndrew.

Though I wish it hadn’t been.

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