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Top 200 DC Characters #141-160


142 (tie). Ultra Boy (31 pre-ZH, 2 post-ZH) – 33 points

ultra boy.jpg

142 (tie). Arseface – 33 points (1 first place vote)


142 (tie). Azrael – 33 points (1 first place vote)


142 (tie). Grace – 33 points


146 (tie). Ragman – 32 points (1 first place vote)


146 (tie). Hawkwoman – 32 points (1 first place vote)


146 (tie). Mon-El (Lar Gand) (pre-ZH) – 32 points


146 (tie). Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness) – 32 points

captain boomerang.jpg

146 (tie). Liberty Belle/Jesse Quick (Jesse Chambers) – 32 points

jesse quick.jpg

146 (tie). Tim Hunter – 32 points

tim hunter.jpg

152. Aqualad/Tempest – 31 points


153. Herr Starr – 30 points

herr starr.jpg

154. Nuklon/Atom Smasher – 29 points


155 (tie). Damage – 28 points (1 first place vote)


155 (tie). Green Arrow (Connor Hawke) – 28 points

green arrow.jpg

157 (tie). Lord Fanny – 27 points (1 first place vote)

lord fanny.jpg

157 (tie). Green Lantern (Mogo) – 27 points


157 (tie). Jason Todd – 27 points

jason todd.jpg

157 (tie). Pied Piper (Hartley Rathaway) – 27 points (1)

pied piper.jpg


Is there that much of a difference between pre-ZH and post-ZH Jo Nah?

Jason Todd is less popular than Arseface.

Nice to see how out of touch with their audience DC is.

Jason Todd? what about Mon-el? As if losing out to Ultra Boy isn’t bad enough.
Poor old Lar Gand, shows up just after Arse Face.

Grace has fans? Grace?

Grace has fans? Grace?

The only time in this thing I felt almost compelled to just lie about the votes. ;)

I always thought Grace was a good character. The way Winnck wrote her in Outsiders–mercenary, amoral, hedonistic, bitchy, violent, loyal–was great and added to the fun and readablilty of the team and the stories. I know there’s a lot fo Winnick hate among fans but when I read Outsiders, he hits every beat for a good adventure story and Grace adds to the fun and balances out the team perfectly in boht dialogue and character strength and role. Her origin reveal is great too and adds a level of dimension to the Amazons that I like and I think is needed. Has there ever been a realisticly depicted Amazon? Diana and Artemis act and sound liek characters from fantasy novels and I think their characteriztion as aloof warrior women detracts from their ability to become realtable or even readable. Grace at least has a level of humanity that makes me laugh everytime I read Outsiders, which is kinf of the point right? That comics should be fun?

which is kinf of the point right? That comics should be fun?

Here the point is jut that comics should be good. :)

And I really never found Grace fun. And you had me surprised at the origin comment, until I realized you meant the more recent revelation (was Winick even involved in the Amazon thing?) – I thought you were referring to the child slavery thing, which I was all, like, “Wha?!?” :)

Finally, my #3 pick shows up, Grant Emerson/Damage. It’s nice to have him back in comics, even if his formerly pretty face has to be hidden. But the characterization is dead on, when he gets some time in the spotlight, so I’m a fan of the new JSA.

Yes, I’m a child of the 90’s in terms of comics. You know how Scott Tipton once said “the golden age of comics is five”?
Well, at least, I THINK it was him.
Anyways, for me, the golden age of comics were the days when I would bike 30 minutes to my comic shop after high school on Fridays. Those comics from back then, even if they are not critically hailed as being GOOD comics, or even ADEQUATE comics, were FUN for me. And that’s really all that matters to a kid. To a kid, it’s not about craft, it’s about excitement. And if stories like Knightfall and the Death of Superman can deliver on thrills for a teenage boy, well, then, that’s what it’s all about, now, isn’t it? Of course, it WASN’T all about that, which is why I eventually dropped both the aforementioned storylines and got hooked on Marvel’s 2099 universe. It was fun to be able to follow a universe from its inception, similar to what’s being done nowadays with the Ultimate line. When you’ve got a new universe (no pun intended – nut perhaps I should have…) with no continuity other than what you’ve just read, it’s extremely liberating for a kid of limited resources.

Anyways, when I saw that Ray was being drawn by the same man as had drawn the original Azrael miniseries, well, I just had to have it. And then when Jim Owsley/Christopher Priest had him cross over with Damage, too, well, I fell in love with that character as well.
Not to mention Triumph.
When is HE going to show up on this list?

Rereading these comics today, I sometimes find that they’re really NOT the shit, as I once thought they were. However, they provide me with that all important nostalgia fix, so that’s something, right?

People with Aqualad in their top 10 favorite characters have got to be joking around, right? That…or we should find them and get them help, yes?

Are Arseface and Azrael really two separate characters, when you think about it?

Still no Grant Morrison? You would think beyond appearances in the perennially popular Animal Man and Suicide Squad, appearing in this year’s hotness (Dr.13) would put him ahead of Jason Todd…

And did I miss something, or is Cosmic Boy still MIA?

Alright own up…who’s responsible for Mon-El ranking lower than the likes of Grace and Azrael?

If I had taken this poll twenty years ago, Mon-El would have made my top ten, but he’s been edged out over the years.

Hawkwoman! Sad she got beat by Grace, but I’m happy she showed up.

“The tatterdemalion of the oppressed”? That’s one of the more terrible slogans that I’ve seen for a character. It’d be like calling someone “the hobo of the stars” or “the hipster of home defense”.


Hey Paul, I did vote for Garth/Tempest/Aqualad.

I even voted for Polar Boy, who may not be in the top 200.

See, while I don’t think there is much difference between Pre and post ZH Ultra Boy,

I think there’s a TON of difference between Mon-El and Valor/M’onel. Different personalities. Even concepts.

That might have split votes. I don’t know.

Grace placing on this at all suprised me, though after reading Marc Andreyko’s Womder Woman/Grace story, I actually was interested in her.

Can DC please get Andreyko writing more ?

Seriously…Arseface got a 1st place vote? Was this someone just wanting to write ‘Arse’ in their submission…come on, own up..you know who you are.

Still good to see Ragman turning up, I know he’s a sort of bargin basement spectre, but thats kind of what makes him quite cool. If superheroes were food he’d be sort of like the fishfinger stuck to the ice at the back of the freezer…you wouldn’t normally eat it, but if you were drunk and were out of food, you’d find him quite tempting in the absence of pizza…and I know we’ve all been there..cornflakes and water anyone mmmmmm….what the hell am I babbling about??!!

Ohhh yeh, Aqualad…why, dear God, why…he used to fight watery crime in his speedos!! Conner Hawke..this low down (snigger)..they should stop killing Ollie off every two minutes when everybody knows they’ll have to bring him back by popular demand. Why not off Conner instead, nobody would miss the chump and we could get a great Ollie revenge story out of it!

if stories like Knightfall and the Death of Superman can deliver on thrills for a teenage boy, well, then, that’s what it’s all about, now, isn’t it?

I’m gonna have to say no.

Mogo! Yeah baby!

And Jason Todd got 27 votes? Why that many? Did nobody read the Todd stories back in the 80’s where he was an obnoxious brat? I don’t think his ‘resurrection’ has resulted in any strong stories either. There’s a reason we voted to kill him the first time around…

Hawkwoman was my first-place vote, and almost rounds out my list (I believe my #3, Lady Blackhawk, hasn’t shown yet.)

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