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Everybody’s Somebody’s Baby – Final Day!

Okay, so we had the Top 100 Marvel and DC Characters List. I even went a little further, and showed you the NEXT hundred on the list. But what about those characters that were less supported? THEY have their fans, too, right? So this week, each day I’m going to take a look at some characters who made only ONE ballot – but were chosen FIRST on that ballot.

And today is the last one!


Pyro – 10 points (1 first place vote)


St. John Allerdyce was an Australian mutant who was a novelist and reporter before Mystique convinced him to join her newly formed Brotherhood of Mutants (was she calling them Evil Mutants? I forget).







Pyro served with the Brotherhood for years, including when they worked for the US government as Freedom Force.

He even joined Toad’s reformed Brotherhood.


Pyro eventually contracted the mutant-killing disease, the Legacy Virus.

He searched for a cure for years, encountering different people, including Daredevil and Cecilia Reyes…


Eventually, right before he died, Pyro saved the life of Senator Robert Kelly, causing Kelly to change his stance on mutant rights.

Here is why Ethan Kaye picked Pyro #1…

Pyro’s mutant power to control flame was sadly underused in the comics. For all of his appearances, how many ended with someone enveloped in flames? Burnt so bad they couldn’t stand up? But as a reader you knew he could do it! He just didn’t want to! So every little peek we got into his out-of-costume life became an evaluation of what kind of person could have this awful, destructive power and never use it.

He could never have been a hero, but he’s a villain we didn’t mind following around. Put him on a road trip with another evil mutant or two and that could have been an interesting mini. But he’s dead now. Which is probably for the best. Someone would have slapped a dumb suit of armor on him eventually and called him “Match Point” or something stupid, and Pyro would change from a true study in character to another villain who blasted stuff out of his hands. I say fire dragons are a darn good power, and Pyro’s appearances are always a joy to re-read.

Thanks, Ethan!

I hope y’all had fun with this look at the lesser-known characters!!


It was always odd how the old Marvel Handbooks (in consultation with Claremont’s notes, by the way) laid in a backstory or Pyro as a crusading journalist who turned to writing cheap romance novels for financial reasons, only for Claremont to turn ’round and never go anywhere with any of it in his comics scripts.

Wasn’t Pyro English in his first appearance?

Yes, Dan, he was – oddly enough. That was apparently a mistake.

No mention of Ultimate Pyro? :)

Interesting that a character who was in two of the X-Men movies only appeared on one ballot.

All I can remember is a scene from X-Men: Evolution where a few mutants are checking Magneto’s base, and Pyro’s kicking back with popcorn, laughing his head off watching Apocalypse blowing Magneto away.

Omar Karindu: do you really expect me to believe Claremont introduced something that went nowhere? That’s unpossible.

I suspect Pyro and the Blob both would have done better 15 years ago, back when the X-Men arcade game (Pyro and the Blob were the first two stage bosses) and the first cartoon were in their heydey.

Pyro will burn you to toast!

Pyro’s power is one of those great tweaks on an old standard. Flame-manipulation has all kinds of potential.

So, of course, he should get mutant AIDS and die.

I always really liked the fact that he could control flame, but not create it. Seems like the standard would have been to give him both abilities, and I think him not being able to create it was a nice, yet minor, twist.

The only thing that makes it hard for me to like Pyro is the utter ridiculousness of having flamethrowers. I think the people who made the films made a good decision giving him a lighter, since if you could control flame with just the catch that you weren’t able to make it, all you’d need would be a lighter. When he has flamethrowers, he’s just a guy who uses flamethrowers and can make the fire into fun shapes!
….Then again, maybe that’s the point I’m missing. Pyro is just all about being a slightly cheesy silly villain who wears a violently coloured suit with flame-shooting arms. He’s probably not supposed to make sense.

It was the eighties, Mongoose. Excess was the order of the day.

Whenever someone mentions Pyro, I always wonder what kind of porno he watched.

It’s a wonder why I’m allowed the use of sharp objects.

Two members of Freedom Force,I love it. If only Avalance and Spiral had shown up.
Nice though that we got Blob Pyro bookends.

I don’t know if as a kid I would have liked Pyro nearly as much if all he had was a lighter. Flamethrowers are way cooler to kids becuase we all had a lighter but did you know anybody with flamethrowers strapped to their arms.

Since the Blob post a week ago I’ve been thinking about how that incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with Mystique, Pyro, Avalanche, Destiny and Blob was one of the coolest villain teams ever. Original costumes, a unique blend of powers and, best of all, it was one of the only groups of villains to actually use teamwork!

I’m thinking of the great take-down of Colossus when they combined powers to turn him into a petrified rust statue. And of course the Avengers Annual introducing Rogue had one of the best battles ever, where the Brotherhood really had the Avengers on the ropes for a while.

So here’s to Blob, Pyro and the other members of a great bunch of adversaries. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

And today is the last one!

Does this mean the ones you’ve covered are the only ones who qualified as “somebody’s baby,” or that there are more but you aren’t going to do these columns any more? If there are more I personally would be interested in seeing a list even if you don’t go into as much detail (cover scans not even necessary), and/or a list of 1-9 point wonders (on only one list and not #1).

Does this mean the ones you’ve covered are the only ones who qualified as “somebody’s baby,”

There may have been a few more picks that fit the criteria, but basically, yeah, this is it for Everbody’s Somebody’s Baby.

Who’s that clown getting conked by Cable?

And is Gateway actually Access’s xxxtreme little brother?

Silver Sabre?

For awhile Freedom Force had three older members(from WWII or something) the only name I remember for sure was Stonewall but Silver Sabre seems right. I don’t think I have a single issue with that line up of Freedom Force.

Yeah for wikipedia, the guy I’m thinking of is Super Sabre. I still don’t know if thats who it is though.

That is, in fact, Silver Sabre, back from when he was on Freedom Force.

Boo, wikipedia. They say Super Sabre but it is Silver Sabre in the New Mutants I picked up today.

On a Pyro note did he ever get defeated without somebody taking away his flamethrowers some novel orginal way.

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