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Top 200 DC Characters #101-120

Again, you asked for it, you got it!

101 (tie). Delirium – 56 points


101 (tie). Etrigan the Demon – 56 points


103. Solomon Grundy – 54 points

solomon grundy.jpg

104. The Question (Renee Montoya) – 53 points (1 first place vote)


105 (tie). Scarecrow – 51 points


105 (tie). Wildfire (Pre-Zero Hour) – 51 points (3 first place votes)


107. Sinestro – 50 points


108. Matter-Eater Lad (Pre-Zero Hour) – 49 points

matter-eater lad.jpg

109 (tie). Batman (Dark Knight Returns) – 48 points (1 first place vote)

dark knight returns batman.jpg

109 (tie). Detective Chimp – 48 points (2 first place votes)


111 (tie). Catman (Thomas Blake) – 46 points


111 (tie). Crazy Jane – 46 points

crazy jane.jpg

111 (tie). The Saint of Killers – 46 points

saint of killers.jpg

114. Vixen – 45 points


115 (tie). Poison Ivy – 44 points (1 first place vote)

poison ivy.jpg

115 (tie). Ravager (Rose Wilson) – 44 points


115 (tie). The Shade – 44 points (1 first place vote)


115 (tie). Superman (Kingdom Come) – 44 points

kingdom come superman.jpg

115 (tie). Timber Wolf (Pre-Zero Hour) – 44 points

timber wolf.jpg

120. Ra’s Al Ghul – 43 points



Wow, all the way down to 120, and my #2 choice still hasn’t made an appearance. This is not looking good.

Scarecrow is placed higher than Ra´s? That´s curious…

I’M still waiting on my TOP SIX!!!

And why hasn’t Spoiler shown up yet???

So I’m guessing poor old ‘Mazing Man isn’t going to break the top 500. It’s a shame, really. With all the love Squirrel Girl gets, it seems there’s none left for ‘Maz.

So this is where the Legionnaires were all hiding. I wouldn’t have suspected Tenzil would be one of the first ones to appear, though.

Tenzil during the Giffen era is probably the best LSH character there is in any era.

Ah, there are the Legionnaires. Like I predicted, too many great characters getting too wide of a range of votes. I hope Triad turns up at some point, she was the highest Legion member on my list.

Good to see Del here, too. She was really high on my list.

A few observations

While we were going through the top 50 lists, we noticed that only a handful of characters had a large lead over the next person. Sure, Batman beat Superman by over 1200 points, but excluding that one the DC average was only an 11 points difference between a character’s points and the next character. There were only 10 that had at least a 25 point lead and all were in the top 12. After the top 40, there is never a double-digit lead. This trend continues. Here are the average leads for Marvel and DC’s list (broken into tens).
Place# MRVL DC
1-10 156 209
11-20 24 11
21-30 17 7
31-40 4 8
41-50 2 3
51-60 2 3
61-70 2 1
71-80 2 2
81-90 1 1
91-100 1 1
101-110 1 1
111-120 0 0

I think this shows that while we all mostly agreed on the top 10 and hammered out a concensus on the rest of the top 30 or 40, we have a wide variety of opinions on the remaining characters. That splits our vote to the point where individual vote can make huge changes.

example : Dazzler is a strong favorite of a minority of people and came in at #110. If 2 additional people had voted and given her their top vote, she’d have come in at #81 with Machine Man. Another 2 and she’d be at #69 with Havok. That’s 40 places for 40 points. Those same 40 points wouldn’t raise the Hulk at #6 even one rank.
example : Matter-Eater Lad of the Legion of Superheros was liked enough to secure #108. If 2 additional people had voted him for their top vote, he’d have come in at #89 with Big Barda. Another 2 and he’d be at #76 with Bigby Wolf. That’s 32 places for 40 points. That same 40 points wouldn’t help Nightwing at #6 raise a rank either.

