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Top 200 DC Characters #121-140

It continues…

121. Dr. Mid-Nite (Pieter Cross) – 42 points


122 (tie). Warlord (Travis Morgan) – 41 points (3 first place votes)


122 (tie). King Mob – 41 points

king mob.jpg

124 (tie). Steel (John Henry Irons) – 40 points (1 first place vote)


124 (tie). Shade The Changing Man – 40 points (2 first place votes)


126 (tie). Cyborg Superman (Hank Henshaw) – 39 points

cyborg superman.jpg

126 (tie). OMAC (original) – 39 points


128. Kamandi – 38 points (1 first place vote)


129 (tie). Enemy Ace – 37 points (1 first place vote)

enemy ace.jpg

129 (tie). Manhunter (Paul Kirk) – 37 points

manhunter - kirk.jpg

131 (tie). Gorilla Grodd – 36 points

gorilla grodd.jpg

131 (tie). Uncle Sam – 36 points

uncle sam.jpg

131 (tie). Captain Cold – 36 points

captain cold.jpg

131 (tie). Krypto – 36 points (1 first place vote)


131 (tie). We3 – 36 points


131 (tie). The Ray (Ray Terrill) – 36 points (1 first place vote)

the ray.jpg

131 (tie). The Creeper – 36 points


138 (tie). Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) – 35 points


139 (tie). Supergirl (Matrix/Linda Danvers) – 34 points


139 (tie). Boy Blue – 34 points

boy blue.jpg

139 (tie). Spoiler – 34 points



Finally some Flash Rogues are making it – they were on my list!

Back-to-back OMAC and Kamandi? That’s unbelievably awesome.

Butler beat me to it. As I was scrolling down and saw OMAC I thought “Kamandi better be coming soon.” Too cool.

That OMAC cover is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in quite some time.

Boy Blue is probably one of the best intoduced characters. The way willingham just snuck him up on you is some of the best story telling.

OMAC! Finally! Yeah!

The last two from my list finally make it and they’re tied! Anybody out there who hasn’t read Enemy Ace or Manhunter? Do it. You owe it to yourself.

I’m more excited about most of this block than I have been about any of the prior character blocks in the count.

Glad to see Spoiler make the list. 34 points, with no #1 picks, means that at least 4 people voted for her somewhere on their list.

Does this officially make her more popular with the fans than with the company? :-)


Hurray for the Ray!

YAY! Finally!! RAY!!!
He was (and is, and ever shall be) my #1.

And also my #5, Hank Henshaw. I’m very surprised he ranked higher, though. Probably because he’s been used much more recently.

Oh, yeah, and it’s nice to finally see Spoiler (my #8) as well. Although I think you should include a picture of her as Robin IV. She didn’t get long, but boy, was she awesome.

Fucking DC.

Shade’s an interesting case because the Vertigo version is a completely different character from the Ditko/mainstream DC version, who’s been seen bumming around immediately before and even after the Vertigo one showed up.

Why was the creeper so far down the list?!? I guess probably because not enough people voted for him. Boo to us! He deserved better.

In the same breath I was sure that Steel would be this low or lower. Why do dc persist with Steel with storylines constantly revolving around him? DC take note – nobody likes Steel.

Pah! if the Creeper got the same amount of comic space these days as Henry does he’d be well up the list!!

Hey, have we seen Man-Bat yet…can’t remember…this is taking longer than 52 or Countdown….more enjoyable though!

It’s funny how one treatment can come along and change your perception of a character. The first Freedom Fighters mini really, really made me like Uncle Sam by dramatically powering up but also by making him into a Phantom Stranger type mystery character, refusing to pigeonhole him in the usual superheroic categories.

On the other hand, a single good series somehow isn’t enough for me. I love the Simonson take on Manhunter, for example, but that’s not quite enough to put that character into play for me on a list like this.

This is a great group of characters. A lot of them would have been in my top 10 or 20, had I voted.

Did the new version of Zoom really do better than the old one?

Talk about two distinct First Issue covers!

First that odd – all white – tell the buyer nothing cover for OMAC #1 and then that incredibly dynamic pique the buyers curiosity cover for Kamandi #1.

Both by the same Kirby around the same time period.

I’m pleasantly surprised to see King Mob beat out so many super-types.

Man, even Krypto looks like an insanely deranged fascist these days. Is there a vet in the house?

And hello Omac and Kamandi, what glorious blasts from the past those covers are.

As for the Creeper, I always thought he was had very cool costume design and liked the basic Creeper concept, but have never really liked the character that much or followed his books with any real enthusiasm.

And finally a belated thank you Brian for your column (at least I remember it as being yours and am to lazy to look back and check) about We 3. I never would have bought the book otherwise and really loved it. I’m a bit surprised they didn’t place higher.

And finally again, speaking of not placing higher, have I somehow missed Mon-el?

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