DC has 20 villains on their list. But Batman accounts for 9 of them, over twice as many as Superman’s 4. So those two mythos are going strong.
Marvel has a respectable 18 on their list with a much greater spread. Xmen had 5, Daredevil showed up well with 3 and their top ranked Spiderman only had 3 of his villains on the list.
I know Batman’s rogue’s gallery is strong, but I was surprised at the lack of Spider villains.

Sidekicks/supporting cast
I’m counting the people who tend to have no powers that just kinda hang around a hero, like Rick Jones. Marvel only had 3 supporting cast and 2 were for Spiderman. But DC with 5 on the current list is the place to be a supporting cast. At least if you hang out with Batman or Superman.

The top of the lists belonged to the massive powerful groups like the JLA and the Avengers. The Xmen and Fantastic Four thrived on the mid lists (roughly spots 7-30ish). But the bottom of the lists are for other great teams. I’ll admit, I haven’t taken the time to count them, but I’ve noticed the Runaways and New Warriors came in strongly over the last 40 or so. The Titans core teams have all shown up and the Legion of Superheros finally got some respect with numerous entries from 100+.

Well, that’s all for now.

oh, by the way, talking about spread? All of the characters from Cronin’s posts on Somebody’s Baby with those 40 points would have come onto the list right around The Falcon and Sinestro. Another 4 top place voters would let them beat out Beast Boy and the Wasp.

About time we saw Ra’s and the Shade. I’m not holding my breath for Ethan Harrow, though. Did anybody else vote for him at all?


There’s Delirium!

I wondered where she was hiding.

I think it took until now to get to some characters that I don’t even recognize. I knew everyone else with a passing familiarity, but I can’t say with any confidence who Delierium (Sandman I’m guessing) or Shade are. And of course I’ve heard of most of these Legion characters but I don’t know anything about them beyond what they look like.

Oh, and does anyone else think that Montoya’s number one vote was from Rucka?

Yes I ‘Question’ Montoya’s No.1 vote too!….Do you see what I did there??

I was wondering when Scarecrow would pop up. I had him pretty high on my list.

Goddamn, I love me some Matter-Eater Lad. An excellent showing for the real Legion here. Also for the cool alternate futures.

Sinestro’s OK, but he’s no Gypo-Bax

Yes! Crazy Jane! That’s the last of my DC Top 10. Nice to see she hasn’t been forgotten. :)

Acespot: Spoiler doesn’t get a display in the Top 120 DC Characters List because she became Robin of her own resort.

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

November 6, 2007 at 2:07 pm

Not surprised by this next batch of Legionnaires that we’re seeing. Wildfire and Timber Wolf were fan favorites since the glory days of Cockrum and Matter Eater Lad came back strong during the Bierbaum / Giffen run.

I figure the next Legionnaire we’ll see is either Karate Kid or Triplicate Girl / Duo Damsel. I don’t think my lone Legion choice, Sunboy, will make an appearance any time soon.

On the non-Legion front we’ve finally seen Vixen, my only other DC choice that hadn’t appeared yet. I don’t care for the direction they’re taking her in JLA but I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the character.

Great to see Ravager,my last DC pick,show up.

I was hoping for top 100,but understood it was uncertain.She’s just starting to really pick up momentum.Hopefully,DC keeps using her and allowing her to develop.Rose is quite intriguing and has potential to be one very interesting lady as she matures.

Ah,and I’ll also nod to Scarecrow.One of my very favorite villains.

Wow. Not only is this an excellent bunch of characters (Crazy Jane! Might have been my #1, had I voted), you’ve made really great choices for the covers.
Except for Ivy. Man, she’s been drawn really badly a *lot* over the years.

Talk about woeful covers — lookit that horrendous JLA Vixen cover. There has GOT to a better choice than that. LIke, didn’t Bolland draw her on an Animal man cover? (She probably wasn’t as prominent.)

Um, though it might sound like it, this is not meant to knock Brian. Digging this far down the list, well — you’re doing yeoman work here, Herr Cronin! I’m just sayin: Wow, what a bad cover.

I might have voted for the TDKR Batman, but I don’t think of him as a separate character from the main DCU Batman.

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